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RAT MONSTER entering the ring
Born September 4, 1991
Seoul, South Korea
Residence London, England
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) RAT MONSTER
Billed height 5'8"
Billed weight 290lbs
Billed from Seoul, South Korea
Trained by Joseph James
Debut Joseph James Battle Academy #3
Notable Fed(s) Joseph James Battle Academy
Hey, You! Let's Lucha Libre
Divine Comedy Productions
AES: Pre-Showdown
Current Theme "Fantastic Baby" - BIGBANG
Miscellaneous Information
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RAT MONSTER is a South Korean professional wrestler and former K-pop boyband member, currently enrolled at the Joseph James Battle Academy. He is also signed to Hey, You! Let's Lucha Libre and Divine Comedy Productions.

Early Life

Park Jiyong (Hangul: 박지용, born September 4, 1991) was born and raised in Busan, South Korea. At the age of sixteen, he relocated to Seoul and trained as a dancer and singer under SM Entertainment; eventually they placed him in rookie boyband TRIPLE X alongside five other members. Park enjoyed considerable success as part of TRIPLE X, with three hit albums released in South Korea and Japan alike and two arena shows at the Tokyo Dome. However, he was constantly under significant pressure from management and fans alike to lose weight, and it was this pressure that eventually precipitated his departure from the group and his move to the United Kingdom. Park is also openly gay, and cites this as another reason he desired to move to a more accepting country; as well as wrestling, he is prominently active in the London LGBT nightlife scene, regularly participating in drag events across multiple venues.

Professional Wrestling Career

Park made his in-ring debut at JJBA #3, facing off against - and ultimately losing to - Ivo Eckhart. He followed this up on JJBA #6 with another loss, this time to Lawrence Amadeus Dimitri V; this match was the cause of some controversy, as a group of dedicated RAT MONSTER fans then discovered LADV's address and posted it online, opening him up to targeted harassment and abuse.

Perhaps fortunately for his opponent, considering the decidedly rabid nature of his more hardcore fans, RAT MONSTER's next attempt was successful; he opened National E-Wrestling Day 7 with a victory against Stud Kickass, incidentally also Hey, You! Let's Lucha Libre's inaugural match.

Following this, he wrestled at Divine Comedy Productions #2.1, taking on the returning Dave Dukakis. This was Dukakis' first match since 2015; he was ultimately triumphant.

On June 23, 2019, RAT MONSTER wrestled in the inaugural match of AES: Pre-Showdown, facing off against Baby Wolf and ultimately defeating them for the Championship; this was RAT MONSTER's first title win. Notably, the influx of RAT MONSTER fans who tuned in following his victory caused the broadcast to briefly crash. After the show, it was announced that RAT MONSTER's first title defence will be in a rematch against LADV; this announcement was the cause of some concern on social media, considering the doxxing of LADV that occurred the last time the pair faced each other in the ring.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Best Of The Rest (Jumping Cutter)
  • Signature moves
    • Best Of The Rest (Jumping Cutter)
    • Best Of The Rest (Jumping Cutter)
    • Best Of The Rest (Jumping Cutter)
    • Best Of The Rest (Jumping Cutter)
  • Nicknames
    • The Giant Rat Who Makes All The Rules
    • The Man Least In Need Of A Nickname In All Of Professional Wrestling
  • Entrance themes
    • Doom Dada by T.O.P
    • "Fantastic Baby" by BIGBANG