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(The Book of Revelation and the Last Days)
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It'll be a dreadful time and souls are going to be sacrificed to the enemy. The book of Revelation predictions plainly inform us to stay away from these people.

We must be diligent in telling the Islamic individuals about the Lord. The death and resurrection of Christ demonstrates that He genuinely is the Son of God. It is critical that they know everything about the love of Christ. Let us make sure to pray for our Islamic family and friends hence the Holy Spirit may convict their hearts and minds. Our job would be to reveal the real truth about Jesus the best we can. In Revelation Bible prophecy we're warned regarding a False Prophet. Each and every prediction regarding Mohammad was fulfilled exactly as Christ had told all of us. The prophecies as they had been written either have come true or simply not happened yet. We all know the Revelation Bible prophecies are from the inspired Word of God and so are consequently proven as accurate. Research has shown that each prophecy has been accurately fulfilled up to these days.

We gain knowledge from the Bible that Mohammad was the real False Prophet. Humans can't replace the actual one true God however they attempted this in the Quran. Mohammad is dead and also didn't rise up from the grave as the Lord did. There was not heavenly assistance in the writings of the Quran. The written text for the Quran in the event that from man while the actual scripture from the Bible the actual inspired Word of God. If you feel in your heart that the Lord lived a perfect life as a perfect sacrifice and that He perished and rose again you will be saved.The Bible says that the Mark is going to be associated with Islam and idolatry. The Islamic image is an idol from man and cannot preserve his soul. The Islamic Quran states that Jesus isn't God which is blaspheme. This particular Mark which will arrive is part of the actual Islamic Shahada and comes with an allegiance to Allah.

The actual Kaaba can be seen as the main part of the Islam tradition. The Koran falsely informs its devotees to pray to House of Allah. We see that Zechariah predicts each one of these things well ahead of time of their emerging. The actual prophet Zechariah said the Kaaba would be a wicked place when it was built. The Islamic land doesn't think that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead following 3 days.

Jesus is the way and also the truth and also the life. The sole way to paradise is thru a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have to remain trustworthy to the prophecies of the book of Revelation. All of scripture confirms the prophecies of these last days and also tell us that we are in the end times. Visions from the Lord were given to John while he authored the book of Revelation while in exile on the island of Patmos. Remain strong in belief to ensure you triumph in the last days. Although we do not observe Jesus, we all trust Him by faith. We can do all things through Jesus who fortifies us. He has been given a name which is above all names.