RISE Wrestling

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RISE Wrestling
The RISE Wrestling logo
Acronym RISE
Years Active May 2017-
Owner Undisclosed
General Manager(s) Undisclosed
Current Theme Rise - Katy Perry
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Tiffy Lockhart
Forum Link RISE Wrestling

RISE Wrestling is an all-female promotion running in WWE 2K17. The show features largely simulated matches and focuses on promos as the basis for future match cards. RISE does not feature a traditional "PPV cycle" format and instead promotes at least one major match as the main event on each show.


RISE Wrestling made it's first showing in an unannounced reveal at National E-Wrestling Day 5. It was met with equal parts confusion at who was bankrolling and organizing the event, but also excitement that so many name talents were on board with the project, which the roster reveal later that same month only heightened. It's first event aired on May 11th, 2017.



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