NOW Prosperity Championship

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NOW Prosperity Championship
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Kamara Moore
Date won September 14th, 2016
Fed New Origin Wrestling
First Champion(s) Kamara Moore
The NOW Prosperity Championship is a championship created and promoted by New Origin Wrestling The current champion is Kamara Moore, who is in his first reign.


The championship was introduced by NOW owner Sam Sampson at the start of the show's second run as NOW's secondary championship. The championship division was designed to feature both current well-known names in AES as well as newer competitors as a chance to move up to the next level in the industry. With NOW not having a set roster, it meant the division could be open for anyone to join. The championship is regularly defended on most shows, sometimes in an open challenge format to fit the theme of the show.

In the first four shows of NOW Elite, 16 competitors were placed into 4 separate 4-way matches, the winners of which were Kamara Moore, John Doe, Walter Zenon and Joshua Pine. In semi-final matches, Pine defeated Zenon and Moore defeated Doe. On NOW Elite 5, Kamara Moore defeated Joshua Pine in a ladder match to become the inaugural champion.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Kamara Moore 1 9/14/2016 CURRENT NOW Elite 5 Won in a ladder match against Joshua Pine

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