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| ring_name = 
| image = [[Image:BLANK.png|300px]]
| image_caption = 
| born = The date of their birth goes here.
| hometown =  The place they were born goes here.
| residence =  
| name =  Previous names, please seperate with the <br> tags and bold their currently used names with '''this'''.
| billed = 
| occupation = For example, Promoter, Manager, Commentator, Announcer, etc etc.
| debut = Feel free to include the date and/or the company your character debuted for.
| current_theme = [http://www.example.com theme title] For example, [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqa9xx2vBQc "California" - Grimes]
| feds = The notable feds have competed in, please seperate with <br> and please try to link to the page with [[AES Primetime]] as an example.
| handler = That's your name! Or if you're writing for someone else, that's their name!