Total Distortion Wrestling: World Long Gone

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Total Distortion Wrestling:
World Long Gone
The official logo of the show.
Federation TDW
Airdate July 4th, 2015
Main Event(s) Clark Walker vs Marty Jannetty
Theme song(s) "World Long Gone" - Scars On Broadway
Event Chronology
Previous Event TDW Episode 12
Next Event TDW Episode 13
Miscellaneous Information
Show Runner Francis Ugondus
Ross Hitchman
Card Link TDW: World Long Gone
Total Distortion Wrestling: World Long Gone was TDW's third pay-per-view event that aired on July 4th, 2015. This would be the last pay-per-view event made by Ross Hitchman and Francis Ugondus in a collaborative effort. Furthermore, this was the last pay-per-view of the main TDW brand before TDW's reboot. It was made in WWF No Mercy.


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No. Match Result Stipulation Notes
1 @ZappKanon (c) d. Rey Columpio by submission TDW Super Smash Championship
2 John Doe and The Glitch d. Ricky D'Amore and Kittie Katz Tag Team Match John Doe and The Glitch were secret opponents.
3 Crypto d. Noxi by pinfall Singles Match
4 Fatty McYardtard d. Bodacious Bo (c) by pinfall TDW Encore Championship
5 Hugh Karcer d. Darby Brizen by submission Singles Match
6 Sego Khan d. Sir Dan Danielson The Third by DQ Singles Match DQ was caused by interference by Derrick Brizen and El Beardy.
7 The Hatventurers (c) d. The Posse Protection Agency TDW Blast Beats Championship
8 Laura Brennan d. Derrick Brizen by pinfall Singles Match
9 Erika Reinhardt d. La Red Dinamica (c), Devon Callahan and Sterling Pierce TDW Six String Championship This match was contested under elimination rules.[1]
10 Marty Jannetty (c) d. Clark Walker via submission TDW Guitar Warrior Championship The bell was called for by TDW General Manager Bill Atlas despite Clark Walker not tapping, causing the submission victory.


  1. The elimination order was: Sterling eliminated by everyone, then La Red by Erika, then Devon by Erika.

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