Solfrid Stahlhammer

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Solfrid Stahlhammer
Solfrid 2k18.png
Born May 18, 1994
Drammen, Norway
Residence Drammen, Norway
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Solfrid Stahlhammer
Billed height 6' 7"
Billed weight 210 lbs.
Billed from Drammen, Norway
Trained by
Debut AES World Cup, Mar. 11, 2018
Notable Fed(s) AES World Cup
Current Theme
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Hinoa

Solfrid Stålberg (born May 18, 1994) is a Norwegian professional wrestler currently signed to the Armbar Error Society using the ring name Solfrid Stahlhammer. She debuted at the AES World Cup during its first qualifying show on March 11, 2018.


Independent Circuit (2014-2018)

Solfrid debuted in a Norwegian indie promotion in March 2014. She would quickly start being known for a level of athleticism and grace rarely seen in someone her size; her wrestling style more closely resembles a cruiserweight or junior heavyweight than the expected power style. She was known for working promotions throughout Scandinavia, especially in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. While she found only middling success for most of her time in the indies, she found ways to improve. Her last three months saw her reach success beyond what she had previously reached.

Armbar Error Society (2018-present)

Solfrid's success attracted the eye of an unknown sponsor. She was brought into AES through their intervention as part of their sponsored group in the now-failed Crucible of Fighters: Europe project.

With her sponsor's blessing, Solfrid signed up for the AES World Cup, where she hoped to represent Norway. However, Solfrid failed to qualify, losing out to Anette Moreno in an incredible effort. Citing this disappointing effort as well as it being the very first match of the World Cup, Solfrid's sponsor cut ties with her. While Solfrid is still signed with the Armbar Error Society, she is not currently active in any federation.

Personal Life

Solfrid is an orphan, having been abandoned nearly at birth at a church orphanage in Drammen. She therefore does not know who her parents were or their ancestry. She is a devout Christian, and donates a portion of her pay to the orphanage where she was brought up.

Solfrid started greying prematurely at age 18. She originally tried to hide it, but eventually gave up and started dying her hair silver rather than black.