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The cone is a reference to the VLC cone usually seen at the end of aired e-Feds due to them being played on the VLC Media Player. Thus, the cone has gathered a cult following in the community.

NT's History

This is the cone. He is the show regulator.

When you see the cone you must stop the show. He is the regulator. He knows when the show starts and when it ends. He is here to tell you the show is over. Now you must go.

Or you will get in trouble.

History vs NT's History

The Virgin History: Boring, too realistic, goes on too long, predictable plot twist, characters aren't memorable, doesn't stay canon to cone lore, ambiguous ending.
The Chad NT's History: Exciting, multiple points of view, crazy plot twists, amazing character development, Cone is beautiful, satisfying ending where we have a resolution on Cone.

Conspiracy Theories Involving The Cone

The latest theory about The Cone is that it's a return of The Safety Ninja based on how The Cone has a safety traffic design.

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