Road To Renaissance (series)

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Road To Renaissance
Acronym R2R
Years Active April 2013 - September 2013
Owner AES Board of Directors
General Manager(s) AES Board of Directors
Current Theme "Rhythm & Police (K.O.G. G3 Mix)" - CJ Crew feat. Christian D
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head The Doctor
Forum Link AES Renaissance
Road to Renaissance was a series of six minisodes that built towards AES Renaissance. Each episode except for the final one was one hour or less, and it focused on highlighting the participants of Renaissance in exhibition matches alongside other AES names, as well as built towards the rivalries featured on the supershow itself. Four of the six episodes exist in their original form, with episode 2 only existing as a heavily-audio-edited version with basic music and themes layered on top of the missing audio. Episode 5 has been lost, with only its results known.


The Road to Renaissance began as a quick way to build hype for the upcoming show and to rekindle certain rivalries that had fallen off the radar. The first episode was produced within two days of the initial idea and was main-evented by the first-time-ever matchup of Rudy Cameron vs. Cthulhu Jr.

Notable angles & matches

Throughout the series, there were several threads of angles that lead into the supershow. Notably, the rivalry between Vic Vandal and Chris Oderick re-intensified on the third episode as the two started interfering in each others' matches. Finally, on episode 5 it came to a head as Derrick Brizen and Vandal, teaming as The Lineage would face Oderick and a mystery WWA legend he was studying under who turned out to be DDP.

The rivalry between Rudy Cameron and Doctor Steel was also featured on these shows, with members of The Toy Soldiers and Dr. Midcard's army taking each other on. On the final episode of the series, the two hand-picked opponents to represent them in a match. Cameron got one over on Steel, as Steel's original chosen opponent, a robot doppelganger, was replaced by Bariprime without Steel's knowledge. Cameron's hand-picked competitor was the debuting Lady Fuchsia.

Shinya Arino also stepped into the ring to challenge anyone and everyone, and from there Reggie Fils-Aime stepped up to test the interviewer's mettle against opponents like Pastor Lincoln and Groudon, all to prepare for the two's eventual clash on the show itself.

Throughout the series, several qualifying matches were held for a battle royal on night 2 of the supershow. Seth defeated MDDC, Miles King defeated Roger Hellman, SYNthia defeated Amber Oh, Blackout defeated Cobra T. Washington, Jeremy Dupoe defeated Don Wayne, and Jiro Kurotsu defeated Skyler Altus.

Starting with episode 3, El Beardy demanded a place on the card, challenging all kinds of colorful characters and defeating them all with ease.

Some episodes saw non-Renaissance stories built as well, with Infynity taking on Arceus only to be brutally attacked by Calissa later in the night in an incredibly controversial move.[1] The series also saw the only match featuring Cole Scorpio and Derrick Brizen teaming together as Deathmarch. Kamara Moore also got one of his first major victories in AES during the series, defeating superstar Richie Stevens on episode 5.

After some technology issues caused the show to be delayed, it was decided that one more episode of the series would be produced to form that final push into Renaissance. The final episode of Road To Renaissance, billed as a supercard, featured almost every person scheduled to be on the supershow in some form, with Action Jackson making an appearance to call out the recently-retired Osakan Destroyer and Sir Dan Danielson III meeting Sego Khan backstage to set up night 2's main event.

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  1. This was to be Infynity's final match, and shortly after it aired a promo would be posted where Calissa ostensibly murdered Infynity in cold blood and broadcast it to top AES officials. It did not go over well.

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