Zebadiah Thurston

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Zebadiah Thurston
Thurston, pictured as an entrant into the 2017 King of Los Angel-AES tournament.
Born March 15, 1992
Innsmouth, Massachusetts
Residence Innsmouth, Massachusetts
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Zebadiah Thurston
Billed height 5'11"
Billed weight 202 lbs.
Billed from Innsmouth, Massachusetts
Trained by Self-taught
Debut November 2015 at Uncharted Oceans Wrestling #3
Notable Fed(s) Uncharted Oceans Wrestling (former)
AES Primetime
Revolution X
Current Theme "Psalm of Nod" - Sons of Perdition
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Def Jarrett

Zebadiah Thurston (born Howard Zebadiah Thurston, March 15, 1992) is an American professional wrestler and head preacher for the First Church of He Who is Great. He is currently employed with AES PrimeTime, New Origin Wrestling, Shucky Duck Wrestling, and Revolution X and formerly employed with Uncharted Oceans Wrestling, and has made appearances for High Point Wrestling.

Life Before Pro Wrestling

Thurston was born and raised in Innsmouth, Massachusetts, where he eventually became the head preacher of the First Church of He Who is Great, as well as the highest-ranking member of the town’s governing body. He left the town temporarily in 2015 to become a professional wrestler, in a self-admitted attempt to “spread His Gospel.”

Professional Wrestling Career

Debut And First Matches (2015)

Thurston signed on with Uncharted Oceans Wrestling in 2015. With no prior training, Thurston made his pro wrestling and UOW debut at Uncharted Oceans Wrestling #3, where he defeated FUSHIN in an Inferno match. Following this, he would make his debut for AES PrimeTime at their 2015 Christmas show, where he lost a singles match against Herschel Hiam Hebrewberg.

Hiatus and return (2016-2017)

After his loss to Hebrewberg, Thurston was not seen or heard from in AES for nearly a year. What he was doing during this time is currently unknown. Thurston made his return to pro wrestling by making his debut at High Point Wrestling at their Halloween 2016 show, losing to Joseph James (billed as Deadpool for the match). He did not have a match again until he made his debut for Revolution X, defeating the Amateur at Revolution X #3.

Thurston was announced as the sixth entrant into the King of Los Angel-AES tournament on June 9th, 2017. It would later be announced that his first round match would be against Nick Valencia, scheduled for Night One of the tournament. Following the announcement of his qualification, Thurston made his debut for New Origin Wrestling, competing in an elimination match at NOW Elite 12, which also featured C. Revan, Big Boy Gladwin, Rick Trent, Psymon Moore, and Mil Meneos. Thurston eliminated Moore and finally C. Revan to win the match, securing him an undisclosed “future opportunity” with the company. That future opportunity would turn out to be contendership for NOW's Legends Championship.

Thurston would make it to the quarterfinals of the King of Los Angel-AES tournament, defeating Valencia in the round of 32 and Nathaniel Comier in the round of 16. Thurston would proceed to lose to Travis Cassidy in their quarterfinal match on Night 4. After his loss, he declared that AES had "begun writing...[their] own Book of Lamentations" alongside associate Isaiah Carver, undergoing a change of look, moveset, and attitude. Thurston would debut his new persona against Cazz Jordann at NOW Elite 14, coming up short. After the match, the two exchanged blows with then-reigning NOW Legends Champion Blackout.

SDW Heart and Soul (2018-)

At National e-Wrestling Day 6, Thurston replaced the injured Cole Scorpio at Shucky Duck Wrestling's Demolition Derby showcase, with the SDW Heart and Soul title on the line. He competed against the Amateur, Jiro Kurotsu, Chris O'Derick, Rematch Jackson, Doctor Steel, Dark Matrix, and Yes Way E'se in an eight-person battle royal. Thurston would eliminate Kurotsu, Matrix, O'Derick, and finally the Amateur to win the match, becoming the third SDW Heart and Soul champion.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Book of Lamentations (Arm-trapped cross-legged STF) -2017-present
    • Burial at Sea (Rolling cutter)
    • His Great Wrath (Single-leg Boston crab) -2015-2017
  • Signature moves
    • Cool Air (Diving front dropkick)
    • Damnation (Running head stomp to a bent-over opponent)
    • Welcome to Innsmouth, Nonbeliever (Double underhook backbreaker)
    • Zero Point (Fisherman’s buster (2015-2017) or snap fisherman's neckbreaker (2017-present))
  • Nicknames
    • "The Eldritch Shepherd"
    • "The Martyr, Messiah, and Emissary of He Who Is Great and the Others From Beyond"
    • "The Miracle Worker"
  • Entrance themes
    • “Psalm of Nod” by Sons of Perdition (November 2015-present)
    • "A Folk Artist" by Sons of Perdition (November 2017-present)