Robyn Refferson

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Robyn Refferson
Refferson disguised as Jigglypuff at National E-Wrestling Day 7
Born June 29, 1993
Bristol, England
Residence London, England
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Robyn Refferson
Billed height 5'2"
Billed weight 200lbs
Billed from The ScrapYard Warehouse
Trained by Big Boy Gladwin
Debut LAW #3
Notable Fed(s) ScrapYard
Lovely Action Wrestling
High Point Wrestling
Queen of Los AngelAES
Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling (former)
Current Theme "Cope" - Manchester Orchestra
Miscellaneous Information
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Robyn Refferson (born June 29, 1993) is an English professional wrestler and referee. Initially known for officiating ScrapYard matches, she began wrestling in order to satiate her anger at now-retired wrestler Travis Cassidy after he accidentally knocked her down twice in the span of a single match. Now a prominent name within the Armbar Error Society, she is notably affiliated with the #TOPGUYSdeJAPON as well as a respected singles wrestler in her own right, having been announced as a participant in the yet-to-occur Queen of Los AngelAES tournament.

Early Life

Not much is known about Robyn Refferson's background other than that she hails from a long line of professional referees; in interviews, she has attributed her rigid code of ethics and respect for the craft to this noble and storied lineage.

Professional Wrestling Career

As ScrapYard Referee

Robyn Refferson made her AES debut at ScrapYard Act 3, refereeing the main event match between Petor Ginoveaf, Travis Cassidy, Derrick Brizen (masquerading inexplicably as his sister Darby Brizen) and Tanner Morgen. She also officiated in the main event of Act 4 (a Cast Iron Championship match between Travis Cassidy and Sanako Asano), the main event of Act 6 (a Stainless Steel Championship match between Dominick Williamson and Dan Brown), the final three matches of Act 7 (respectively, a Chain Link Championship match between The Stardust Shooters and the team of Kamara Moore and Marie Dufort, a Stainless Steel Championship match between Dominick Williamson and Vin Tage, and a Cast Iron Championship match between Roze O. Flavio and Sanako Asano), the main event of Act 9 (a Stainless Steel Championship match between Dominick Williamson and Oseiko Kurotsuki), and the final two matches of Act 10 (a Chain Link Championship match between BOSS Industries and World Domination Squad, and a number one contender's match for the Cast Iron Championship between Travis Cassidy and Tanner Morgen, notable for being the match that ended Travis Cassidy's career).

It was the very first match she officiated that contained the incident that led her to begin wrestling herself, but as she advanced in her wrestling career she lost sight of her original goal; that said, she has admitted in interviews that refereeing the match that forced Travis Cassidy to retire 'felt like closure on that part of [her] life.'

While wrestling is now her primary focus, she is still employed by Jack Windsor as ScrapYard's primary main event referee.


Refferson wrestled underneath the AES banner for the first time on August 25, 2018, at Lovely Action Wrestling #3, as one half of a tag team with Big Girl Gladwin, Big Boy Gladwin's female alter ego. The match itself was a gauntlet match, with the victors then facing their next opponent immediately; the #TOPGALSdeJAPON first defeated The Maiden Magicians before being defeated in turn by the Sin Gun Chasers.

It was also as part of the #TOPGUYSdeJAPON that Refferson's wrestling and refereeing expertise first coalesced; at National E-Wrestling Day 6, in the LOVE showcase, she incapacitated the referee officiating the match between The Daily Dose and Ego Tripping Death Squad in order to skew the match's result in Gladwin and Snakeman's favour.

As a Singles Wrestler

Refferson made her singles debut at SydeShow +1 on September 30, 2018, besting Anya Reyes in the main event.

She also participated in an exhibition fourway at National E-Wrestling Day 7, facing off against Alice X, DJ Wavebird, and Princess Ella. The match took place in fancy dress, with each of its participants costumed as Pokemon; Refferson, disguised as Jigglypuff, was ultimately pinned by Ella, disguised as Piplup.

On PRIZMA's Somersault Weekend Night Three, Refferson defeated LAW's Anarchy Champion Jamie Haskins. This win was followed up by Refferson's first singles loss on April 18, 2019, at Pro-Wrestling All-Star #2, to Breakout Champion Terry Atkins, in a match many critics have hailed as a potential Match Of The Year candidate.

Personal Life

Refferson's bisexuality can be inferred by her simultaneous romantic relationships with Big Boy and Big Girl Gladwin. Moreover, since the summer of 2018 rumours have swirled about the nature of her relationship with fellow wrestler and #TOPGUY Francis Ugondus, despite the notorious and oft-reported-on tension between Ugondus and Gladwin.

After her victory at Sydeshow +1, Robyn Refferson announced her new direction within wrestling; dubbing herself the 'Pretty Girl Killer,' she revealed her disappointment with many female wrestlers she perceives as pandering to objectification and the male gaze, vowing to eradicate misogyny within the wrestling industry by targeting the women who willingly perpetuate it.

She also fosters and mentors a formerly-homeless teenager named Ezi Refferson, having helped to secure him a place on the roster of Derrick Brizen's Meat Grinder Grand Prix.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • The Jefferstrikes (Roundhouse Kick Flurry)
    • Flying Cuddle (Leaping Reverse STO)
  • Signature moves
    • The Vulvinator (Vaginal Claw)
    • Robyn Refferson Shin Destroyer (Shin Kick)
    • Cheeky Mid-Match Canadian Destroyer (Canadian Destroyer)
    • In Life and Doth/The Shitty Exit Strategy/The Travis Cassidy Diss Track/The Non-Referential Manoeuvre (Double Underhook Powerbomb)
    • Really Cool Dragon Sleeper (Dragon Sleeper)
  • Nicknames
    • "Ref Gone Rogue"
    • "Refvengeance"
    • "The Pretty Girl Killer"
    • "The Radical Praxis"
  • Entrance themes
    • “Wonderful Wonderful” by The Killers (as part of #TOPGALSdeJAPON)
    • "Cope" by Manchester Orchestra