New Origin Wrestling

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New Origin Wrestling
NOW Wiki.png
Acronym NOW
Years Active June 2014 - Current
Owner Sam Sampson
(June 2014 - Current)
General Manager(s) Sam Sampson
(June 2014 - Current)
Current Theme Muse - Butterflies And Hurricanes
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head IDBC
Forum Link New Origin Wrestling
New Origin Wrestling is an eFed ran by IDBC in WWE 2K14. It began in June 2014 and has remained active since with a short break between seasons. Season One started with a run of 12 episodes without a traditional cycle structure. Episodes would traditionally run between 2 to 2 and a half hours. After the 12 episodes, the season finale took place in the form of the show NOW: A Journey Through Time. Night 1 took place in June 2015 whilst Night 2 took place in November later that year.

In January 2016, work on what was unofficially named "Season 2" began. Rather than the first season, Season 2 would not build towards a finale, but run continuously, still without the traditional cycle structure.


Season 1 (2014-2015)

New Origin Wrestling was founded by Sam Sampson, a wrestling fan for many decades. He decided to set up New Origin Wrestling to pass the torch to a new generation of talent during an era where new talent was sparse. After finding 10 rookies from around the globe, they were paired up with 10 AES "pros" who would show them the ropes and pass down knowledge in their own ways. Whilst the focus was predominantly on the rookies, their matches always main eventing shows (with the exception of NOW Episode 12), there were multiple other ongoing rivalries, some of them feuds years in the making. After Episode 5, the show's theme was changed to represent the past, present and future of AES, in the form of multiple matches and feuds.

Pro Rookie
Gavin Gamble Sergei Pashutin
Ronald Gibson Symon Demyan
Juan Cortes Jr. Shogo Mido
El Beardy Buttz McKenzie
Fatty McYardtard Slee Z
El Trippy Deltron Zero
Cole Scorpio Cipher
Lakeem Brand
Tyler Rykren Adam Atlas
Action Jackson Stephen Archfield

Rivalries soon started between rookies, the most notable in the first part of the season were Slee Z against Buttz McKenzie and Stephen Archfield against Adam Atlas. In the first episode, Brand was victorious against Slee Z, Cipher defeated Symon Demyan and Stephen Archfield won a battle royal that featured the remaining rookies. Pros also had their own matches, with Juan Cortes Jr, Ronald Gibson and Lakeem victorious.

Season "2" (2016-Present)