Tyler Rykren

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Tyler Rykren
Tyler Rykren created in WWE 2K17
Born May 5th, 1989
Akron, OH
Residence Akron, OH
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Tyler Rykren
The Tygerfire
The Tyger
Billed height 6'3"
Billed weight 225 lbs.
Billed from Akron, OH
Trained by Michael Rykren
Debut February, 2012 for
Notable Fed(s) PHOENIX!!
Current Theme "Room To Breathe" - You Me At Six
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Tiffy Lockhart

Tyler Rykren is an American professional wrestler currently signed to High Point Wrestling, Shucky Duck Wrestling, PHOENIX Grappling Arts, and Pro Wrestling: All Star, making sporadic appearances in New Origin Wrestling's NOW Elite brand. His nickname of "Tiger Cyclone" was bestowed to him by his mentor and AES Hall of Famer Viktor Zangief.


Early Life

Tyler grew up with his two parents and older brother Michael in Akron, OH. His childhood pastime was naturally watching professional wrestling, his two favorite wrestlers being his brother Michael and Shaymin, both of whom wrestled for Black Mountain Wrestling Federation. Tyler's closest companion was his cousin Emily Rykren. Both the cousins looked shockingly similar due to their respective fathers being twins brothers. The two would perpetuate each other's fandoms, and their joint idolization of Shaymin led them to regularly torrent Japanese wrestling, further influencing them to pursue wrestling themselves in the future.

Tyler and Emily often traveled to BMWF shows to watch Michael wrestle live, being allowed backstage by the owners. Unfortunately this also meant they were witness to one of the worst accidents in wrestling. In a no disqualification match between Super Plexington and Michael Rykren for the Black Mountain Heavyweight Championship, Super Plexington delivered a superplex from the top rope to the outside of the ring in a counter to Michael's attempt at an aerial maneuver. Super inadvertently caused Michael to land on the edge of steel steps that had been left there during the course of the match, connecting directly on his lower lumbar and paralyzing him instantaneously. The trauma of seeing the event was not enough to deter Tyler from pursuing his dream, but he would cite it would shape his priorities later on in life.

Training and Independent Career

Tyler began his training at age 16 under his brother's guidance and with help from several talents and trainers in contact with his family. He wrestled his first match later that same year as The Tyger in a loss against Caid Murdock. Tyler would wrestle in several organizations in and around the Ohio and New England area until early 2012. Despite many within the industry knowing Tyler's brother, Michael requested it not be made immediately obvious their relation in the hopes that Tyler would not only be scouted on his own merits, and also not have constant questioning about Michael's wellbeing.


Debut and Zangief feud

In February 2012, Tyler was signed to both This Fed Is Actually Happening and PHOENIX!! Grappling Arts, making his debut in a tag team with El Beardy in TFIAH, and then in his second appearance winning a 20-man battle royal for an opportunity to wrestle Zangief in what was promising to be his retirement match.

During the originally scheduled match between Tyler and Zangief, Cyber Blizzard and The Observer interrupted and brawled with the two, causing the match to be thrown out. Post match, Tyler met with Zangief backstage and thanked him for fighting by his side during the run-in, mustering up the bravery to request he and Zangief team up while their rematch was rescheduled. Impressed with his boldness and ability, Zangief agreed to take Tyler in as a tag team partner. The team would popularly be called "Tygief". The two would immediately have their first match as a team against Cyber Blizzard and his new partner Rudy Cameron[1] in a psuedo-reunion of Ice Cold Stair. After besting Ice Cold Stair in two tag contests and singles matches, the rematch was scheduled for PHOENIX! #15 - PHOENIX! vs. TFIAH.

Immediately before the match, the singles contest was changed into a Ladder Match in an effort to make the match "bigger". Both talents were confused and upset by the decision, as they felt their match needed a clear pinfall winner after all the previous interruptions, especially if no prize was being offered in this last minute change. Zangief would win the match by retrieving the object from above the ring, leaving the rivalry between Tyler and Zangief on hold. Zangief and Tyler would compete in separate singles matches until the announcement of PHOENIX! #20 - A 'RassleRock Remembrance Rumble and the co-main event of Tyler Rykren and Viktor Zangief in a 30-Minute Ironman Match. The match was billed as "One More Time", guaranteeing that this would be their definitive encounter. Tyler would defeat Zangief with a flurry of pinfalls near the closing moments of the match, defeating and retiring Zangief once and for all. In the last seconds of the match, Zangief embraced Tyler on the outside of the ring and sent him into the ring alone to celebrate his impending victory.

In 2012, Tyler would sign with World Freestyle League as, oddly enough, a ring announcing talent and not a wrestler.[2] Tyler eventually would wrestle for WFL as well, but never made headway in the ranks due to the incredible veteran talents within the organization, his most high profile match being against then WFL World Champion Groudon.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Goodbye (Samoan Drop) – 2012-present
    • Tiger Cyclone (Spinning swinging side slam) 2013-Present
  • Signature Moves
    • Incredisault (Lionsault) - 2013-present
    • Running Senton - 2013-present
  • Nicknames
    • "Tiger Cyclone"
    • "The Tygerfire"
  • Entrance Themes
    • Great Champions - Tony Clarke (2012)
    • Panzerkampf - Sabaton (in TyGief) (2012-2013)
    • Hell March - (in Young and the Hatless) (2013)
    • Chasing The Moonlight - Dungeon Fighter Online (in Dragon Cyclone) (2014)
    • Tiger - ABBA (2012-2015)
    • Room To Breathe - You Me At Six (2015-Present)

Championships and accomplishments

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  1. The character of Observer was pulled from PHOENIX between episodes #10 and #11
  2. This was the first time that an AES production had used ring announcing.

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