Revolution X

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Revolution X
Revxbanner.pngThe Revolution Has Begun!
Acronym RevX (sometimes stylized as Rev-X)
Years Active 2017-
Owner Riku Otonashi
General Manager(s) Travis Cassidy
Current Theme "Eat the Rich" by Aerosmith
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head CokeIbushi
Forum Link The Revolution X Board
Alternative Logos RevolutionXlogo.png RevX2.png

Revolution X (or RevX/Rev-X) is an eFed ran by CokeIbushi in WWE 2K17. RevX was announced during the fifth annual National E-Fed Wrestling Day in 2017 as a moment of finality for the fledgling Clear Fork Pro Wrestling, with Ibushi growing weary of CFPW's tarnished reputation and using RevX as a way to wipe the slate clean. The first episode is slated for Wednesday, March 29th, 2017.


The seeds of Revolution

The CFPW Twitter Account Is Compromised (January 2nd, 2017)

On the day after New Year's 2017, the official CFPW Twitter account was seemingly hacked. All of its previous tweets were deleted in order and it's design being changed to a X with four squares surrounding it. The account started making tweets bashing CFPW Owner Coke Ibushi and claiming that it had taken over CFPW saying that Ibushi was no more than a poor businessman and a terrible wrestling company owner, which they implied lead to the departure of many former CFPW talents. Coke never got control of the account until he broke the news about his departure from CFPW.

The official announcement (January 6th, 2017)

On the sixth of January, four days after the Twitter takeover, Ibushi regained control of the account to make an address about his status within CFPW.[1] He left the account for the anonymous new owner's hands. Sending emails to the entire roster, the new head had let the entire roster know of CFPW's eventual fate, long before the fans would ever find out. It had a date set for NEWD5, and Ibushi would have to explain to a hostile crowd how CFPW would ultimately end up.

Riku Otonashi stands over a decimated Coke Ibushi after taking over CFPW at NEWD5

The Revolution Begins

The Death of CFPW (February 11th, 2017)

As the third showcase of the first night of NEWD5, CFPW had two final matches as its showcase with Sanako Asano and Darby Brizen successfully defending their TV and Colt titles respectively against Francis Ugondus and Oseiko in singles competition. Ibushi walked out to the crowd, who had once been on his side, now choosing to laud him for his business practices and dirty laundry that had been put on full blast by the new management. Ibushi explained to the crowd that CFPW was indeed closing down shop and that there was to be a new federation in its place: Revolution X.

After he introduced the new owner in Riku Otonashi, Ibushi was attacked by two men in combat gear and one woman in a yellow button-up shirt and black tie. All three covered by gas-masks, all inconspicuous as they vehemently assaulted the former head of operations of CFPW. As they did, Otonashi walked into the ring and proceeded to kick Coke the gut as he stood up, before dropping him with a double arm face-buster. All three throwing up "X"'s as the show went off the air, a sign of the new fed.

The Aftermath

After the coup d'etat, Otonashi and Ibushi both went to the CFPW (now RevX) twitter and explained what was going on. The CFPW championships were now forever in the hands of their current owners, meaning the CFPW titles were now null and void. Sign-ups for the fed were filled almost immediately, with fifty spots being locked up before Otonashi made the callous move to expand to allow more names. Revolution X was seemingly the talk of the AES after the first night, but it chose not to rest on speculation and build. It chose to capitalize on its momentum.

RevX Owner Riku Otonashi and newly christened RevX GM Travis Cassidy shake hands at RevX's NEWD5 secret showcase.

The Secret Showcase (February 12th, 2017)

After the Pro Wrestling: All Star's recap showcase aired, many were surprised to the sight of an arcade machine booting up for the first time. Excitement built as Revolution X had seemingly taken over NEWD5's finale with a fatal four way between Emmy Bancroft, Vicki Roxx, Lyndsey Haze and the eventual winner Aurora Rivers as its first ever contest. Otonashi took to the ring after the match, congratulating all four women involved and beginning to lay the groundwork for what Revolution X would be all about. The rebuilt Club X became unglued when it was announced that Travis Cassidy would be RevX's general manager. The two exchanged a handshake before Otonashi left Cassidy to celebrate as the show came to a close.

Club X, circa 2017. Los Angeles, CA

Club X

When the ink was still drying on the paperwork for CFPW to go into his control, Riku Otonashi went west to Los Angeles, CA. Utilizing his love of rock music, he found an old, abandoned nightclub called "Club X", with likes of Aerosmith and Guns N' Roses playing there during its heyday. After a shootout on November 11th, 1996 destroyed the club and auditorium, it was to be rebuilt with added improvements. But with the lack of funds, the original owner shut down the club. Otonashi used his seemingly vast wealth to rebuild it to former glory and modifying it to fit a wrestling ring inside the auditorium as well as seats and a ramp for the wrestlers to make their way down to the ring.

The Road to Meliora

On March 28th, the day before the first episode, the RevX Twitter account posted a tweet[2], seemingly teasing the title for the first Revolution X PPV entitled "Meliora" along with a screencap from the rock band Ghost's music video for "Square Hammer".


To Be Announced.

Notable Shows

Revolution X National E-Fed Wrestling Day 5 Secret Showcase


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