True Glory Super Heavyweight Championship

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True Glory Super Heavyweight Championship
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) John Doe
Date won July 30 2017
Fed Grappling of Glory
First Champion(s) John Doe

The True Glory Super Heavyweight Championship is a title created and promoted by Grappling of Glory. It acts as its world title, and despite the name, has no weight restrictions placed on it.


Grappling of Glory was originally intended to have three weight divisions of Jr. Heavyweight, Heavyweight, and Superheavyweight. However, as part of a restructuring of Grappling of Glory prior to its first major show[1] We Are The Champions, the competition restrictions between the divisions were loosened. While the Glory Jr. Heavyweight Championship retained its weight restriction, the titles between the heavyweight and superheavyweight divisions were merged and were given no such restriction.

The inaugural championship was set between Richard Fountain and a wrestler chosen by Jay Gladstone of the AES Power Rankings. Gladstone chose eBOLA winner and Blood Money, Inc. stablemate John Doe, who defeated Fountain to become the inaugural champion.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 John Doe 1 Jul 30 2017 CURRENT We Are The Champions


  1. Read as: Rozo had to switch from VPW to No Mercy due to his save dying