Rick Trent

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Rick Trent
Trent making his entrance
Born February 22, 1992
Camden, New Jersey, USA
Residence Camden, London, England
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Richard Terrance, Jr.
Tickle Ranger PINK
Rick Trent
Billed height 5'11
Billed weight 196 lbs
Billed from Your area, causing mass hysteria
Trained by Levin Thackeray
Ace Nelson
Debut TANW (April 8, 2017)
Notable Fed(s) GoG
Current Theme "Speed" by Steve Vai
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Tange9t

Richard Terrance-Harrington (born Richard Terrance, Jr.) is an American Professional Wrestler, currently operating within the Armbar Error Society with Grappling of Glory, Shucky Duck Wrestling and Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling under the ring name Rick Trent.


Independent Circuit

Terrance began training to wrestle in 2014 under Levin Thackeray and Ace Nelson. While early on he would ape their styles, wrestling quite serious matches, he would be approached by Oliver Harrington in October of that year, with whom he would form The Tickle Rangers. From this point, his style changed drastically, and he shockingly experienced some success both within the team and in singles competition as Tickle Ranger PINK.

In February of 2015, he would capture the Northern armdrag Champions league Trios Championship with fellow stablemates, Tickle Ranger BLUE (Richard Franco) and Tickle Ranger BLACK (Marcus Doyle). The stable would defend the championship using the Freebird Rule with other members, Tickle Ranger RED (Oliver Harrington), Tickle Ranger YELLOW (Nakajima Masato) and Tickle Ranger GREEN (Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer).

The group would eventually lose the NaCl Trios Championship in September following YELLOW and BLACK unmasking themselves and walking out on RED mid-defense. Following this, the group would rapidly fall apart, with Franco reforming his old team with Carl Moreno and with Harrington joining Chesney Rex's stable, The Rexing Crew. While Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer would stick around for a while longer, she eventually left NaCl to wrestle in Japan. Terrance, now known as Rick Trent, would challenge for Shawn Archer's NaCl Television Championship multiple times in the coming months, time and again failing. Eventually he would become frustrated with his own failures, taking a darker turn where he began resorting to Shawn's tricks. In September of 2016, Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer would temporarily return to NaCl to try and bring Trent back to the side of justice, which resulted in him attacking her from behind.

Following this, Trent would also attack his fellow former stablemate, Richard Franco, who was now in possession of the NaCl Television Championship. The two would clash for the championship on October 9, with Franco retaining. Trent once again attacked Franco after the match, which caused Franco's partner, the NaCl Champion Carl Moreno, to rush to the ring to save him. It wasn't until February 22, 2017, Trent's birthday, that the two would finally have a match for the championship in a hair vs. hair match. Trent would win the match, following his victory by hitting Moreno with the championship after spitting on it, subseqently throwing it on the ground and accouncing he was going to the Armbar Error Society.

Armbar Error Society (2017-present)

On March 7, 2017, Trent's entry into the Armbar Error Society was confirmed as it was announced that he had signed for Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling. It was later announced that he would be participating in the promotion's inaugural event, teaming with Claudio Rocha to take on Lyle Hedley and Norhand Chandler in a Pandemonium Series Elimination Tag Team match, from which he would emerge victorious. It was then announced that he'd be facing Grigori Ginoveaf on TANW 2: Anotha One, which he would lose after a concerted effort to goad his opponent. Following this match, he was diagnosed with a concussion, following which he would take a sabbatical in which he was married. During this time he also signed with Shucky Duck Wrestling, as well as being announced for a King of Los AngelAES qualifying match-up against Simon Clausen.

He made his unannounced return on night 2 of TANW Scene 7 on July 16, 2017, where he attacked Deals Drugs To Children before the latter's planned match wherein he was set to team with Big Boy Gladwin to take on take on En Garde! Following this, he proceeded to bemoan how he hadn't been requested back, complaining about the presence of the man he ambushed as well as Hammond Egger before cutting backstage to Gladwin, who explained that he had no intentions of teaming with Deals Drugs To Children considering he already had a tag team partner. Following this, Trent, along with Gladwin and Snakeman (The Daily Dose) made their way to the ring, Trent managing the duo, with the trio being referred to as The Wrong Crowd.

While he would fail to qualify for the King of Los AngelAES tournament proper, he would see success in its companion show, the first annual Best of the Big Boys tournament, wherein he was one third of the finals match-up alongside Captain Guapo and eventual winner, The Amateur. While still appearing in TANW, he would go on to make a surprise debut for Grappling of Glory, ambushing long-time independent rival Carl Moreno during a match with stablemate Big Boy Gladwin. The group would eventually announce their entry into the main event of the first ever Total Elimination, however during the match Rick would suffer a humiliating defeat, being pinned by JC Stone less than two minutes into the match, causing a scenario that ultimately could not be overcome despite the best efforts of teammates Gladwin, Yukita and Bucky Foxworthy.

In spite of this, he was not kicked out of the group. In fact, his very next match would be a rematch of sorts for The Amateur's Big Boy Championship at Crunchy Pickle Wrestling Grand Prix's first ever show, I'm Gonna Be There. While he would go on to lose the match, it was a much better showing than he had made at Total Elimination. The night immediately following this, at GoG's Total Elimination aftermath show, Carl Moreno challenged him for the NaCl title, which Trent still held despite attempting to abdicate after winning it. He would go on to accept this match in a video following the show.

In this time, he would also pick up a win in his SDW debut, teaming with Eugene Saint as a replacement for Jimmy Panic to defeat the team of Mil Meneos and Trent's rival, The Amateur. While he would win this match, picking up his first victory over The Amateur in so doing, to qualify for an opportunity at Zebediah Thurston's HEART AND SOUL OF SDW, the company would close before he could make good on his opportunity. The next month, in April of 2018, he would face Carl Moreno at GoG Decimation, winning the match to become the inaugural GoG New Age Champion of Legend, which he would later defend successfully just under two months later at We Are The Champions II against Kill Them following some interference on the part of stablemate Big Boy GLadwin.

Personal Life

Terrance is an American, raised in New Jersey. He is openly bisexual and was reported to be in a relationship with fellow professional wrestler Oliver Harrington in 2015, to whom he was later wed on May 19, 2017.

In January of 2014, while heavily inebriated, Terrance was arrested after reportedly stripping naked and sexually harassing a homeless man. He was fired from his accounting job following this incident, and was rehabilitated for alcoholism while arrested.

Terrance has stated on several occasions that he harbors a great dislike for people who, in his eyes, "pretend to be something they're not". It is presumed that the reason he went out of his way to make an example out of Richard Franco and Carl Moreno is because he perceived them to be just that. His strategy involves getting into the heads of his opponents to pull out 'the real them', according to an interview with TANW's Lara Ford. In this interview, he also stated that he "didn't pull it off with Richard, but (he) did with Carl".

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • As Richard Terrance, Jr.
      • Acebuster (Overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack dropped into a reverse swinging side slam facebuster) - 2014; adopted from Ace Nelson
      • Chickenwing Suplex - 2014; adopted from Levin Thackeray
    • As Tickle Ranger PINK
      • Flamingo Power!! (Spinning double leg facebuster) - 2014-2015
    • As Rick Trent
      • Flamingo Power!! / Trentinator (Spinning double leg facebuster) - 2015-2016; used rarely thereafter
      • Smell the Glove (Iron Claw or Iron Claw Slam) - 2015-present
      • Pit of Doom (Romero Dragon Sleeper) - 2016-present
      • A Powerful Yet Cursed Meme (Powerbomb Cutter) - 2017-present
  • Signature Moves
    • An Easy Submission (Muta Lock)
    • Multiple Atomic Drop Variations
      • Assbreaker (Atomic Drop)
      • Super Assbreaker (Super Atomic Drop)
      • Trio de Assbreakers (Hat Trick Atomic Drop) - 2017-present
    • Cheeky Mid-Match Genome Driver (Emerald Flowsion) - 2017-present
    • Multiple Dragon Sleeper Variations
      • Up and Down... (Hanging Dragon Sleeper)
      • ...and All Around (Dragon Sleeper with Bodyscissors)
    • Everyone Does Fireman's Carry Moves (Airplane Spin/Fireman's Carry Spinebuster/Rolling Fireman's Carry)
    • From the Inside (Mandible Claw)
    • Fuck Your References (Multiple Double Foot Stomp Variations) - 2017-present
      • Diving
      • Rope Hung
      • Tree of Woe
    • Gofer Dropper (Flashback) - 2017-present
    • Intense Tickling (Abdominal Iron Claw) - 2015-present
    • Real Bad Day (Triangle Dropkick) - 2014-2016; adopted from Levin Thackeray
    • Santa's Superbrother (Swinging Side Slam or Swinging Sleeper Slam) - 2017-present
    • Tope Suicida - 2015-present
    • Torpedo DDT - 2016-present
  • Nicknames
    • A Top Guy
    • The Ace of Tomorrow
    • The Tickler
    • Tickling Time Bomb
    • Wrestling Master
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Play the Game" by Queen (April 20, 2014 - October 3, 2014)
    • "Little L" by Jamiroquai (October 3, 2014 - September 14, 2015; used as Tickle Ranger PINK)
    • "Speed" by Steve Vai (September 23, 2015 - present)
    • "Closer" by Kawehi (July 16, 2017 - present; used as part of The Wrong Crowd/#TOPGUYSdeJAPON)

Championships and accomplishments

Professional Wrestling

  • Independent Companies
    • NaCl Trios Champion (1 time) - with Tickle Ranger BLUE (1) and Tickle Ranger BLACK (1)
    • NaCl Champion (1 time, final)
  • Armbar Error Society
    • Tag Team/Stable of the Year 2018 - with Big Boy Gladwin, Snakeman, Francis Ugondus, Yukita, Gabriel White & Bucky Foxworthy (#TOPGUYSdeJAPON)
    • GoG New Age Champion of Legend (1 time, inaugural, current)

Lucha de Apuesta record

Winner (wager) Loser (wager) Location Event Date Notes
Rick Trent (hair) Carl Moreno (hair) Denver, Colorado NaCl Hyper!! February 22, 2017 [1]

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  1. This match was also for Moreno's NaCl Championship. Following the match, Trent attempted to vacate the championship, but was unable to.