Michaela Morrow

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Michaela Morrow
Morrow entering the ring
Born January 1, 1991
Portsmouth, England
Residence London, England
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Michaela Morrow
Billed height 5'3"
Billed weight 105lbs
Billed from Portsmouth, England
Trained by Unknown
Debut April 1, 2018, at Asphodel Meadows Night #1
Notable Fed(s) Divine Comedy Productions
Asphodel Meadows (former)
Current Theme "Sheepcrook And Black Dog" - Offa Rex
Miscellaneous Information
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Michaela Morrow (born Michaela Jade Morrow, January 1, 1991) is an English professional wrestler notable for appearing in the three-night tournament Asphodel Meadows before signing with its affiliate promotion, Divine Comedy Productions.

Early Life

Michaela Morrow was born in Portsmouth, England, to Jackson Morrow, a mechanic, and homemaker Jade Telford. She attended St. Jude's School for Girls between the ages of five and sixteen, then briefly studied Nursing at City of Portsmouth College, although she dropped out before she could obtain her A-Levels. On June 15, 2015, Morrow was involved in an altercation with another woman on a night out, reportedly clubbing her over the head with a glass bottle during a dispute, following which she was taken into custody; ultimately, she was sentenced to six months of community service and mandatory anger management therapy. She began wrestling shortly thereafter, using it as a means to direct and diffuse her negative emotions and destructive impulses.

Professional Wrestling Career

Morrow made her Armbar Error Society debut on April 1, 2018, at Asphodel Meadows Night #1, losing in the first match of the tournament to the similarly debuting Speed Runnels. Along with all the other first-round eliminees, Morrow was set to wrestle again in an elimination match on Night #3; however, she was attacked and incapacitated prior to reaching the ring by a mysterious intruder, who then took her place in the match. Morrow has not wrestled since.

Her wrestling style is notable for its use of powerful, physical moves not typically employed by wrestlers of Morrow's diminutive height and frame.

Personal Life

Morrow is an out lesbian, according to a lengthy profile of her posted in the Portsmouth Herald following her performance at Asphodel Meadows.