Ryan Davis

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Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis as SAPW Grand Champion
Born October 10, 1990
Residence Winnipeg, Canada
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Ryan Davis
Billed height 6'1"
Billed weight 237 lbs
Billed from Winnipeg, Canada
Trained by Marty Jannetty
Debut 2012 for SAPW
Notable Fed(s) SAPW
Current Theme "Hail To The King" - Avenged Sevenfold
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Kira

Ryan Davis is a Canadian professional wrestler in the Armbar Error Society. He debuted in 2012 for Super Awesome Pro Wrestling, where he is their current Grand Champion. He also competes in Grapple Sports Battle.

Professional wrestling career

Super Awesome Pro Wrestling (2012-Current)

Ryan had been training to become a professional wrestler for three whole years before he was offered a contract with Super Awesome Pro Wrestling. He has always had a weakness to his own blood - even going as far as to faint when he gets cut open. Putting him at a major disadvantage in any professional wrestling match that he bleeds in. He generally respects the majority of his fellow athletes, but it wasn't long before a lot of people began to see his true colors.

It began when he started to wrestle in SAPW, going up against Crisis in his debut, which was later found out to have agitated him quite a bit, losing to someone who didn't take the sport too seriously. He went to Richie Stevens in need of a mentor, and Richie seemed happy to take him under his wing. That seemed to be enough to motivate Ryan to do a better job in the ring, as he pulled off his first win the next episode in a rematch with Crisis.

Ryan went on to show that one win was enough to drive him to act a lot more differently, he only spoke with a small shred of respect for Crisis, before going on to say how much better he was than her. Richie Stevens didn't exactly approve of it, but he didn't shun his student either. By this time, Ryan Davis had wrestled several matches, only picking up two wins, one in IBW and one in SAPW.

After being eliminated from the IBW World Championship tournament in the very first round, Ryan Davis began to slowly become less of a "nice person" than he was to begin with. It was becoming clear that he was a sore loser and not as nice as he let on most of the time, but people turned a blind eye because they felt he was wrestling for all the right reasons. The next episode of SAPW, he got the opportunity of a lifetime as he teamed with his mentor, Richie Stevens, the two went up against Osakan Destroyer and Aniki. It was a long, back-and-fourth match, but when it came down to the finish of the match, Aniki pinning Richie - despite the fact Davis broke up the pin. That's when he began to show what he really was, snapping and shunning Kiwi-chan with nothing but disrespect for what (he felt) was a screwjob.

Ryan Davis competed in one of his toughest matches, which was against Dr. Rez - before Rez could put Davis away, he was distracted by Bob Sagat, which gave Davis the chance to lock in a quick submission move to put Rez away, qualifying for the Television Championship tournament. He then went on to wrestle his first match of the tournament which was against Scruffy The Janitor, he managed to pick up the win and advance. He was starting to make a big name for himself, being more impressive than before.

The semi-finals was the third match between Ryan Davis and his first enemy in the business, Crisis - the two had yet another phenomenal and memorable match, but it came to an end as Crisis put Davis away with her finishing move - the W.O.O.F. Davis went on an all-out rant, snapping at anyone and everyone who would try to reach out for him, as he lost yet another chance to become a champion.

Ryan was on a massive losing streak until the third night of Golden Triad Tournament, where he surprisingly got a SAPW Television shot...and the losing streak continued, as SYNthia picked up the win and he was eliminated early in the match. Davis didn't even stop to rant about it, didn't even show how much of a sore loser he was...until later in the night. Crisis was seen backstage in the parking lot of the arena, before being struck down with a car, which seemingly brought her career to an end. Stepping out from the car was Ryan Davis - his true colors had finally shown. Richie Stevens, Lance Murdock and Tyler Rykren were the first three eye-witnesses to this disgusting display. It was then that Ryan Davis became the most hated man in the business - Richie disowned him as a protege and all of his friends turned their backs on him for what he done.

This didn't stop Davis, as he became more relentless than ever, he made his return to SAPW when it came back from its break, where Goldman showed how infuriated he was by the actions of Ryan Davis - he put him in a match, where his opponent turned out to be Scruffy The Janitor, a man he beat several months before. Scruffy showed his dominance by giving Davis a beating in front of the world, but it was Davis who got the win when he locked in an armbar which ended with a cringe-worthy snapping sound.

The next episode, he was in the same situation where he didn't have a clue who his opponent was...and it turned out to be Shaymin, a woman he trained with on many occasions and was once fairly close friends with. Shaymin and Ryan Davis went back-and-fourth in the toughest match of Davis' career.

However, this one didn't have a clear winner, as before we could have one, Davis had gotten out of the ring, which Shaymin took the opportunity to dive to the outside - Davis moved away, showing how much he had studied her style. That's when he grabbed a steel chair, driving it into her abdomen and slamming her down onto the chair head-first with a brutal DDT. He grabbed a sledgehammer, pressing it against her throat in an attempt to choke her out. The referee called for the bell, ruling Shaymin the winner by disqualification - but Ryan didn't let go, he kept it held into his throat before Seth came, chasing him off and swearing vengeance on him for what he done to his girlfriend. On the episode after, Goldman announced that Ryan Davis and Seth would collide at SAPW 22 in a no disqualification match, giving Seth the opportunity to get his revenge.

On the next episode, Ryan Davis once again got a lot off his chest, but was interrupted by Zekunin, who turned out to be his opponent for the show. The two fought valiantly, but the match came to an end when Davis was victorious by count-out. Later in the show, Seth was competing against Ryan's close friend Rose Parker, where Davis got involved in the match dressed in an Ash Ketchum outfit, driving his knee into Seth's skull, giving Rose the opportunity to take down Seth and get the win. Seth was fuming with anger and only made him want to get his hands on Davis even more than he already did.

SAPW 22 was the match Ryan Davis had been waiting for, him and Seth were in one of the toughest matches of both of their careers. The two battled for nearly forty minutes in a difficult match, but in the end, it was Seth who got the better of Ryan Davis, locking in the Grass Knot to get the win, also being the first (and currently only) person to make Ryan Davis submit in professional wrestling. However, Ryan Davis redeemed himself later in the night as he replaced Zekunin in a battle royal for the SAPW Grand Championship number one contendership. After a difficult fight, Ryan Davis defeated Aurora Rivers in the final moments to get himself the title shot.

Just when Ryan Davis thought everything was going his way by winning the match to get him a shot at the SAPW Grand Championship, he went out on SAPW 23 to express how he felt about the upcoming title match. He said he respects Cazz and no matter what happens in their match, he'd still be her friend. Before he could continue, a horrifying siren was heard as the lights in the arena went red. Out from the back came The Void, led by Valgas. He threatened Davis' well-being if he didn't give Dr. Rez a match for the number one contendership spot, considering Rez was the one who took out Zekunin in the first place. In response, Ryan Davis took Valgas out with a punch, flooring him and escaping the potential danger in the ring.

On the next episode of SAPW, Seth got a chance of a lifetime - Ryan Davis and he were going to have a rematch, and if Seth could win, he'd get inserted into the SAPW Grand Championship match. The two had yet another back-and-fourth match of a lifetime, this time, Void interrupted it, attacking Ryan Davis and ending the match in disqualification. Seth tried to get involved, but only received the same fate, as he too started getting beat-down in the ring. This gave Davis a chance to escape, later apologizing to Seth for the fact Void screwed him out of the chance to join him and Cazz in the match, telling him that's not how he wanted to win.

The next episode of SAPW came, this time Davis was teaming with his Golden Triad Tournament 2014 Grand Championship opponent, Cazz. Along with Cazz, he was also teaming with Yuugi Hoshiguma and Zekunin - their opponents being The Void, with a new member by the name of "The Masked One". It didn't take too long before chaos took place and the match ended in count-out. Davis, Cazz, Yuugi and Zekunin got the win. After the match, Void yet again attempted to attack Ryan Davis, this time Cazz & Yuugi made the save, chasing off Void before they could do any real harm. Ryan Davis and Cazz Jordann had a stare-down to close the show. All that was left for the two to have their match.

The Golden Triad Tournament rolled around, and Ryan Davis had said multiple times that he was anxious and nervous due to the sheer ability of Cazz. Easily the toughest and most important match of his life, he wanted it to be memorable. The two had their excellent bout, back-and-fourth and both of them delivered several stiff moves. Earlier in the night, Kiwi-chan was handed an energy drink to make sure she stayed on alert during the main event...while this did help, it also made her run out of energy nearing the final moments of the match. She fell to the outside and Valgas took the opportunity to come out and get a steel chair, sliding into the ring. With a lot of tension between he, Davis and Cazz, nobody quite knew what would happen...then Valgas threw Ryan Davis the steel chair, Davis didn't hesitate to smack Cazz with it several times before pinning her just as Kiwi got to her feet. Davis became SAPW Grand Champion, and also "sold his soul" by joining Valgas and The Void. The world had been shocked, Davis played them all.

On the second night of the 2014 Golden Triad Tournament, Ryan Davis had beaten Cazz Jordann for the SAPW Grand Championship after assistance from Valgas, ultimately joining The Void. On the third night of the Golden Triad Tournament, Ryan Davis and Valgas explained their actions, also having Davis' coronation as the "King of Professional Wrestling" in the process. On the same night, Seth defeated Deborah Eckhart to become the number one contender for the SAPW Grand Championship, making him Davis' first opponent for the Grand Championship.

The winner of the Wheel of Fate Rumble was Hatman, who went out to the ring and wanted to know which championship he was going to get his opportunity at. As he spoke in the ring on SAPW 26, he was interrupted by Davis, who said he was making a fool of himself by pretending to be someone different from Richie Stevens. Davis threatened to unmask him in the middle of the ring but Seth stopped him before he could attempt it. Before things got too heated, Amber Ember interrupted the three - booking Ryan Davis and Hatman in a non-title match in the main event of the show. Ryan Davis went on to defeat Hatman after a distraction from Void leader, Valgas.

On the third episode of SAPW VERSUS, it was announced that Ryan Davis and his first Grand championship challenger - Seth - were going to be on Kickin' it with Kekoa at SAPW 27. He said in an interview after its announcement that he felt it was a big waste of time and just "filler bullcrap". Mid-interview, he noticed Hatman off to the side with his back turned, Ryan took this opportunity to grab him by the mask and remove it from his head. Just when he thought he had it all figured out and felt he had finally revealed that it was Richie - it turned out to be Sterling Pierce in a Halloween outfit, who told him to give him back his mask and fuck off.

On SAPW 27, both SAPW Grand Champion Ryan Davis and challenger Seth went on Trent's talk-show - Kickin' it with Kekoa. After a few heated exchanged words, Valgas offered to have Void remain away from the ring for the match and leave it between Davis and Seth. Like any sane person would, Seth accepted this offer and thanked Valgas. After that, Davis said he would break Seth's arm, spirit and will to continue in the wrestling business. Valgas then offered a handshake to Seth, only to attempt an attack which immediately backfired as Seth dodged it and took him out. Ryan Davis attacked Seth from behind, blind-siding him, however, when attempting to continue the attack, Seth fought back and took out Davis too, giving him the upperhand in the rivalry.

On SAPW 28, the mystery masked man of The Void was revealed to be former IBW World Champion, DEUS. Davis proceeded to go on about how he would not only defeated Seth when the championship match comes, but he'd defeated him on this episode. Later in the show, SYNthia showed her dominance as she remained in the match longer than any other member of The Void and got them the win over Seth, Hatman and The United Nations. The four celebrated their victory as the show went off the air.

Along came Over The Top - a 40-man rumble-style match for a world championship shot in the company of the winners choosing. The first two men in the match were partial SAPW owner Osakan Destroyer and the self-proclaimed King of Professional Wrestling, Ryan Davis. It wasn't long before Seth was one of the entrants, as he managed to clothesline Davis over the top rope to the outside, eliminating him from the match and removing his chances of being victorious, only adding fuel to the feud between the two. At the end of the night, "The Artist" Blackout went on to have the last laugh as he was the winner of the match.

VERSUS #5 featured Seth and Ryan Davis facing mystery opponents from outside of SAPW. Seth was up against ZPW's Amsel Von Kaiser, who after a hard fought match, he managed to beat with a brutal KO finish. Ryan Davis went on to cut a promo about how he was being mistreated by management and not even being scheduled for the main event in a show he already considers himself above. He was interrupted by his opponent for the show - who turned out to be the legendary former ROSE World Champion Shaymin. The two battled in a phenomenal match-up, but in the end, it was Ryan Davis who managed to get the win with a counter from the top rope with a sunset flip bomb.

On the next show, SAPW #29, Ryan Davis and Seth had the opportunity to choose each others opponent in a "pick your poison" stipulation. Seth surprised the world when he chose Rose Parker to be Ryan Davis' opponent, playing a few psychological mind games - although Davis was infuriated by the decision, he remained focused and put on a very back-and-forth match with Rose. In the end, it was Davis who managed to pick up the win over his close friend. In retaliation for Seth's choice, Ryan Davis chose Seth's wife, Shaymin. Just like Davis did, Seth managed to pick up the win and proved he has what it takes to be a main event star.

SAPW 30: Chaos Wars, the time had finally come after around a year of build-up. Ryan Davis vs. Seth for the SAPW Grand Championship in the main event of one of SAPW's biggest shows yet, if not THE biggest. Earlier in the evening, Team Osakan Destroyer defeated the Amber Empire to hand Osakan Destroyer control of SAPW until the 50th episode. This put the Grand Champion in a very tough spot considering he was a member of the Amber Empire, but that wasn't what was on his mind as he stepped into the ring to defend his championship for the first time since winning it. The match was back-and-forth, but when it came down to the end of it, Ryan Davis dislocated Seth's arm with his cross armbreaker and followed up by locking in an ankle lock to get the win via submission, showing he doesn't need The Void to get victories. After the match, Hatman came out to have a stare-down with Davis, but it wasn't long before they were interrupted and Davis was chased off by the returning former SAPW Grand Champion - Cazz Jordann. Davis got out of the arena as quickly as he could as the show went off the air.

On the 31st episode of Super Awesome Pro Wrestling, fresh off of his successful championship defense at Chaos Wars - Ryan Davis, and Valgas, interrupted Osakan Destroyer in the opening of the show. Destroyer informed Ryan that he would be competing on every episode of SAPW like a true fighting champion, and if he's defeated by any of the opponents that Destroyer puts him against, they would earn a shot at the SAPW Grand Championship. He also informed him that the first opponent in this chain would be Seth, getting yet another match with the self-proclaimed King. Davis was outraged and claimed he didn't deserve another chance, but before he could go any further, Cazz Jordann interrupted and suplexed him out of the ring, forcing him to a retreat for the third time.

Later in the show, Ryan Davis competed against Seth in the main event of the evening - the two clashed in what was yet another classic match-up. Before we could find out who was walking away from this one with the win, Cazz Jordann interfered and speared Davis through the crowd barricade, causing a disqualification and giving Davis the win. Osakan Destroyer came out and stopped Seth from fighting Cazz out of frustration - as Seth made his way backstage, Destroyer held Cazz back from doing anything further. However, Ryan had other plans, as he entered the ring and provoked Cazz with several middle fingers to the point she just wanted Destroyer out of the way, delivering the powerbomb to him as Davis took the chance to run off.

Wrestling And Tagteams (2014)

On the first episode of Wrestling and TagTeams, Kenan & Kel made an open challenge to any tag team on the roster - instead, they got Ryan Davis on his own. They laughed, thinking Davis didn't stand a chance and also added that he couldn't break their arms. Davis told them he agreed. They put up a bit of a fight, but in the end, Ryan Davis locked Kenan's leg, snapping it, and bringing the match to an end, beating them both on his own. On his next WAT appearance, he found Kel backstage, taking him out to apparently "send a message", his attack on Kel wasn't seen, however the sound of a breaking bone and a horrifying scream was heard.

On WAT #4, Keenan Frost spoke to Ryan Davis in his office, we found out the reasoning for Davis going around breaking everyone's arms and taking out WAT competitors was to get a shot at the WAT Openweight Championship. Instead of giving him this, Frost suspended him from the company - just as Davis was ready to walk out of the federation for good, he was stopped by his best friend Rose Parker, who said to him she had a plan. Whatever this plan was would never be known, as WAT ceased operations before it could be revealed.

Insanely Brilliant Wrestling (2013)

In IBW, Ryan Davis got the chance of a lifetime, where if he managed to defeat Dieter Haus, he would be part of the first ever match for the IBW Global Championship. However, backstage, White Goodman attacked him with a chair, not only replacing him in the match against Haus - but losing, wasting Davis' shot at the chance. Davis went absolutely beserk, attacking White Goodman, locking him in an armbar in an attempt to send him a message. The two went onto Ryan Davis' pay-per-view debut at Fall Throwdown, competing in a singles match where Ryan managed to win by submission.

He later challenged Oseiko to a no disqualification match on Shockwave, but hired Clayton & Salem Murdock (The Murdock Protection Agency) to take out Oseiko in the ring. Davis made his way down to the ring and locked her in the armbar to get the win after the savage attack.

He went on a few weeks later to get a lot off of his chest, spreading his opinion of Oseiko in the middle of the ring with the microphone time he was provided. It wasn't long before Oseiko's IBW tag-team partner, Marty Jannetty came out and defended Oseiko - however, this didn't end well, as Davis took down Jannetty and locked him the armbar, before he could do any major damage, Oseiko made the save, sending Davis running. Then came Resurgence, where Ryan Davis and Oseiko were set to open the show in the first match of the night. However, Davis had other ideas, attacking Oseiko before the match during her entrance then going on to defeat her after the cheap shot.

Ryan Davis competed in the Shockwave championship tournament, making it all the way to the semi-finals against Marty Jannetty, where the winner would go on to compete to become the first ever IBW Shockwave Champion. The match went as normal until Oseiko appeared from out of nowhere on the apron, spitting green mist in the eyes of Ryan Davis, allowing Jannetty the opportunity to capitalize and roll Davis up for the win. Davis hasn't been seen in IBW since.

New Origin Wrestling (2014-2015)

Ryan Davis appeared on the 7th episode of New Origin Wrestling in the NOW vs. AES special, where he headlined the show against Cipher, who he's repeatedly said he has a ton of respect for and fully expects him to win the competition. After a hard fought back-and-forth match which was praised by many as one of the best matches of 2014, Ryan Davis came out on top. Surprisingly, having a much tougher challenge from a rookie than he has from most of his other opponents, only making him respect the up-and-coming Cipher a lot more.

Ryan Davis made his return to the New Origin Wrestling scene on Episode 11, where he was announced to be one of the four men in the "Legends Trophy" match, joining Richie Stevens, Osakan Destroyer and Sir Dan Danielson III. The four had a heated verbal exchange before a tag team match was booked between them, giving Davis the opportunity to go against the man who pinned him back at Renaissance, also teaming up with one of his idols: Sir Dan Danielson III. Davis and Sir Dan got the win after Sir Dan delivered the Excalibur to Osakan Destroyer, followed by Davis tagging himself in and taking the pin for himself. A battle waged between the four which ended with Sir Dan standing tall, showing he may very well be the favorite to be declared an AES legend at the NOW finale show.

On the next episode NOW, Ryan Davis went head-to-head with Osakan Destroyer in what was a very back-and-forth match, but it was clear that Davis had gave up on winning the match entirely when he struck OD with a steel chair several times, ending the match in disqualification and giving OD the win. Later in the night, Sir Dan Danielson and Richie Stevens were set to have a one-on-one match, which the grand champion took upon himself to watch from the stage where he sat on his throne. During what was an instant classic of a match, Davis began to intervene, distracting both competitors. But it was when he distracted Sir Dan that Richie took the chance to pick up the win. As the match ended, Davis took out Richie with a chair, delivering the same treatment as he did to OD earlier in the show, but that very person made the save, being the one to stand tall at the end this time as he took out Davis and Dan.

Roses of Sports Entertainment (2015-2016)

On the first night of Koto's Dark Tournament, in association with ROSE, Ryan Davis was revealed as a member of the commentary team for not only the tournament - but for ROSE upon its return. Throughout the show, Davis constantly made his opinions known of everyone in it, refused to acknowledge Oseiko's existence until she defeated Alex Santos, angering him on commentary. Overall, people said he did an acceptable job on the team.

On the third night of Koto's Dark Tournament, Davis did his job as usual, but when it came to Seth vs. Dr. Main Event, after Seth had won, Davis abandoned his duties on commentary to distract Seth, giving Dr. Main Event the opportunity to attack him from behind. Both Davis and Dr. Main Event beat down Seth until Cazz Jordann came to make the save, chasing off Davis, mirroring the ending to Chaos Wars as he left the arena for the night. Ryan Davis would stay on as a commentator for ROSE until its second, and final, closure.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Cross armbreaker – (2012-Present)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Rookie Gone Pro"
    • "Rookie Gone Rogue"
    • "The Rogue"
    • "The King of Professional Wrestling" (self-proclaimed)
    • "The King of ROSE Commentary" (self-proclaimed)
  • Entrance Themes
    • Forgiven" - Skillet (2012)
    • "Playing The Saint" - Digital Summer (2013-2014)
    • "Awake & Alive" - Skillet (Golden Triad Tournament 2014)
    • "Hail to the King" - Avenged Sevenfold (2014-Present)

Championships and accomplishments

  • SAPW
    • SAPW Grand Champion ((2014-Present))