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Oseiko, rendered in Daz Studio
Born February 12th, 1984
The Akuhi Ryu Village, somewhere in the Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan
Residence Mars, PA
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Oseiko
The Black Widow
Billed height 5'7"
Billed weight 127 lb.
Billed from Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Trained by "The Revenant" Shaed Bloodgrave
Debut June 2012 for
Notable Fed(s) ROSE
Current Theme "Secret Heart" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Ken D. Blackwell

Oseiko Kurotsuki-Connelly is a Japanese professional wrestler and martial artist currently signed to a number of eFeds in AES. She was originally created in 1999 in the game WWF Attitude, making her the earliest active original efed character currently in AES.

Early life

According to Oseiko's accounts, she was born in a secluded village in the Daisetsuzan National Park, nearby the Hagoromo Falls. She was the daughter to Ketsuhasa and Shitori Kurotsuki, the patriarch and matriarch to the Akuhi Ryu, a clan of mercenary ninja who hired themselves out to the criminal element, highly favored by the Yakuza and notoriously efficient assassins. As expected of the daughter of the Akuhi Ryu clan leaders, Oseiko was a prodigy, picking up her clan's style of ninjutsu very quickly and was well on her way to becoming one of the Akuhi Ryu's best. But unforeseen circumstances would lead to Oseiko and her little sister, Mikoto, to exile themselves from the Akuhi Ryu with the help of their great great grandfather, seemingly immortal half-demon "The Revenant" Shaed Bloodgrave. During this time, Oseiko would needlessly and tragically lose Mikoto to their own mother. Falling into a deep depression, Oseiko would have committed harakiri if it weren't for Shaed intervening, and offered a rather unorthodox way to find a new purpose; enter into the business of professional wrestling. Unsure at first, Oseiko would agree to the rather unusual plan.

Professional wrestling career

Oseiko debuted into the business of professional wrestling on August 2nd 1999 as simply "Black Widow," an untested and very green rookie of a wrestler. To further test her skills, Shaed had pulled some strings, arranging Oseiko to face Shaymin in her very first match. During the match Oseiko had learned much from reading the more experienced joshi's movements and skills, and while Oseiko eventually lost to Shaymin's Grass Knot submission move, Oseiko found herself enjoying the contest greatly. Shaking Shaymin's hand post-match, Oseiko had fell in love with the business, and to this day, credits Shaymin as being the one who truly opened her eyes towards her potential as a professional wrestler.

International Wrestling Federation (1999)

Oseiko would later join the IWF, or Internatonal Wrestling Federation. In her second match she would become the youngest and the first female IWF Cruiserweight Champion, although she would lose the title three weeks later. Shaed would form the stable called the Knight Cross, with himself, Oseiko, Ariel Bridges, and Ariel's adopted mother (and JC Stone's future wife) Kaye as founding members. Months later, however, IWF would eventually fold.

Oseiko, as simply Black Widow, early in her wrestling career.

Extreme Attitude Wrestling (1999-2008)

With the formation of Extreme Attitude Wrestling, Shaed would migrate the Knight Cross, Oseiko included, towards it. The Knight Cross would gain a substantial success, with Oseiko winning several titles over the course of her nearly ten year career in the company. The Knight Cross would eventually disband under mostly amicable terms, and Oseiko would venture into tag team territory as a part of Kyouki Shoujo. Eventually, she met another EAW star, "Code Red" Michael A. Connelly, and it was love at first sight. Their relationship was never kept private from the fans, who embraced the couple as their favorites. In time, Oseiko and Michael were wed on her eighteenth birthday. And despite in times even competing with one another for major titles, their bond only served to grow stronger.

Oseiko and then tag partner, "The Stray Bullet" Akiko Nakano, teasing wrestling fans who 'shipped them. (Art by Blaine "The Machine")

In 2008, EAW had planned a grand spectacle for a PPV, entitled "Slamnual." However, shortly after announcing it, its owner and President filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Shortly after announcing a hiatus, EAW would end up closing its doors for a final time.


Oseiko and Michael retired after EAW went bankrupt, and took the time to begin to raise a family. Oseiko would eventually become pregnant with her and Michael's first child, whom they named Yuki Marie; Oseiko chose her first name, meaning snow, and Michael chose her middle name which, if spelled as the Japanese word "mori," would mean forest.


As Yuki Marie grew into childhood, she had watched her Oseiko and Michael's wrestling career through old videotapes, idolizing her parents immensely and had decided then and there to follow in their footsteps. While Michael was enjoying retirement and had no plans to return to the ring, Oseiko felt otherwise, the all-too-familiar lure to return to the squared circle enticing her. She had decided to return to professional wrestling, ultimately to show her daughter her mother in action with her own eyes.

ROSE (2012-2016)

In June of 2012, Oseiko had accepted an offer to join Armbar Error Society and its all-female division, ROSE, returning from retirement to face and defeat Enyo Athenos in her first match back. Eventually she earned an opportunity to win the ROSE XXX Championship in an Extreme Rules Fatal Four Way Elimination match, only to fall short in the contest. Sometime afterwards, Oseiko would be at odds with EmRy over a perceived lack of respect. After a number of runins, Oseiko and EmRy would face one another at Purity. After the contest, Oseiko was willing to forgive EmRy for her transgressions against her, even offering her hand in a show of respect; EmRy would have none of it however, swatting her hand aside and leaving the ring.

Oseiko, as she appeared upon her return to professional wrestling via ROSE.

There would then come a kind of civil war in the ranks of ROSE, as Cheiron Archer and The Administration would wage war against The Union, lead by Casey McCloud. Oseiko, disliking Archer's tyrannical attitude and abuse of power, would align herself in the Union against her. During the conflict between the Administration and the Union, those opposed to Archer would hold a protest show entitled A Night In Cleveland, where Oseiko would get the opportunity to face Shaymin once again, this time in an AES ring. However, Oseiko would quickly realize how outclassed she was compared to Shaymin, as the emerald tressed joshi would defeat her somewhat easily. This, along with other defeats at the hands of higher tiered stars in Armbar Error Society, served to test Oseiko's resolve and confidence as a strong competitor. On top of that, her time was focused more on her newest enemy known as Calissa, who was a sentient mask wearing its human host. Calissa, hell bent on removing everything supernatural in the world, would focus her intentions on Oseiko, citing her blood ties to Shaed Bloodgrave. Calissa sought to drain the very blood from Oseiko's body, and their conflict would come to a head at Destiny, where Oseiko would narrowly defeat the more imposing Calissa. But not before being brutalized afterwards. Oseiko had to be stretched out of the arena as a result of the attack.

Oseiko would gain another opportunity to challenge for the ROSE XXX Title at the Golden Triad Tournament, facing off against then champion Cazz Jordann, Chell Sweetie, and Deborah Eckhart. The contest proved to be especially brutal, as Eckhart delivered a Critical knockout blow to her, ending her chances in the match, in which Cazz retained the title.

After Destiny, ROSE was on a lengthy hiatus, until Koto had inadvertently resurrected it in the form of The Dark Tournament, where she had brought back many of ROSE's past talents to compete in the ring, admittedly for no real prize, until ROSE's Board of Directors intervened and made the Tournament mean something, with the winner of the Tournament gaining a ROSE World Championship opportunity and an ironclad contract. Oseiko, with her love of competition, entered the tournament, defeating Alex Santos on the first night, but was defeated by the very woman she had once defeated on her debut, Enyo Athenos. Her confidence shaken, she had decided to hold an Open Challenge on the third night, determined to challenge herself against anyone in the AES who would accept. Answering the challenge was the newly debuting Wildcard, who mocked Oseiko for her self-doubt, and in a fierce contest, had managed to defeat Oseiko after dodging her KnS. Her confidence taking another blow, driven even deeper by the sharp words of Noxi and Princess ATORI, Oseiko left the Dark Tournament to try to discover what it was she was missing in herself, to try to find whatever resolve she could to keep going.

Oseiko would make her return at ROSE #21, defending the Duckin' BFFs, Anne Cortes and Birdy L, against Noxi and ATORI, who had formed a tag team and proclaimed themselves as the "Real Women" of ROSE. The stage was set for Oseiko to fight both Noxi and ATORI, who had belittled Oseiko further, calling her a glorified housewife compared to the two of them, though they were out of their element with Oseiko utilizing her abilities in ninjutsu to play mind games on the two, even obtaining a little help from friend Aurora Rivers at ROSE's Halloween special. However, with the buyout of ROSE by UWOT's general manager, Artemis Gerard, ROSE had closed its doors for good, and the conflict between Oseiko and the Real Women of ROSE remains unresolved for now.

Oseiko disguised as Koto, after successfully attacking Calissa (ROSE #19).

TFIAH (2012-2014)

Wishing to branch out to other divisions of AES, Oseiko signed up to TFIAH, entering the "From Midcard To Main Event" Battle Royale. While coming up short in that endeavor, she had nonetheless earned a title opportunity against Juliet Starling for the TFIAH Firestarter Championship, but was unsuccessful in winning the title from the bubbly cheerleader. After a short time away from TFIAH, Oseiko had returned to compete in the Out of Control Number One Contendership Battle Royal to face its champion, Raiden, only to once again be eliminated from the match.

TFIAH had then come under a new management; J.Q. McMonnemonopobags had acquired the rights to TFIAH and had sought to reimagine the division. Oseiko opted to stay on as a part of the roster to take on any and all, with competition and championships in her sights. In the second episode, Oseiko faced off against Amy Roselyn, though she was defeated under duplicitous means as Roselyn pulled the tights in rolling Oseiko up. It would be Oseiko's only appearance in the newly reimagined TFIAH, as McMonnemonopobags would reimagine it further into Pro Wrestling: ALL-STAR, and Oseiko ended up having no place in his revamped wrestling division.

IBW (2013-2014)

Desiring more competition and opportunities to win championship gold, Oseiko joined IBW shortly after Sterling Pierce's brother, Lucius Pierce took over the company. Joining the Shockwave brand of the division, Oseiko was challenged by Ryan Davis to a no disqualification match on Shockwave, which she readily accepted. But Davis hired Clayton & Salem Murdock (The Murdock Protection Agency; later known as Dirty Deeds) to brutalize her in the ring, leaving her bruised and bloodied, despite trying to fight back against the larger tag team. Davis then made his way down to the ring and locked her in the armbar to get the easy win after the savage attack. After the match, an enraged Oseiko demanded a rematch with Davis to Lucius Pierce, angry that he would cheat her out of a one-on-one contest for seemingly no reason.

Oseiko, after the brutal attack at the hands of Dirty Deeds during her match with Ryan Davis (IBW Shockwave #7.)

Ryan Davis appeared on IBW weeks later, spreading his opinion of Oseiko in the middle of the ring with the microphone time he was provided. It wasn't long before Oseiko's IBW then tag-team partner, Marty Jannetty came out and defended Oseiko - however, this didn't end well, as Davis took down Jannetty and locked him the armbar, before he could do any major damage, Oseiko made the save, sending Davis running.

The rematch Oseiko had wanted finally came at IBW Resurgence, where Ryan Davis and Oseiko were set to open the show in the first match of the night. However, Oseiko was blindsided before she could react by Davis, and despite fighting valiantly, she never did recover from the cheap shot as Davis once again defeated her.

Oseiko had managed a small measure of retribution against Davis however, in the Shockwave Championship Tournament; as Davis made it to the semi-finals against Marty Jannetty, Oseiko had appeared from out of nowhere on the apron and spat poison mist in Davis' eyes, allowing Jannetty the opportunity to roll up Davis for the pinfall. Davis had left IBW shortly afterwards, but Oseiko remained at least for a little while longer before IBW's doors closed for a final time. To this day there is still animosity between Oseiko and Ryan Davis; Oseiko has grown to actually forgive Davis, but has never forgotten how he had wronged her out of a competitive bout between him.

AES Renaissance (2013)

At the supershow AES Renaissance, Oseiko was booked to face the SAPW's own Bob Sagat, which prompted her to join SAPW itself to continue her ongoing quest for competition and championship gold. Oseiko had spent considerable time preparing for her match against Bob Sagat, studying past tapes of him in action to prepare. However, when the match itself happened, Oseiko found herself as outclassed as she was when she faced Shaymin at A Night In Cleveland, and was nearly effortlessly defeated by Bob Sagat. The loss left Oseiko so badly demoralized she almost considered leaving AES, until she was reminded by AES interviewer Morgan Anderson why she was fighting to begin with; for her daughter. Her resolved renewed, Oseiko opted to keep fighting despite the defeat.

SAPW (2013-2017)

Oseiko made her official debut in SAPW at Episode 17, subtitled "X-Men! Welcome To Die," as part of an eight person tag match; teaming up with other debuting AES stars Malik, Jeremy Dupoe, and Rose Parker, the quartet faced off against established SAPW stars Perseus Watson, Pantsu, and The Starrenjahs. The debuting SAPW stars gained the victory with Malik beating down Pantsu to get the pinfall. At the next show, "Rawket Lawnchair," Oseiko's next match was against Jeremy Dupoe, which ended in a double countout. Oseiko offered Dupoe a handshake out of respect, but Dupoe refused it. A rematch was signed at the next show, "Get The Heck Out Of Here You Nerd," where she gained the victory after her Shooting Star Press. At "CONGLATURATION !!!" Oseiko and Dr. Rez faced one another for the number one contender spot for the SAPW Grand Championshionship, held at the time by Cazz Jordann. Oseiko had managed to defeat the much larger competitor, earning her opportunity to face Jordann at the SAPW PPV, "What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse." But despite coming close many times to claiming the final pinfall, Jordann had defeated Oseiko to retain the SAPW Grand Championship. Afterwards, Oseiko accepted Jordann's handshake out of respect.

Oseiko teamed up with Roger Hellman and Aurora Rivers to face Claude Dreiz, Malik, and Rose Parker at "The Sun Has Vanquished The Horrible Night" in an effort to reclaim lost momentum after the PPV, only for Claude to deliver a Critical knockout on Aurora. Something of a rematch was made as Oseiko and Aurora teamed up with the Allied Powers to face Claude, Malik, and the Wylde Onez at the first episode of SAPW Versus, and Oseiko got the submission victory over a rebellious Malik, making him tap out to the Mahi Shite, and delivering a knockout KnS to Claude as he was distracted by Roger Hellman.

At SAPW 24, "The FSteaks Have Been Raised," Oseiko challenged Bob Sagat to a rematch at SAPW 25, seeking to gain back a victory over him after her near catastrophic loss. Bob accepted the challenge, and the two faced off against one another at "Don't Lose Your Way." In a fierce and bloody contest, Oseiko had managed to defeat Bob Sagat with a Dragonrana pin, but Bob, "salty" over the loss, attacked Oseiko with a steel chair after the match, escalating an already personal match to a higher level.

The 2014 Golden Triad Tournament had rolled around, and Oseiko would be facing Deborah Eckhart once again, this time for another opportunity for the SAPW Grand Championship. The climax of the match approached when Oseiko had inadvertently ran into SAPW referee Kiwi-chan, knocking her down for the count. With the match still in progress Eckhart attempted to attack Oseiko, but she countered, sending her to the outside and knocking her off the apron with a KnS. It was then that Bob Sagat showed up at the entranceway, distracting her with an unflattering video package that not only targeted her, but her husband and daughter as well. The distraction was enough for Eckhart to recover in time, and despite Oseiko's attempts to regain the upper hand, was still defeated by Eckhart with a top rope tombstone piledriver.

Hostilities would continue to rise between Oseiko and Bob Sagat, as Roger Hellman was slated to defend the SAPW Awesome X Championship against the two of them, along with Ukko, Bucky Foxworthy, and an unknown opponent who would later be revealed as Bodacious Bo. However, chicanery was afoot as it was revealed by SAPW co-owner Amber Ember that Oseiko wasn't in the match; rather, it was Bob Sagat's friend Tyrone Hawke, masquerading as her, in another joke at her expense. However, Oseiko would get the final say as she, disguised as Ukko, would show up before the match and hit the KnS on Bob Sagat, who would never fully recover from the superkick as he was eliminated by Bucky Foxworthy.

Oseiko, disguised as Ukko, hitting the KnS on Bob Sagat (SAPW #27: I'm Really Feeling It).

At SAPW Versus #4, Oseiko would get an opportunity to face off against Tyrone, who was then calling himself "Tyroseiko" as he persisted in dressing up mockingly like her. However, the match would quickly become a travesty as Oseiko was assaulted by a number of women dressed up in Oseiko's ring attire; these "Oseiklones" would continue to beat down on Oseiko until "Tyroseiko" and Bob Sagat came down to the ring, and got the easy pinfall on their downed opponent. SAPW 28 would further serve to attempt to get under Oseiko's skin, as Bob Sagat would hire bad actors to portray both Michael and Yuki Marie in a gross attempt to "expose" Oseiko as a sham of a housewife. A rematch would be booked between Oseiko and "Tyroseiko" at SAPW Versus #5, and with no "Oseiklones" to back him up this time, Oseiko quickly made short work of "Tyroseiko."

Around this time, it was revealed that Oseiko and Bob Sagat would face each other one more time at SAPW: Chaos Wars to settle their rivalry once and for all. But Bob Sagat would continue to attempt to get under Oseiko's skin at SAPW 29: "Revelaitions," as he would hold a mock funeral for Oseiko's career, flanked by a multitude of Druid-like individuals. Bob would continue to belittle Oseiko and her family, only to be met with a KnS from one of the Druids themselves, who was Oseiko in disguise. Eventually, Chaos Wars would begin, and even then Bob Sagat would attempt to get under her skin by sending out the actors who poorly portrayed her family to attack her, only for her to quickly dispatch the charlatans and get the match underway. The match between Oseiko and Bob Sagat would prove to be so brutal, that one of Bob's devastating Tiger Knees would cause a concussion so severe that Oseiko was unable to recall at least half of the match she was actually in. Despite the detriment, Oseiko had still managed to defeat Bob Sagat. However, moments after getting back to the locker room, she had collapsed to the floor, succumbing finally to the concussion, and was rushed to the hospital for recovery.

Oseiko's return would be revealed on SAPW 32, "Goodbye Moonmen" for SAPW #7's Spooktacular, and it was then that SAPW ring commentator Luna Priscilla would let her true feelings towards her be revealed, despising her very presence and opted to begin a protest against Oseiko's return to SAPW at Versus #7, forming the #NOseiko Movement, later known as the Azure Alliance. Sure enough, Oseiko appeared, seemingly from out of nowhere to confront Luna, who immediately berated her, going so far as to claiming that the night she had beaten down the fake Michael and Yuki Marie was art imitating personal life. Having enough of the tirade, Oseiko attacked Luna, only to be assaulted by masked women wearing #NOSeiko T-shirts. But Oseiko had managed to gain the upper hand, delivering multipble KnS's to the masked women, and Luna left the ring extremely displeased.

At the moment, it was business as usual for Oseiko as she would take on Alistair Dawson for the number one contendership for the SAPW Grand Championship. But Luna, not finished with Oseiko, would get involved in the match, leaving the commentators' table and costing her the opportunity to once again challenge for the gold. SAPW Versus #8, as Oseiko would challenge Rose Parker for the SAPW Television Championship, would prove to be no better as Luna, despite being relieved of her commentating duties as punishment, would still get involved, once again costing her a chance at a championship with the aide of newcomer Remy LaCroix. Oseiko compromised that so long as Luna was around in SAPW her chances of winning any championship in that division would be virtually nil, so she had requested to SAPW co-owner Osakan Destroyer to not grant her any more title opportunities until the feud between her and Luna was dealt with.

At SAPW 34: "If It Exists," Luna Priscilla would continue her crusade against Oseiko with LaCroix at her side, calling her an unstable individual that was a danger to everyone in SAPW. Even going so far as to bring up Yuki Marie once again, saying she'd be better off in a foster home away from her so-called "tyrant" of a mother. Drawing Oseiko out, she confronted Luna, only to be attacked by Zhen Huang, who earlier in the night, turned on her former tag partner and Oseiko's friend, Aurora Rivers. Joining Luna, Remy, and Zhen in the onslaught on Oseiko would be Jeremy Dupoe, Grigori, and his brother Piotr Ginoveaf, all aligned in driving Oseiko out of SAPW. Oseiko's night ended with Luna delivering a top rope splash on her through a table.

Oseiko, after being put through a table by Luna Priscilla (SAPW 34: If It Exists).

At SAPW Versus 9, Aurora Rivers would attempt to gain a measure of revenge on her former tag partner Zhen, only for her to be attacked from behind by Dupoe. Oseiko immediately came to her friend's rescue, evening the odds as she would attack Dupoe, and Aurora immediately went on the offensive against Zhen. The two would be united against the Azure Alliance as Oseiko would name the beginnings of her team The Principle, as in the truth against Luna Priscilla's lies.

SAPW 35: "Cool Time" would set the match at Golden Triad Tournament '17, with Luna's Azure Alliance, in the form of Zhen, Dupoe, Grigori, and Piotr against Oseiko's Principle, consisting of Oseiko herself, Aurora, and two mystery partners. However, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, SAPW closed down.

WAT (2013-2015)

Oseiko had made a somewhat Faustian deal with Yuuka Kazami, forming a tag team known as Himawari no Sentoki (or the Sunflower Fighters). Making their debut in Wrestling and TagTeams, they faced off against The Student Council, and with Yuuka dominating the match, she and Oseiko defeated them. After the match, they were confronted by Derrick Brizen and Man Mountain Rudo (then known as El Trippy del Rudo) in the form of the Ego Tripping Death Squad. Making light of Oseiko and her dubious win/loss record, Brizen and Rudo were challenged by and Yuuka, to which they accepted the match. In a lengthy back-and-forth match, ETDS managed to defeat Himawari no Sentoki, but Oseiko wanted to fight Derrick Brizen in a one-on-one contest, simply because she wanted to fight him, believing that he was almost convinced in both Oseiko and Yuuka's potential. Yuuka interfered in the match however, and it was ruled a no contest when it descended into chaos with both teams fighting.

Himawari no Sentoki, still in a heated conflict with the ETDS, would face off against the Scarlet Sirens next, earning a solid victory against them. However, before WAT would have its first PPV which would have Himawari no Sentoki facing off against the ETDS in a Tag Team Cage Deathmatch for the WAT Synergetic Championships, the division would end up closing its doors for good.

CFPW (2014-2017)

Oseiko signed to Clear Fork Pro-Wrestling, debuting on CFPW TV 1 as she made her intentions known, challenging Dazzling Mercury for the rights to be CFPW World Champion. A triple threat between Oseiko, Dazzling, and Gabriel White was made as a result, and Gabriel had gotten the pinfall victory over Oseiko. This raised the ire of Dazzling, who blamed Oseiko for his loss. A scuffle broke out, causing CFPW GM Coke Ibushi to make a tag match for CFPW TV 2, with Oseiko and Gabriel teaming up against Dazzling and a partner of his choice, who ended up being Javell Redman, Dazzling's own personal security. In a fierce bout, Oseiko and Gabriel got the win as Oseiko delivered the KnS to Dazzling for the pinfall. But as Dazzling attempted to attack Oseiko from behind post-match, a small group of ninja came to her defense, attacking Dazzling before he could land a single blow.

At CFPW TV 3, Oseiko revealed the ninja as Kurogokegumo Ryu, her own ninja clan formed from borrowed shinobi from the Akuhi Ryu's former rivals, the Shirotengu Ryu, appearing only when their kage is in danger, never to fight her own battles. Oseiko then faced off against Javell Redman, with Dazzling Mercury at ringside. The match was thrown out as Dazzling attempted to run in to attack Oseiko, only to be circumvented by her Kurogokegumo Ryu shinobi.

For CFPW's Big Trouble At Little Clear Fork PPV, Oseiko faced off against Dazzling Mercury in a match for the Number One contendership for the CFPW World Title, with Oseiko leaving her shinobi behind and Dazzling keeping Redman in the back, as per the stipulations. In a strong showing between both competitors, Dazzling nonetheless used the ropes for added leverage to get the pinfall on Oseiko, becoming the next in line to challenge the CFPW World Champion. After the PPV, Oseiko realized that having her own clan wasn't the path she needed to be on, so she had sent the shinobi back to their rightful clan, choosing to to be on her own in CFPW from then on.

At CFPW TV 5, after a "debuting" Lady Fuchsia had distracted Shaymin into a losing match against Emmy Bancroft for the number one contendership for the CFPW Women's Title, Fuchsia had attacked a downed Shaymin, only for Oseiko to appear from the shadows to make the save, driving Fuchsia away. CFPW TV 6 had Fuchsia call Shaymin out, proclaiming that attacking Shaymin would be the quickest way to the title she had in her possession. Shaymin retorted, telling Fuchsia she would have to earn her chances like everyone else, and said Oseiko had her sights set on the masked luchadora. Fuchsia brushed off the potential threat Oseiko represented, saying that Girly had beaten Oseiko before at TFIAH, and Fuchsia could do it again, calling her out on the spot. Oseiko appeared beside Shaymin, making the match official for SuperMotherFuckingSlam, but with a stipulation in place; the loser must leave CFPW. And Fuchsia accepted the stipulation, confident that she would send Oseiko packing from CFPW for good.

CFPW TV 7 saw Oseiko facing off against Travis Cassidy in the go home show for SuperMotherFuckingSlam, only for her to come up short when the Travisty was delivered, with Cassidy getting the pinfall victory after a solid showing from both fighters. Lady Fuchsia had appeared on the ramp to belittle the defeated Oseiko, proclaiming that she would be the one to drive her from CFPW, because when the stakes were at their highest, Oseiko would always lose.

Oseiko delivering the Tetsuzen No Shogeki, or Sudden Impact, to Lady Fuchsia (CFPW SuperMotherFuckingSlam).

Eventually, SuperMotherFuckingSlam came around, with Oseiko facing off against Lady Fuchsia, loser leaves CFPW for good. In a hotly contested bout, Oseiko proved that when it truly counted she could indeed win the big one, as one KnS kept Fuchsia down for a three count, sending the masked woman out of CFPW and granted Oseiko a much needed victory in CFPW.

At CFPW TV 8, Oseiko would appear before CFPW Colt Champion Darby Brizen, challenging her for the title in her own specialty, the Darby Zone match, which would eventually be Oseiko's final chance at winning a title in CFPW as the company would be bought out by Riku Otonashi to make way for Revolution X. The final CFPW match ever would happen at its NEWD 5 Showcase, as Oseiko fought Brizen, only to fall short once again as Brizen unexpectantly countered a roll up pin, defeating Oseiko and effectively ending her chances to win gold in CFPW.

TIA (2014)

Oseiko appeared in Wayne K. Hayes' Truth In Action as a guest star in a dark match against Tómas Ramirez. In a fiercely contested match, Oseiko managed to defeat Tómas with a Mandible Claw submission.

BAW (2014-present)

Oseiko would debut in the first episode of Beyond Anarchy Wrestling, headed by the always eccentric Rose Parker. There she would face off against Aria Rothenberg, and in a strong contest, defeat Aria via submission with the Mahi Shite. However, Aria demanded that Oseiko's victory be nullified on the grounds that she didn't have time to put her contact lenses in, believing that her match was on later in the evening. Stating that Oseiko could have broke Aria's glasses and injured her, she used her rather dubious AES Rulebook as proof. To prevent Aria from suing BAW, Rose nullified Oseiko's win against Aria, even giving her a qualifying match for the BAW Women's Title to satiate her, much to the chagrin of Oseiko, who believed Aria was using the AES Rulebook as her own unique weapon to get her way.

Oseiko defeats Aria Rothenberg with the Mahi Shite, or Paralyzer (BAW #1).

At BAW 2, Oseiko would have an opportunity to enter into the BAW Women's title picture as she would take on Katelynn Myers, in a First Blood match, but just as Oseiko would deliver a punishing KnS to Myers, Aria would come out to the stage and distract Oseiko with so-called "rules" that she stated pertained to Oseiko and her fellow ninja, particularly to those within Osakan Destroyer's own TUFU. This gave Myers time to recover, blasting Oseiko across the head with a steel chair, leaving her in a crimson mask and awarding Myers the victory. Oseiko, still busted open and bleeding, would demand a match with Aria for costing her yet another chance at a title, but Rose had already booked Aria with a match against Miss Teree, stating that she would see what would happen if Aria happened to lose her match. Oseiko, understanding, left Rose's office to tend to her wound. During the match with Aria and Miss Teree, when it seemed Teree would end up tapping out to a punishing submission, the lights suddenly went out in the arena, and "Miss Teree" would abruptly recover, delivering a trio of KnS's to Aria before the lights went out again, allowing Miss Teree to get the pinfall victory over Aria.

BAW 3 would see Oseiko and Aria teaming up as unlikely tag partners against equally unlikely partners in Madison Carter and Stheno, with the stipulation being that whichever team would win would become the number one contenders for the BAW Femme Fatale Title. Despite their animosity, Oseiko and Aria managed to get the victory when Aria tagged herself in and delivered the finishing blow to Carter, ensuring the two rivals' position at BAW Fear Factor for the Femme Fatale Title. At BAW 4, Madison Carter would attempt to exact revenge on Aria, only to be distacted by Stheno, and defeated by Aria with a sleeper hold. However, Aria, unsatisfied with the results, demanded that EAW Senior Referee Robin Charleston restart the match, citing that Carter did not tap out properly. Charleston refused, saying Carter needed medical attention, but Aria would not hear of it and locked in the sleeper hold once more, causing Oseiko to appear to rescue Carter, throwing Aria out of the ring for the save.

As Oseiko checked up on Carter to see if she was all right after Aria's heinous attack, she was greeted by a newcomer to BAW, Sagi Fushojiki, who was apparently a huge fan of Oseiko's, and hoped to see her debut on BAW 5, leaving Oseiko rather bemused.

On BAW 5, Oseiko faced off against Baya Hazzard, with the stipulations being that if Oseiko were to win the match, she would choose what match she and Aria would compete in at Fear Factor. In a hotly contested bout, and despite interference from Aria, Oseiko had gotten the pinfall on Hazzard after a distraction from Maya Mori. Afterwards, the contract was signed by both Aria and Oseiko, who decided to make it a Last Woman Standing, wishing to ensure that match would be challenging enough for either woman to prove worthy for the Femme Fatale Title.

ZPW (2015)

In Zenith Pro Wrestling, Oseiko had made a surprise appearance; disguised as Autumn Breeze, she faced off against DH Pierce. She had embraced all of Autumn's mannerisms to a tee, until the final moments of the match, when she delivered a surprise KnS to Pierce and got the pinfall, revealing her true identity in the process. Autumn herself was in on the deception, agreeing to help Oseiko debut, and in turn, Oseiko would give her the entire winners' share of the night. Sadly, it would also be Oseiko's final appearance in ZPW as it would eventually close its doors seemingly for good.

TDW (2015-2017)

Oseiko would debut in Total Distortion Wrestling's first PPV, Panic Attack, in a Final Four Woman Battle Royal Qualifier for the Six String Championship Match, featuring Kittie Katz, Kodokuna Yama, Noxi and Oseiko herself. In the stiff contest, Oseiko would be eliminated with a hard roundhouse from Noxi. At TDW 4, Oseiko had asked general manager Bill Atlas for an opportunity to prove herself and her wish was granted against a mystery opponent, for a number one contendership match for the Six String Championship. Her mystery opponent, which turned out to be a returning Erika Reinhardt, proved to bring the fight despite Oseiko's best efforts, and was defeated by the Scarlet Siren.

In a Pick Your Poison match at TDW 6, the challenger for Marty Jannetty's Guitar Warrior Championship, Cole Scorpio, chose Oseiko to be Marty's opponent. In a strong one-on-one bout, Oseiko nonetheless lost to her former tag partner from IBW via pinfall. Oseiko wouldn't be seen again until the next PPV, Eternity, where she would compete with Richard Fountain, Ricky D'Amore, Crypto, Noxi, Kittie Katz, Fatty McYardtard and the debuting Bodacious Bo in the Fish on a Plaque Rumble. It would prove to be Oseiko's most embarrassing loss to date, as she would be eliminated mere seconds in by Krypto. It would also be Oseiko's final appearance in the main TDW roster for some time.

After considerable shakeups in the management and roster of TDW, a new offshoot was formed in TDW Japan in 2016. It would be there that Oseiko would make her return as a part of the TDW Japan roster, teaming with Rohan Khanda against Gabriel White and Kagomi Shogun. Sadly, the return was not a victorious one, as her partner would end up taking the pinfall by Gabriel. It was then that a tournament was set up for top honors in TDW Japan, and that Oseiko would be facing Shaymin for yet a third time within the First Round Show B; determined to prove to herself that she had become stronger since her encounter with Shaymin in A Night In Cleveland, Oseiko welcomed the challenge she represented. And when the match had finally happened, Oseiko had indeed managed to hold her own against the veteran joshi. However, Shaymin still proved to be better than Oseiko, defeating her to advance in the tournament.

UWOT (2016-present)

Oseiko made her first appearance in UWOT's Velvet Lounge as she faced off against Victoria Viper, defeating her in a solid contest. Around this time, UWOT GM Artemis Gerard had announced the resurrection of WFL's Gracidea Championship, and had set up a tournament to crown the newest Gracidea Champion; Oseiko would face off against Scarlet Siren Angelina in the preliminaries. It would prove to be a tough contest against the stronger Angelina, however Oseiko had managed to defeat her to advance. Her next match in the tournament would be against Artemis' estranged daughter, Ruby Gerard; despite knowing next to nothing of her, Oseiko was still able to defeat her to advance.

Though behind the scenes, Ruby had recruited Oseiko, along with Arthur Rickett, Travis Cassidy, Alex Auburn, and Thomas Rocksteady, and it was then that they all learned of Ruby's reasons why she was in UWOT; to save her father and her family from being torn apart by his obsession to assimilate dead divisions of AES into his own twisted vision of a united wrestling federation. Touched by Ruby's story and her desire to save her family, Oseiko vowed her undying loyalty to her cause. Ruby knew of a special VIP party Artemis was to hold featuring UWOT's champions and people he would personally invite, and asked those assembled to win championships or somehow get an invite to the party. Once there, Ruby would deal with her father on her own after sabotaging his plans.

Oseiko, knowing what she had to do for Ruby's cause, was to advance through in UWOT's Dark Arcana PPV and become the Gracidea Champion so she could become one of those special VIPs in Artemis Gerard's party. She would just have to compete twice first; facing off against Raelynn Bristow in the semi-finals, she had managed to defeat her after a strong showing from both combatants. And then she would be in the finals, against the third member and de facto leader of the Scarlet Sirens, Li Akira. However, despite Oseiko's efforts and coming mere inches from finally achieving her goals, she was ultimately defeated by Akira, who became the newest Gracidea Champion.

Oseiko with the Deja Vu DDT on Li Akira (UWOT Dark Arcana).

ALEVATION (2016-present)

Oseiko joined the all-female wrestling division ALEVATION shortly after it had been embraced into the AES family, becoming a part of its New Future roster. While being interviewed by Morgan Anderson, she was confronted by Yuuna Yumi, mocking her for her past failing efforts in winning a championship. Taking it as a challenge, Oseiko accepted it without a moment's hesitation.

Revolution X (2017-present)

After CFPW had been bought out by Riku Otonashi and revamped into Revolution X, Oseiko re-signed with the division, determined for a fresh new start within the former Clear Fork Pro Wrestling. Oseiko would make her presence felt in the 4th episode of Rev X, the go home show before Meloria, as she would have a rematch with Li Akira from Dark Arcana, the UWOT Gracidea Champion versus the newly crowned LOVE Senpai No Champion. The contest proved to be evenly matched, until the debuting Luna Priscilla made her appearance to distract Oseiko, renewing her conflict from SAPW with her and allowing Li to get the roll up victory.

AES Grand Prix (2017)

Oseiko entered into the super show, AES Grand Prix, headed by Malcolm Fontaine, as one of several Japanese-born talent to compete for the prestigious tournament.

TANW (2017-present)

Oseiko took notice of TANW after witnessing a serious of unusual interdimensional events occurring on episode 3, "Three Minute Warning." Having experience in interdimensional affairs, with her great-great grandfather being from another reality himself, Oseiko opted to sign to TANW; not only to climb the rankings and win a championship for the linked legacies of her and her daughter, but to investigate the strange disturbances and to ensure the protection of any of the talent roster being caught up in it all. Debuting in a Battle Royale at "4 Of A Kind," she was at the losing end as she was eliminated by Alice Skye. Despite the loss, Oseiko set out to learn what she could on how the dimensional disruptions occurred, and was taken aback when it was connected to an element called "Gladwinium" that was seemingly produced by the very presence of one Big Boy Gladwin. However, not entirely convinced that it was one lone man who was causing the strangeness in TANW, Oseiko opted to dig deeper, even as the aberrations seemed to affect herself everso slightly. During her endeavors, she has experienced strange occurrences backstage, such as inexplicably transforming into alternate versions of herself randomly, encountering a mushroom-like creature she had dubbed a "plant pixie," and had even encountered an alternate version of Li Akira herself, who in her reality, was a staunch friend of Oseiko's rather than a hardened enemy. Oseiko is still skeptical of one lone man's presence, of lack thereof, being the cause of the dimensional disturbances, and thus continues to investigate TANW's oddities.

RISE (2017-present)

Oseiko joined the division of RISE, citing a familiarity between it and ROSE. Once again seeking strong competition and a championship, Oseiko faced off against Tammi Wray in her debut match, narrowly defeating her. However, in the RISE Up Bracket to determine the number one contendership for the RISE World Title, Oseiko fought valiantly fell short in a strong contest with the dark Dianna Ayanokouji.


While not signed to the division headed by GM Jack Windsor, Oseiko made a surprise appearance to deal with his severe abuse of power, delivering the KnS directly to his jaw and knocking him out for a good thirty minutes. Declaring that justice was served, Oseiko disappeared into the shadows; the evil was defeated. The world was safe.

LOVE (2017-present)

Oseiko, crowned as the first LOVE Senpai No Champion. (LOVE #1).

In the new division headed by Francis Ugondus, Oseiko, in a Fatal Four Way to determine the LOVE Senpai No Champion, faced off against Bob Sagat, Christina Baxter, and originally Erin Toyota, though a recent attack caused Erin to miss the tournament, and was replaced by MAGNEZONE. In a thrilling contest, Oseiko managed to pin Baxter, and Bob Sagat defeated MAGNEZONE, and in a stunning conclusion, Oseiko delivered a Critical KnS to Bob Sagat as he leapt at her from the top rope. In a decisive victory, Oseiko finally claimed her first major title in the LOVE Senpai No Championship.

Acting career

In 2003, Oseiko had co-starred in a B-Movie horror movie entitled "Little Town (On The Edge Of Hell)," directed by her then tag team partner Akiko Nakano. She portrayed Ami Asada, playing the sterotypical bookworm role. Despite Oseiko's superb acting, the movie bombed at the box office.

Personal life

Oseiko is happily married to "Code Red" Michael A. Connelly, with daughter Yuki Marie. The small family currently live in Mars, Pennsylvania. The whereabouts of her great-great grandfather, "The Revenant" Shaed Bloodgrave, remain a mystery, though Oseiko believes him to be wandering the globe fighting random fighters in a neverending quest for competition. As for the Akuhi Ryu, Oseiko has stated that they have been all but "decimated" by Shaed himself. What that truly entails is anyone's guess, but it is suffice to say that Oseiko's former ninja clan is no more.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Kumo No Sasu (KnS)/Spider's Sting (superkick) – 1999-present
  • Signature Moves
    • Totsuzen No Shogeki/Sudden Impact (Uranage) – 1999-present
    • Shooting Star Press – 1999-present
    • Tarantula (rope-hung Boston crab) – 2000-present
    • Lygerbomb (sitout powerbomb) – 2002-present
    • Mahi Shite/Paralyzer (LeBell Lock) – 2011-present
    • Mackknife Powerbomb (A powerbomb into a jackknife pin) – 2017-present
    • Connelly Comet (slingshot spear) – 2017-present
    • Condition Red (doublearm elevated DDT) – 2017-present
  • Nicknames
    • "The Black Widow"
  • Entrance Themes
  • (pre AES)
    • "Voices" by Yoko Kanno
    • "Spawn" by Silverchair & Vitro (as part of a stable called the Knight Cross)
    • "Strobe's Nanafushi (Satori Mix)" by Kodo
    • "Ride On Shooting Star" by the Pillows (as part of a tag team called Kyouki Shoujo, with "The Stray Bullet" Akiko Nakano)
    • "Advice" by the Pillows
    • "Little Busters" by the Pillows (as part of a tag team called Kyouki Shoujo)
    • "It's Love" by Rabbit
    • "Learn To Crawl" by Black Lab
    • "Shelter" by Greenwheel
    • "Haruka Kanata" by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
    • "Ichirin No Hana" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
  • (in AES)
    • "BLADE CHORD" by abingdon boys school
    • "RED" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
    • "living" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
    • "WHITE PRAYER" by alice nine (as part of a tag team called Himawari no Sentoki, with Yuuka Kazami)
    • "Living After Midnight" by Iron Savior (as part of a tag team with Marty Jannetty)
    • "Secret Heart" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR
    • "Rebirth" by Esprit D'Air

Championships and accomplishments

  • AES PrimeTime
    • The first to get to the third round against Orville Wolfe in the Wolfe's Den Match (AES PrimeTime #15)
  • AES Power Rankings
    • Shot from virtually nowhere to #1 in the rankings by delivering the KnS to Jack Windsor. (Scrapyard Act 4)
  • LOVE
    • LOVE Senpai No Champion (October 22nd 2017-present)
  • LAW
    • LAW Femme Fatale Champion (May 26 2018-present)

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  • Oseiko stars in an action/adventure fantasy webcomic entitled The Trinity Concept. While many aspects of her life as a professional wrestler in Armbar Error Society and her past remain, the Trinity Concept is a separate canon from AES.