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Roses of Sports Entertainment
The final version of the ROSE logo
Acronym ROSE
Years Active March 2012-July 2016
Owner Artemis Gerard
General Manager(s) Tsukasa Kondo (final)
Laura Brennan (resigned)
Cheiron Archer (removed)
Current Theme "Gold Guns Girls Riot 87 Remix" - Metric/Riot 87
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Tiffy Lockhart
Forum Link ROSE (Dead Feds)

Roses of Sports Entertainment was an all-female promotion created in February of 2012. The name is a "backronym" of ROSE, designed to have an iconic and simple one-syllable word attached to the brand instead of a traditional three-letter acronym. The fed was inspired by the World Freestyle League and their large women's division that unfortunately did not have the presence on the show to reflect how deep the women's roster actually was. Production took many cues from WFL early on, but eventually ROSE pioneered many commonplace techniques for current day AES shows like simple match editing and pre-booked storylines that didn't rely on simulation.



Roses of Sports Entertainment was a joint venture by friends Cheiron Archer and then World Wrestling Armbar Champion Amy Roselyn to break into the still growing world of professional wrestling. Amy's suggestion was an all-women's promotion, something that had never been successfully undertaken before then, in a bid to give female wrestlers a bigger spotlight and a World Championship of their own. Archer's vision was to find a city to completely mold around the new project, positioning the new company as something that could define the city for years to come.

Tris Bradford, an Ohio based land developer and former city planner, took Archer up on her offer with the added bonus of being considered one of ROSE's founders. Herself a lifeline wrestling fan, Bradford leapt at the chance to build a "wrestling city" within the state's borders. The eventual location was Akron, OH, already one of the largest cities in the area. After a highly efficient construction, the ROSE Garden was built and ready to house their new company, ROSE.


Notable Shows


ROSE Superstars

Blooming ROSE

Roses of Combat Sports

ROSE Halloween

ROSE: One Night In Cleveland



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