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Total Distortion Wrestling
Acronym TDW
Years Active Feburary 2014 - June 2017
Owner Francoss Ugonman
(February 2014 - May 21st, 2016)
Artemis Gerard
(May 21st, 2016 - Present)
General Manager(s) Bill Atlas
Current Theme FM-84 - Running In The Night (Feat. Ollie Wride)
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Francis Ugondus
(February 2014 - June 2017)
Ross Hitchman
(February 2014 - February 2016)
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Total Distortion Wrestling is an eFed ran by Francis Ugondus in WWF No Mercy. It's been active with some periods of hiatus since February of 2014 with two incarnations. The first incarnation ran from February 2014 to May 2016 by Ross Hitchman up to February 2016 and Francis Ugondus up to May 2016. It included a developmental brand in Total Distortion Wrestling: Kerfuffle!. The fed then rebooted into it's second incarnation after the end of Total Distortion Wrestling: Super Kerfuffle! 2 which ended on June 2017. Clocking in at around an hour and 30 minutes per episode, Total Distortion Wrestling favors a traditional cycle structure that utilizes one of the most star studded rosters of any AES Federation. It also has a second brand called TDW Japan.


Original TDW (2014-2016)


Total Distortion Wrestling was created and founded by businessman and wrestling fan Francoss Ugonman and established it's home in Kanata, Canada with Francoss taking primarily a low profile role. Looking to own a federation just for the love of wrestling, Francoss was able to slot in the first look at this new wrestling company at National E-Wrestling Day 2 with Total Distortion Wrestling: NEWD2 Showcase with the goal of establishing one half of the inaugural world championship match for their first big event. After the Rumble was won by Cole Scorpio, TDW had taken their first step into the Armbar Error Society.

Road to Panic Attack

With one participant settled into the main event slot, the road to Total Distortion Wrestling: Panic Attack began with Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Zero and ended with Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Three.

During the road to Panic Attack, a second competitor for the TDW Guitar Warrior Championship's inaugural championship match had to be found. After a tag team bout against Bud Light on the previous episode, Lazado and "Bitter" Marty Jannetty found themselves in a number one contenders match at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Two. Marty Jannetty picked up the win and secured a spot in the main event of TDW's first pay-per-view event.

2nd Version of the Original TDW Logo

A series of battle royals were introduced to place four competitors into a match to crown the first TDW Six String Champion. The four battle royales took place one at a time from Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode One until the pay-per-view itself. The four competitors that won were Cornelius K.Racy, La Red, Sterling Pierce, and Kodokuna Yama.

As mentioned previously, at Episode One, Marty Jannetty and Lazado took on the team of Bud Light, consisting of Cole Scorpio and Dirk Derek who were the initial and only holders of the CNW Tag Team Championship before the end of Casino Night Wrestling's original run. Following the team's loss, Dirk Derek took out his frustrations on Lazado which Cole Scorpio heavily disapproved of. Cole then gave Dirk a Stone Cole Stunner which signaled the end of the popular tag team.

Erika Reinhardt took on Sterling Pierce in a one on one contest on Episode One which ended with Sterling Pierce making her submit. Not taking the loss well, Erika Reinhardt destroyed her TDW contract, effectively ending her tenure then and there.[1] She would not make her return in any of the episodes leading up to the pay-per-view, nor at the show itself.

The last notable event on the road to the show was the introduction to TDW General Manager Bill Atlas, as he got to announce the participants for the last Six String qualifier battle royal.

At the event itself, Fatty McYardtard made his TDW debut in a match with Clark Walker as a surprise opponent and the two inaugural champions were crowned. La Red would become the first TDW Six String Champion, and Marty Jannetty would become the first TDW Guitar Warrior Champion.

Ride Into Eternity

With the two new champions ready to lead Total Distortion Wrestling, the path to Total Distortion Wrestling: Eternity began at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Four and ended at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Seven.

Erika Reinhardt made her return to Total Distortion Wrestling on Episode Four and won a number one contenders match against Oseiko to earn the right to challenge La Red for the TDW Six String Championship, starting a rivalry between the two.

Episode Four also marked the debuts of top AES stars Richie Stevens and Derrick Brizen who competed in a surprise main event match up. This would set the stage for more top AES talent to debut for the promotion in the future.

The TDW Blast Beats Tournament was held. It was a tag team tournament to determine the first TDW Blast Beats Championship. This would kick start one of TDW's most memorable feuds between The Hatventurers and The Posse Protection Agency, which already had history due to Harold Remington-Harrington and J.C. Stone having prior beef that led up to Panic Attack.

Bill Atlas announced the Fish On A Plaque rumble for Eternity. The winner of this 8 person rumble would get to exchange the Fish On A Plaque for an unknown prize at a later date once the prize was conceptualized.

On Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Six, Clark Walker and Lazado competed in an one on one contest. Clark Walker delivered a Gonzo Bomb to Lazado directly on his neck to put him away. When that happened, a click was heard around the arena. This click was the sound of Lazado's neck becoming seriously injured and has taken him out indefinitely. This event has stuck in the mind of Bill Atlas ever since.

TDW's developmental brand, Total Distortion Wrestling: Kerfuffle!, was formed.

Cole Scorpio won a number one contenders match to grant himself a second chance to win the TDW Guitar Warrior Championship at Eternity. However, it was during this point that Cole Scorpio's future was uncertain according to rumors. Fans didn't know if Cole would even show up at Eternity for his match up with Marty Jannetty. Regardless of rumors however, the match was unaltered.

Francoss Ugonman's first appearance ever at TDW Eternity

Finally, the event arrived. Among other things, TDW Super Smash Championship Hugh Karcer defeated @ZappKanon in Kerfuffle!'s first pay per view cameo match up. The Fish on a Plaque rumble was won by Bodacious Bo. The TDW Blast Beats inaugural championship match was held as The Hatventurers defeated The Posse Protection Agency. La Red retained the TDW Six String Championship against Erika Reinhardt. Finally, Cole Scorpio was a no show, leaving the main event in the air. Bill Atlas struggled to find a suitable replacement. Clark Walker vouched for himself to be put in but Bill Atlas did not trust him due to what he did to Lazado. Eventually, it was settled by Francoss Ugonman who made his first appearance on any TDW broadcast. He reprimanded Bill for not finding an opponent and assigned Clark Walker to face Marty on short notice. Marty Jannetty would then go on to defeat Clark Walker in the main event.

Venturing To A World Long Gone

Despite the sudden departure of Cole Scorpio, business was booming in Total Distortion Wrestling as we ventured towards Total Distortion Wrestling: World Long Gone. This venture started at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Eight and ended at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Twelve.

More notable AES names made their debut during the journey to World Long Gone. Among these were Laura Brennan, Sir Dan Danielson The Third, and Sego Khan.

Sir Dan Danielson and Sego Khan would renew their rivalry during this period when Sego Khan declined to join Sir Dan's so called brethren during Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Ten, which prompted Sir Dan to setup Sego for failure the following episode in a match with Marty Jannetty.

Fish on a Plaque winner Bodacious Bo lost his plaque due to it being eaten by Fatty McYardtard. This meant that Bodacious Bo could not claim the prize. To settle this, a one on one match was established for Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Eleven where the winner would receive the prize, the TDW Encore Championship. Bodacious Bo would go on to win the match and become the first TDW Encore Champion.

The Hatventurers, now the first TDW Blast Beats Champions, were not rid of The Posse Protection Agency just yet. The pair of Eli McSweeney and J.C. Stone wanted to get another chance. Though the PPA went through a period of dysfunction, they ended up getting themselves another opportunity. With that opportunity in hand for the pay per view event, Eli proposed a challenge to the Hatventurers before then. That challenge being the Say 5 Things That Aren't Jackie Chan Challenge.[2]

La Red hosted a celebration for her win against Erika Reinhardt at Eternity which saw her retain her TDW Six String Championship. This did not sit well with Erika who interrupted the celebration, followed by interruptions by Sterling Pierce and Devon Callahan. This prompted a four person elimination match to be setup with the championship on the line for World Long Gone.

Clark Walker sought to get another shot at the TDW Guitar Warrior Championship. Bill Atlas gave him the opportunity to do just that, but first he had to go through a gauntlet of matches to do so. He had to win three matches in a row with difficult opponents standing in his way. If any of his opponents won, they would automatically be put in the match instead. Clark Walker defeated all three, which included Erika Reinhardt, Laura Brennan, and Richie Stevens, securing him a rematch with Marty Jannetty.

The move that screwed over Clark Walker

World Long Gone came along and quickly became the most controversial event Total Distortion Wrestling has ever held. @ZappKanon retained the TDW Super Smash title against Rey Columpio. John Doe was called up from Kerfuffle!. Fatty McYardtard won the TDW Encore Championship from Bodacious Bo, which would be the start of his historic reign as TDW Encore Champion under his real name, Reggie Sallis. The Hatventurers retained against The Posse Protection Agency, which led to the PPA's breakup right after the match. Erika Reinhardt would win the TDW Six String Championship from La Red with her being involved in every single elimination of the match.

Sir Dan Danielson The Third and Sego Khan's match would lead to a DQ victory by Sego Khan in under half a minute due to interference by Derrick Brizen and a debuting El Beardy, Sir Dan claimed right after the beatdown that "The Brethren will change everything."[3]

The main event was contested between Marty Jannetty and Clark Walker. The match ended with Marty locking in the sharpshooter and Bill Atlas running out to call for the bell regardless of Clark Walker not tapping. This led to Clark beating up Marty with the tables being turned on him by Sir Dan and Marty thanks to a distraction by Derrick Brizen and El Beardy. Afterwards, Sir Dan claimed "The Brethren has changed everything."[4]

Post World Long Gone, Pre-Reboot

On Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Thirteen, Francoss Ugonman was very upset with the events that had transpired at World Long Gone. He was set to relieve Bill Atlas of his duties as TDW General Manager in the middle of the ring after getting an explanation from Bill Atlas himself. Unfortunately, Sir Dan Danielson The Third came out and threatened that The Brethren, which included TDW Guitar Warrior Champion, Marty Jannetty, would leave if Bill Atlas was fired. Due to this, Francoss Ugonman instead reinstated Bill Atlas.

Unfortunately for Francoss Ugonman, the stress of this event and the bad press from it deflated his motivation to continue running the federation. He decided to sell it to Artemis Gerard with the buyout not being announced till Total Distortion Wrestling: Super Kerfuffle! 2. Once the sale was announced, Total Distortion Wrestling underwent a reboot with Artemis Gerard now manning the helm.

New TDW (2016-present)

Surfin' On The WrestleWave

TDW's New Arena

With TDW going with a new aesthetic, a new roster, and a new beginning, the ride to WrestleWave begun with the episode numbers reset. This cycle is currently ongoing and started at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode One and will end at Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Four.

During Episode One, both @ZappKanon and Reggie Sallis officially made their returns to the promotion with their championship belts, the TDW Super Smash Championship and TDW Encore Championship respectively. Bill Atlas however did not believe they had room for both, so a main event to merge the championships was announced for the main event with the loser not only losing their championship, but their job. Reggie Sallis was victorious, making him the final TDW Super Smash Champion and the still reigning TDW Encore Champion while @ZappKanon's contract was promptly terminated.

TDW Japan was formed, giving TDW a presence outside of the North American region for the first time ever.

Notable talent such as Action Jackson, Juan Cortes, Shaymin and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk made their debut.

At Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode Three, a number one contenders match was held between Dustin Delta, who had previously had an encounter with the TDW Guitar Warrior Champion the previous episode, and Jolene Abbot, who had gone undefeated in her TDW career pre-reboot. Due to interference from Clark Walker, Dustin Delta was able to secure to win and a spot in the main event of WrestleWave.

Episode Four is yet to air, however the fate of more championship matches will be known once that time comes as the show has two number one contenders matches. One pitting Ricky D'Amore against Birdy L for a shot at the TDW Six String Championship, and the other having Toon Toon Black and White Army facing The Brethren for a shot at the TDW Blast Beats Championship.




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