ROSE World Championship

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ROSE World Championship
Rose World Title.png
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Amy Roselyn
Date won January 13th, 2013
Fed Roses of Sports Entertainment
First Champion(s) Shaymin

The ROSE World Championship is a freelance championship created and formerly promoted by Roses of Sports Entertainment. The current champion is Amy Roselyn, who is in her first reign.

The championship was created in 2012 and promoted as the first ever World Championship exclusively for women in the Armbar Error Society.



No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Shaymin 1 2012 ROSE: The First of Many Shaymin defeated Caid Murdock in the finals of the ROSE World Championship tournament.
2 Amy Roselyn 1 Jan 13th, 2013 CURRENT ROSE: Purity Amy Roselyn pinned Shaymin after Cheiron Archer interfered on Amy's behalf, forcing a dazed referee to count the winning pin.