NOW Legends Championship

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NOW Legends Championship
NOW Legends2.png
Championship Statistics
Current Champion(s) Blackout
Date won July 6th, 2017
Fed New Origin Wrestling
First Champion(s) Osakan Destroyer
The NOW Legends Championship is a championship created and promoted by New Origin Wrestling. The current champion is Blackout


The NOW Legends Championship was created with a collaborative effort by Sam Sampson and Osakan Destroyer. The belt was created as a merger of two accolades already held by Osakan Destroyer. The first was the the WFL World Championship which he won at AES Renaissance against Groudon. Whilst WFL was eventually acquired by Artemis Gerard, the WFL champions at the time were free to do what they wished with their respective belts.

The second accolade was the NOW Legends Trophy, which he had won at NOW: A Journey Through Time by defeating Richie Stevens, Ryan Davis and Sir Dan Danielson The Third. However, he was never able to claim the physical prize itself, as the trophy reportedly went missing after the match, with Blackout appearing at the same time, it was assumed that Blackout was responsible for the missing trophy.

On NOW Elite 1, Sam Sampson and Osakan Destroyer unveiled the championship. The NOW Legends Championship is considered NOW's World Championship where what are considered the most "iconic" names in AES will battle it out for the right to be above and beyond the other "legendary names in the industry". Sam Sampson declared the criteria for some contenders would include "accolades, star power and the number of iconic moments they had been part of". However, those seeking their first world championship or on the cusp of being made a "legend" were also to be welcomed into the division. In numerous promos on NOW, Osakan Destroyer has stated that he wishes to use the championship to build the future, and will focus efforts on defending against new opponents.

Title History

Osakan Destroyer at NOW Elite 1.
On the first episode of NOW Elite, Osakan Destroyer would defeat Derrick Brizen in a non-title match. After the match Lance Meszaros attacked Osakan Destroyer with the championship, declaring his intention to challenge for the championship. The following show the two confronted each other, bringing up their past in ACW. Mick Spade and Skyler Altus also appeared, bringing up their history in ACW as well.

Osakan Destroyer would go on to successfully retain against the three men in an elimination four way match at NOW Elite 4, pinning Skyler Altus last to win. Osakan Destroyer would go on to have a short rivalry with Dan Brown the following episodes, with Lance demanding management for a one on one match with the champion. Lance would go on to defeat OD's friend, Roger Hellman in a number one contendership match. The feud between Osakan Destroyer and Lance culminated on NOW Elite 9 where OD successfully retained. On NOW Elite 10, Osakan Destroyer put the championship on the line against Cazz Jordann, and though he successfully defended it, he was immediately challenged to a match by Blackout, who used the prize received from winning AES Over-The-Top 2015 to force another championship defense. Blackout won that match, becoming the new NOW Legends Champion.


No. Wrestler Reign Date Days held Event Notes
1 Osakan Destroyer 1 2/16/2016 505 NOW Elite 1 The championship was created as a merger between the NOW Legends Trophy and the WFL World Championship both held by Osakan Destroyer
2 Blackout 1 7/6/2017 CURRENT NOW Elite 11 Following Osakan Destroyer's match with Cazz Jordann, Blackout cashed in his OTT win to force him into a title match.

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