Youth Energy Entertainment Tonight

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Youth Energy Entertainment Tonight
Acronym YEET
Years Active July 2018 - present
Owner YEET Board of Directors, Japan (country)
General Manager(s) Ryan Setzler ?
Current Theme
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Kris O'Derick (DrunkTank)
Forum Link YEET

Youth Energy Entertainment Tonight, formerly Youth Energy Entertainment Television, is an e-fed ran by Kris O'Derick in Fire Pro Wrestling World inspired by American game shows as much as wrestling. It is considered one of the most unusual promotions in AES, frequently including non-wrestling content and with a very colorful cast. YEET's first show was aired July 13, 2018, and the fed has been active ever since.


Youth Energy Entertainment Television was conceived as a way to adapt a wrestling show to a network television format. Along the way, gimmicks were added, chief among them the game show format. While initially branded as a soulless cash-in, YEET nonetheless found a loyal following during its first couple of episodes. This success allowed YEET to bring in special guest wrestlers such as Francis Ugondus and Abby Fightmaster for one- or two-off appearances.

However, between fees incurred from these guest appearances as well as the cost of broadcasting the fourth episode live from Los Angeles's Paperclip Center, YEET ran out of money and was forced to sell the rights to an unknown investor and the country of Japan.[1] YEET was rebranded as Youth Energy Entertainment Tonight, and a fifth episode has been ordered for air.



  1. We're still not sure how that works.