The Wrong Crowd

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The Wrong Crowd
Big Boy Gladwin
Rick Trent
Other Information
Debut TANW (July 16, 2017)
Years Active 2017 -
Notable Fed(s) TANW
Current Theme "Closer" - Kawehi

The Wrong Crowd are a stable founded in 2017, currently consisting of The Daily Dose (Big Boy Gladwin and Snakeman) and Rick Trent.



Prior to a match where Gladwin and Deals Drugs To Children were set to make their tag team debut as The Hook-Up at TANW Scene 7, Rick Trent would attack Deals Drugs To Children, and in doing so would make his return from injury. He would then complain about not being booked while people like DDTC and Hammond Egger found themselves on the card for the show. After this, he would cut to Gladwin backstage, who would mock his would-be partner before noting that he had never planned on teaming with him when he already had a tag team partner. Following this, The Daily Dose would make their way to the ring, accompanied by Trent, as The Wrong Crowd, where they would face En Garde! in a winning effort.

In Wrestling

  • Double-team finishing moves
    • Gladwin and Snakeman
      • Springboard spike tombstone piledriver
    • Gladwin and Trent
      • Package piledriver/brainbuster combination
    • Snakeman and Trent
      • Package piledriver/superkick combination
  • Gladwin's finishing moves
    • The Point of Climax (Gotch-style Tombstone Piledriver)
    • The Hard Limit (Grounded Dragon Sleeper)
  • Snakeman's finishing moves
    • The Mortal Coil (Guillotine Choke)
    • The Snakebite (Low Blow)
  • Trent's finishing moves
    • Smell the Glove (Iron Claw)
    • Pit of Doom (Romero Dragon Sleeper)
  • Entrance Themes