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The TANW logo.
Federation TANW
Airdate April 8, 2017
Main Event(s) Alexis Riot vs. Carmen Castellano
Big Boy Gladwin vs. Mark Anderson
Theme song(s) "Gazer" by Thomas Giles feat. Devin Townsend
Event Chronology
Previous Event N/A
Next Event TANW 2: Anotha One
Miscellaneous Information
Show Runner Tange9t
Card Link TANW 1

TANW 1 was an event for Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling. It was the debut event for the federation, airing on April 8, 2017. It was being made in WWE 2k17: PS4. This event crowned both the inaugural TANW Female Open Class Champion and TANW Male Open Class Champion.


The card for the event was announced on March 25, 2017. The event saw the debut of the Pandemonium Series, a series of Tag Team matchups put together by management to create another dynamic on the shows while moving the ELO, in lieu of an actual tag team division. Additionally, the event saw the first instance of an Open Class challenger choosing to remain anonymous, with both of the competitors in the inaugural Female Open Class Championship match withholding their identities.


In the opening contest of the main card, Carmen Castellano became the inaugural TANW Female Open Class Champion, defeating Alexis Riot in a Steel Cage match after a series of consecutive punches to the knee prevented her from recovering to stop Carmen's escape in time. As the match between Baby Wolf and Stheno went to a double countout in such short order, Dougal Baird came to the ring and announced that the two would have a rematch in a Hardcore match on episode 4, which would be taking place regardless of if either of them enters the event as Open Class Champion. The match between Blair Irving and Alice Skye, which the latter won, was initially announced as a standard singles contest before being changed at the last minute to a tables match by Blair through her Game Changer clause in her contract. In the closing contest, Mark Anderson defeated Big Boy Gladwin in a Hardcore match for the TANW Male Open Class Championship in a brutal contest largely contested outside the ring, with both men bleeding profusely by the end of the match.


No. Results Stipulations
1P Gary Saint def. T Bizkit No Holds Barred match
2 Carmen Castellano def. Alexis Riot Cage match for the TANW Female Open Class Championship. Both competitors were unannounced going into the match.
3 Claudio Rocha & Rick Trent def. Lyle Hedley & Norhand Chandler Pandemonium Series Elimination Tag Team match
4 The Amateur def. RUIN (w/ El Trippy V) Singles match
5 Stheno vs. Baby Wolf Singles match. This match went to no contest following a double countout.
6 Alice Skye def. Blair Irving Tables match. This was announced as a tables match but was changed via the Game Changer clause.
7 Mark Anderson def. Big Boy Gladwin Hardcore match for the TANW Male Open Class Championship

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