RISE Valkyrie Championship

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RISE Valkyrie Championship
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Jan Netty
Date won June 17th, 2017
Fed RISE Wrestling
First Champion(s) Jan Netty

The RISE Valkyrie Championship is the second highest singles championship in RISE Wrestling, and the third incarnation of the Kawaii Championship introduced in 2012. Currently both the holders of this and the previous version of the Valkyrie title are recognized by the Armbar Error Society as separate entities despite the similar name.


The introduction of the RISE Valkyrie Championship was teased in the leadup to RISE Wrestling's Part 2 event with the poem "Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". The poem was in reference to the return of the Valkyrie Championship name with a new design.

The match to crown the inaugural champion would take place as the main event of RISE Part 2, seeing Claire Chambers, Alexis Riot, Li Akira and Jan Netty compete in a 4-Corners Ladder Match. Jan Netty would be the one to seize the championship belt and secure the win, breaking her streak of ladder match loses and avenging her failure to win the ROSE Kawaii Championship in a similar match. Immediately after the match, Jan would be blindsided by Traci Touchdown, the then reigning ROSE Valkyrie Champion. Traci would deliver two Spears to Jan and present the ROSE version of the belt to the crowd.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Jan Netty 1 June 18th, 2017 1+ RISE Wrestling Part 2 Won a 4-corners ladder match feat. Li Akira, Alexis Roit, and Claire Chambers