Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling

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Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling
Acronym TANW
Years Active April 8, 2017 - Present
Owner Daniel Baird
Technical Aberrations, inc.
General Manager(s) Dougal Baird
Lara Ford
Current Theme "Gazer" by Thomas Giles feat. Devin Townsend
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Tange9t
Forum Link Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling

Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling, or TANW for short, is an eFed run by Tange9t in WWE 2k17: PS4. Set to debut on April 8, 2017, it is set to run a show every fortnight from that point. The fed is unique in that, due to the frequency of shows and the difference in atmosphere caused by the dome itself, competitors are forced to take a different approach when wrestling there than they would otherwise, thus leading to some major upset victories on people who haven't acclimated[1]. All competitors are ranked by ELO, similar to chess, starting at 2400 when they enter the company. As the owner is insane, the shows are numbered in hexatrigesimal.



Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling was founded by retired Scottish wrestler, Dougal Baird, along with friend and businesswoman Lara Ford. In spite of these two being the founders and running every aspect of the company, it is actually owned by Dougal's brother and scientific mastermind, Daniel Baird, the man in charge of Technical Aberrations, inc. As a result of this, TANW airs from the Aberrant Sky Dome in Birmingham, England, a huge, seemingly open-air, arena. It is, however, indoors, both the sky and atmosphere inside being artifically created as part of an experiment for eventually living on other planets[2].




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  1. This is the kayfabe excuse for the whole first take AI gimmick.
  2. This is the kayfabe excuse for it being sunny in England.

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