Roze O. Flavio

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Roze O. Flavio
Born November 9th, 1994
Boston, Massachusetts
Residence Homeless
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Roze O. Flavio
Billed height 5 ft 9 in
Billed weight 225 lbs
Billed from Literally Hell in Boston, MA
Trained by Javier "Torn" Flavio
Debut May 8th, 2016 for High Point Wrestling
Notable Fed(s) High Point Wrestling



World Wrestling Armbar

Current Theme Lie Lie Lie by Serj Tankian
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by RoZo

Rozwell Ortega Flavio (born November 9th, 1994) is a Dominican-American professional wrestler currently signed to High Point Wrestling, MALLBRAWL, New Origin Wrestling and the returning World Wrestling Armbar where he performs under the ringname Roze O. Flavio

Professional wrestling career

Early life and career

Roze O. Flavio wished to go into the wrestling world to get away from his neglectful family, however his father Javier "Torn" Flavio offered to train him to pursue this career. It was never known what were the true intentions of assisting Roze in doing so as the man himself constantly claims that his father was the worst of his parents.

High Point Wrestling (2016-present)

On May 8th, 2016 in the second episode of High Point Wrestling, a tag team showcase between The Pillars of Destruction and the team of Kamara Moore and Tyler Rykren was interrupted by a mysterious bearded man. The distraction would cost Rykren and Moore the match and put The Pillars within contention of the HPW Twin Peaks Championship. Later in the same show, the mysterious man would reveal himself as Roze O. Flavio, stating that he interrupted the match to save Moore and Rykren from further humiliation, hinting at his philosophy of a hopeless world that would soon follow him everywhere he went within the AES.

The Exciting Battle of Los AngelAES

MALLBRAWL (2016-present)

New Origins Wrestling (2016-present)