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Self Insert Federation
SIF Logo.png
Acronym SIF
Years Active Then, Now, Forever.
Owner ???
General Manager(s) ???
Current Theme The WWE 2K16 Main Menu Soundtrack
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Francis Ugondus
Forum Link Self Insert Federation
Self Insert Federation was a mistake ran by Francis Ugondus on WWE 2K16. The show was a comedy fed based on making members of the Armbar Error Society into self insert parodies of real wrestlers. For example, AES member TBK being represented as TBKalisto and so forth. This fed also acted as a showoff for WWE 2K16 and it's fedding capabilities at the time. Due to this, it is also the first federation in the Armbar Error Society to air using a WWE game from the 8th Generation of consoles. The fed ran with live matches with no preplanning for results at all along with live commentary by the fed head, Francis Ugondus. It was certainly a thing that existed.


SIF was formed in the mean streets of the nation of Iraq by an unknown entity that looked to make a wrestling boom in the country. Instead of hiring the stars available to them by being under the Armbar Error Society banner, the powers that be opted to take locals and told them to do whatever they wanted. Exactly how this was allowed was unknown, but it is assumed that the owner and/or owners hold information that could crumble the Armbar Error Society from within, thus allowing them free reign to commit violations of the WRC (Wrestling Rights Committee) upheld by the AES in a joint effort with the United Nations and the Kremlin.

With the free reign to do whatever, the SIF Owner constructed the Queen of the Ring tournament to crown a challenger for the WWE 2K15 MyCareer NXT Championship held by Francis Ugondus as played by famous Iraqi actor, Franchester Ugondie. As eight men fought (poorly) for the right to main event the first ever SIF PPV, SIF Overtake in Overtake, only one was left standing with a trail of blood left in his way. TBKalisto won the tournament after murdering his former best friend and a real life bear. This innovation in wrestling storytelling, aka, the concept of death, would be later explored in Deathmatch Armbar Battel thanks to SIF's dedication to disgracing the sport of professional wrestling.

At SIF Overtake in Overtake, many of the stars of SIF that would shape it for generations i.e. for about the next few months debuted for the promotion. Legends such as Hasif and The SIF Dog paved the way for the future of wrestling. The SIF Dog was notable for being an actual wrestling dog while Hasif was a noted local illegal fireworks merchant that was very popular with the Iraqi community. Not only that, but this event kick started the Rebron James and Kawada rivalry where an oiled up redneck wants to beat up an underage competitor that is totally not a violation of child labor laws. Lastly, while this event did introduce the concept of wrestling zombies, it's better known for the inaugural championship matches for the SIF Tag Team Championships, the SIF Midcard Hell Championship, and the SIF World Championship. People won those. It was cool.

Unfortunately, this event was the high point of SIF's existence. While it ran one more show after this, it could never recapture that magic. Some say it was due to poor corporate decisions, some say it was due to a misunderstanding for the art of wrestling, and some might even say that it was just because the show flat out sucked. But most point to the great TBKalisto steroid scandal of 2016, an event that shook the wrestling world to it's core. While the fans of wrestling could tolerate violence upon anthropomorphic animals, children, and even a disfigured man known as Clock, it was drugs that was the real tipping point. The federation never recovered, even after a bribe was made to crown Sam Gladwin the first SIF Double World Champion and a contest was held to crown the first Golden Punter Champion. SIF would tragically meet its end with a legacy for no one to remember except for the faithful fans that watched live from Iraq.

In other words, Francis didn't want to do it anymore.

Notable Characters

  • Hasif
  • That's it only him.


  • SIF Double World Championship
  • SIF World Championship
  • SIF Midcard Hell Championship
  • SIF Tag Team Championship
  • Golden Punter Championship

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