TDW Guitar Warrior Championship

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TDW Guitar Warrior Championship
WWF No Mercy IC Title.png
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Marty Jannetty
Date won April 19th, 2014
Fed Total Distortion Wrestling
First Champion(s) Marty Jannetty

The TDW Guitar Warrior Championship is a championship created and promoted by Total Distortion Wrestling. The current champion is Marty Jannetty, who is in his first reign.


Original TDW

During TDW's debut showcase at National E-Wrestling Day 2, a 12 Man Rumble was held to determine the first man to be entered into the inaugural TDW Guitar Warrior Championship match at TDW: Panic Attack. The match was won by Cole Scorpio who last eliminated Marty Jannetty to secure his spot. At Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode 2 (Original), a match was held in the main event to determine the man who would face Cole Scorpio for the championship between Marty Jannetty and Lazado. The match was won by Marty Jannetty. Then at TDW: Panic Attack, Cole Scorpio and Marty Jannetty would compete to see who would become the inaugural TDW Guitar Warrior Champion. After many Sweet Chin Marty's, Marty Jannetty was able to pick up the win and become the champion.

The next championship match was to be a rematch from TDW: Panic Attack between Cole Scorpio and Marty Jannetty at TDW: Eternity. However, Cole Scorpio made a surprise departure which put the main event at risk. TDW General Manager Bill Atlas tried to find a replacement during the show, which led to a confrontation with Clark Walker. Bill Atlas refused to put Clark Walker in the main event spot until then TDW Owner Francoss Ugonman inserted Clark Walker into the match much to Bill Atlas' dismay. Despite the sudden change in opponent, Marty Jannetty was able to retain against Clark Walker, utilizing many Sweet Chin Marty's in the process.

At Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode 8 (Original), the first episode after TDW: Eternity, Bill Atlas made an announcement regarding the next TDW Guitar Warrior Championship match. He announced a series of gauntlet matches revolving around Clark Walker. If Clark Walker won every single one, he would face Marty Jannetty for the championship. However, if he lost, the person who defeated him would take their place. Clark Walker defeated Erika Reinhardt at Episode 8, a returning Laura Brennan at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode 9 (Original), and Richie Stevens at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode 10 (Original) to earn himself a championship match with Marty Jannetty.

The championship match between Marty Jannetty and Clark Walker took place at TDW: World Long Gone. The match was a back and forth contest where Clark Walker had full support of the fans. However, the match ended in controversial fashion in which Marty Jannetty locked Clark Walker into the sharpshooter. Then, Bill Atlas ran out to the ring to call for the bell. Marty was declared the winner by submission despite Clark Walker never tapping out. Clark Walker took his frustration out on Marty Jannetty by continuing to beat him down after the match ended. Derrick Brizen and El Beardy came out, distracting Clark Walker long enough for Sir Dan Danielson The Third to attack him from behind. Sir Dan Danielson The Third and Marty Jannetty continued to beat down Clark Walker as the show ended with Bill Atlas and the two standing over Clark Walker with Sir Dan Danielson The Third declaring "The Brethren has changed everything."


Total Distortion Wrestling went under a reboot with a new owner in Artemis Gerard. The TDW Guitar Warrior Championship was unaffected, nor was its title holder, Marty Jannetty.

At Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Two (New), Marty Jannetty held an open gauntlet for the TDW Guitar Warrior Championship, where he defeated The Freakin' Puerto Rican, Ha Ha Clinton Dix, Naruto Goku, and Punter. After Punter's defeat, the next man to come out was Dustin Delta. However, Marty Jannetty opted to end the gauntlet instead. At Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Three (New), Dustin Delta tried once more to get a championship shot against Marty Jannetty and requested Bill Atlas to give him one. Instead, El Trippy V came out to represent his client, Jolene Abbot, and secure her a championship opportunity. Bill Atlas came out and looked to give it to Jolene Abbot, until Artemis Gerard came out and made a Number One Contenders match between Dustin Delta and Jolene Abbot. Dustin Delta won the match thanks to a distraction by Clark Walker.

Dustin Delta and Marty Jannetty are set to face off at TDW Episode 5: WrestleWave.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Marty Jannetty 1 4/19/2014 CURRENT TDW: Panic Attack Marty Jannetty defeated Cole Scorpio by pinfall to become the inaugural TDW Guitar Warrior Champion.