WFL Women's Championship

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WFL Women's Championship
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Aoi Shinigami
Date won Dec. 2012
Fed World Freestyle League
First Champion(s) Laura Brennan

The WFL Women's Championship was a title created and formerly promoted by World Freestyle League. The final champion was Aoi Shinigami.



No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Laura Brennan 1 WFL Seventh Heaven
2 Amber Ember 1 Moments of Tranquility 16
3 Hyper Blizzard 1 Moments of Tranquility 21
4 Shaymin 1 Moments of Tranquility 23 Amber Ember appeared at ringside, distracting Hyper Blizzard and causing her to lose the championship. This win also made Shaymin the first and only woman to hold the WFL Womens and ROSE World Championships simultaneously
5 Laura Brennan 2 WFL Odyssey
6 Aoi Shinigami 1 WFL Argonautica