TANW 2: Anotha One

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TANW 2: Anotha One
The TANW logo.
Federation TANW
Airdate April 22, 2017
Main Event(s) Gary Saint vs. Mark Anderson (c)
Carmen Castellano (c) vs. Baby Wolf
Theme song(s) "Gazer" by Thomas Giles feat. Devin Townsend
Event Chronology
Previous Event TANW 1
Next Event TANW 3 Minute Warning
Miscellaneous Information
Show Runner User:Tange9t
Card Link TANW 2: Anotha One

TANW 2: Anotha One was an event for Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling, aired on April 22, 2017 and created using WWE 2k17: PS4.


The card for the event was announced mere hours after the airing of the previous event. The event saw the TANW debuts of 10 competitors, including the pre-show matchup. It also saw the first defenses of both Open Class Championships. While there was initially not supposed to be a pre-show match, one was added a couple of hours after the show announcement, revealing that Hammond Egger would be making his debut against an unknown competitor, later revealed to be the also debuting FLAME MAN.


In the main card's opening contest for the TANW Male Open Class Championship, following repeated flagrant disrespect for the rules throughout the match culminating in him punching his opponent, Mark Anderson, with brass knuckles, Gary Saint was disqualified and suspended for 30 days, just long enough to force him to miss two shows.

The next match started seemingly without warning as Blair Irving used her game changer clause to change her match with Robin Reflex to a Backstage Brawl. The match was ruled a TKO following Robin being put through a trash can.

Following his match with Grigori Ginoveaf, it was reported that Rick Trent would be out of action for a short time with a concussion. It was reportedly a relatively minor one and shouldn't have any long-lasting effects.

The show's final contest was an extreme rules match for the TANW Female Open Class Championship, which saw Carmen Castellano defending against the unannounced Baby Wolf. During the match, tables, ladders and chairs were all brought into play. While they weren't so much used as weapons directly, they all saw someone landing on them at one point or another, with the support beams of the table in particular being landed on several times, mostly by Baby Wolf. Carmen retained, keeping her at the top of the ELO rankings.


No. Matches Stipulations
1P FLAME MAN def. Hammond Egger via pinfall Singles match. FLAME MAN was a mystery opponent going into the match.
2 Mark Anderson (c) def. Gary Saint (w/ Russ Saint via DQ Singles match for the TANW Male Open Class Championship. Saint was disqualified following Razor Plume.
3 Blair Irving def. Robin Reflex via TKO Backstage brawl. Originally advertised as a singles match, changed via the game changer clause.
4 The Amazons of Anchorage (Electra Emerick & Cammie Rae) def. Alexis Riot & The Red Blazer Pandaemonium Series Elimination Tag Team match.
5 Grigori Ginoveaf def. Rick Trent via pinfall Singles match.
6 Emily Rykren def. Holly Hawk via pinfall Singles match.
7 Declan A'Shiya def. T-Bizkit & Big Boy Gladwin via pinfall on T-Bizkit Triple Threat match.
8 Carmen Castellano (c) def. Baby Wolf via pinfall. Extreme Rules match for the TANW Female Open Class Championship.

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