PW:AS World Championship

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PW:AS World Championship
PWAS World Title - Copy.png
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Derrick Brizen
Date won May 14th, 2015
Fed Pro Wrestling: ALL-STAR
First Champion(s) Derrick Brizen

The Pro Wrestling: ALL-STAR World Heavyweight Championship is a championship created and promoted by Pro Wrestling: ALL-STAR. The current champion is Derrick Brizen, who is in his first reign.

The championship was initially established as the PW:AS ALL-STAR Championship, but was then renamed shortly after to a more common world championship name.


At Pro Wrestling: ALL-STAR Presents: Into The Unknown, there were two different qualifying matches which consisted of Derrick Brizen taking on Groudon and Walter Zenon, with the second one consisting of Laura Brennan taking on Estramir Mastern and Gavin Gamble. As it looked like Walter Zenon was about to pick up the win after taking out Groudon, Derrick Brizen snuck back in at the last second and hit the Throat Cutter for the win. As for the second match, Estramir Mastern decided not to participate until the very end when he hit the Master-Fall onto Gavin Gamble, and then let Laura Brennan get the win after hitting the Cosmic Mind.

Derrick Brizen at PW:AS Special Showcase
Later in the night, Derrick Brizen and Laura Brennan squared off in the main event of the night, and just as Laura Brennan was about to hit the Cosmic Mind, Richie Stevens made an appearance, begging her not to. Laura Brennan went against his wishes however and went for the Cosmic Mind, only to be caught mid-air by Derrick Brizen with the Throat Cutter for the win.

At Pro Wrestling: ALL-STAR Presents: Seasons of Beginnings, Laura Brennan defeated Richie Stevens, Estramir Mastern and Tyler Rykren to advance to the next night at PW:AS Special Showcase to take on Derrick Brizen for the championship. It was a back and fourth match, involving a lot of near falls, interference, and stolen finishers, but in the end Laura Brennan went down to the one final Throat Cutter to seal the deal.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Derrick Brizen 1 5/14/2015 CURRENT Into The Unknown Derrick Brizen and Laura Brennan competed against eachother after both of them had beaten two other competitors in two different qualifying matches, and towards the end of this match, Richie Stevens interfered and begged Laura Brennan to not go for the win, and it was a Cosmic Mind from Laura Brennan into a Throat Cutter caught by Derrick Brizen that ended the night.