IndoXXI is an online movie watching site that has long been popular in Indonesia

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Yes, before LayarKaca21 was famous as it is today, IndoXX1 had already become a subscription site for many people to watch movie theaters online. Interestingly, IndoXXI is not only a site, but also has an Android application.

By installing this application, you can watch and download the latest movies in HD quality. Besides watching movies online, what else can you do at IndoXXI? How do you download movies from IndoXXI?

Jaka will explain fully below.

For those of you who want to directly download the IndoXXI application, go directly to the end of this page.

1. The Latest and Most Complete Films Really topnotch, although providing services for free, but the films at IndoXXI are always updated. No half-hearted, movie updates are done every day even including holidays. So awesome!

2. Clean Film With High Quality It’s free and complete, it turns out the film image quality is clean. Already supports Full-HD 1080p resolution with Blu Ray quality. Although the quality is high, the file size of the movie is still affordable.

3. HD Blaring Sound This is really fun for those of you who have expensive speakers or headphones at home. Because if you download the film from here, then the sound is already HD like in the cinema. Already supports Surround 7.1 which is really wow!

4. Very Intuitive App Display Similar to the sit version, indoxx1 application is easy to use. Guaranteed, you can use it directly. Either the process of finding a movie, or downloading a movie, is done in only three easy steps.