ROSE XXX Championship

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ROSE XXX Championship
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Barbie Jay Tucker
Date won 2014
Fed Roses of Sports Entertainment
First Champion(s) Deborah Eckhart

The ROSE XXX Championship was a championship created and promoted by Roses of Sports Entertainment. The current and final champion was Barbie Jay Tucker, in her first reign. The championship is named after the show it was introduced on, ROSE: XXX, and is also an obvious reference to "X-rated" materials related to pornography and, more appropriately, extreme violence.


All XXX Championship matches are competed under it's own set of loose rules that resemble the ruleset of it's real life counterpart, the WWF Hardcore Championship. Championship matches are no-disqualification, have no count-outs, and have an added "Falls Count Anywhere" stipulation, meaning pinfalls and submissions do not have to occur within the confines of the ring. Unlike the Hardcore Championship, the XXX Championship has never had a "24/7 defense" rule, and the title is only contested in official matches.


In the build up to ROSE XXX, several qualifying matches were held to determine the participants in a 4-way Elimination match at the PPV event. Oseiko, Christina Notwinski, Cazz Jordann, and the eventual winner Deborah Eckhart all qualified for the match.

Deborah would defend her newly won championship the following show against Chell Sweetie, who ended Deborah's reign immediately to capture the title for herself.

Chell would herself hold the title for several more shows until ROSE: Purity, where she would lose the championship to Cazz Jordann

Cazz would successfully defend her championship against DH Pierce at ROSE 18: Gold Edition by pinning DH on the outside of the ring. Cazz would be challenged by both Yuugi Hoshiguma and Barbie Jay Tucker simultaneously in the lead up to ROSE: Destiny, causing a triple-threat match to be booked for the event.

Barbie would pin Yuugi to capture the title after Yuugi removed Cazz from the match with a suplex head first into a ladder.

Barbie became the first woman in ROSE to have her championship competed for on National E-Wrestling Day, facing the fan-voted challenger, Aurora Rivers.

After a loss to Casey McCloud on the return of ROSE from hiatus over 2014-15, Barbie directly offered Casey a chance at the championship to ensure that she could beat her under XXX rules. The title match never materialized as ROSE was bought out by Artemis Gerard in 2016 and shut down. The match between Barbie Jay and Casey would instead take place in 2017 in RISE Wrestling for the promotions World Championship.

In July 2017, it was announced that the final XXX Championship match would take place on the final Roses of Sports Entertainment episode in January of the following year in a gauntlet style match where the ultimate winner would be crowned the final champion in the lineage.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Deborah Eckhart 1 2012 ROSE: XXX Deborah defeated Oseiko, Christina Notwinski, and Cassidy Jordann in a Four Way Dance to become the first champion.
2 Chell Sweetie 1 2012 ROSE Episode 11
3 Cassidy Jordann 1 2013 ROSE: Purity
4 Barbie Jay Tucker 1 2014 CURRENT ROSE: Destiny Barbie Jay defeated both Yuugi Hoshiguma and Cassidy Jordan in a Triple Threat match.