Maximilian House

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Maximilian House
Maximilian House exiting his limousine
Born July 20, 1999
Disappearance, Maine
Residence Hartford, Connecticut
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Maximilian House
Billed height 6'6"
Billed weight 220lbs
Billed from Disappearance, Maine
Trained by Self-taught
Debut May 23, 2018, at PANIC. #3
Notable Fed(s) PANIC. (former)
High Point Wrestling
AES: Melée
Current Theme "Anti Social" - Cuff The Duke
Miscellaneous Information
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Maximilian House (born Maximilian Throckmorton House, July 20, 1999) is an American professional wrestler, vlogger, and entrepreneur. He first rose to fame as a YouTuber, making videos about his lifestyle for his self-dubbed "Max Pack" before debuting as a professional wrestler on PANIC. #3, following in his sister Madelyn House, Jr.'s footsteps. He is also the General Manager of his own federation, AES: Melée, which had its first match at National E-Wrestling Day 7 before debuting properly the following month.

Early Life

House was born in Disappearance, Maine, to investment banker John Carlton House and his wife, socialite Madelyn Lynette House née Sinclair. Along with his sister, Madelyn, the elder by five years, Maximilian enjoyed an affluent childhood at the family's New England estate. A successful vlogger from the age of seventeen, Maximilian elected not to pursue higher education, but he did develop an interest in professional wrestling after witnessing his sister successfully break into the industry in mid-2017. He often jokingly tells interviewers and fans alike that he learnt how to wrestle in order to beat his sister when they fight.

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Career (2018)

Maximilian House made his in-ring debut on May 23, 2018, for short-lived federation PANIC., in a singles match against the far more established Alan Emmerich. Notably, Emmerich defeated him with House's own finisher, an octopus stretch submission hold; PANIC. commentator Jay Gladstone complimented Maximilian's innate athletic ability but derided his arrogance in not knowing how to break out of his own move. Fortunately, House was victorious in his next match, the Last Chance Triple Threat against Dominic Flood and Chris O'Derick at Sleepless In Phoenix which granted the winner a place in the GRAPHIC Championship match, to be contested later on the same show. Here, however, Maximilian House was once again defeated by Alan Emmerich. Notoriously, House's sister Madelyn gatecrashed the show immediately after the match, a planned disruption in order to bring attention to the lack of opportunities available for female wrestlers within the Armbar Error Society; following the show some sources reported that Maximilian was angered by his sister's actions, but this claim has never been verified by either of the House siblings. PANIC. shut down after this show, leaving Maximilian House briefly without employment in the wrestling industry.

As General Manager (2019-Onwards)

Maximilian House made his return to the ring on February 9, 2019, revealing himself as the owner of recently-announced federation AES: Melée. This match was also the debut of House's tag team with fellow wrestler and close friend CASPER; naming themselves the CHADs (Charismatic Horny Alpha Dudes), the pair wrestled in an ultimately losing attempt against Two More Heroes. House has not wrestled since then, but he has announced his intention to participate in the Elimination Chamber match on Melée's first PPV, Melée: Final Destination, competing for the men's World Title.

Other Appearances

Maximilian House is engaged in an ongoing feud with Francis Ugondus, following on from their one-off exhibition match on September 10, 2018, which ultimately went to a time-limit draw. In late 2018, House released a diss track entitled 'Goodbye Francis' through his own record label, House Beats.


House has courted controversy a number of times, often with thoughtless remarks that have caused critics to accuse him of misogyny. As a result of his tendency to post videos apologising for his actions on YouTube, many humorous parodies exist, including an autotuned bass-boosted remix as well as many edits of an image known as 'the Max House apology face,' featured for a time on KnowYourMeme. He has also attracted criticism for openly espousing Flat Earth beliefs.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Lamb To The Slaughter (Black Widow)
    • Manslaughter (Hammerlock DDT)
  • Signature moves
    • Took Your Bitch To Hotel Mario (Shin Kick)
    • Ya MCM Thinks This Is Dope (Paradise Lock)
    • Sorry I Sang Mambo No.5 At Your Dad's Funeral (Elevated Double Underhook Corkscrew Neckbreaker)
    • The House Remix (Arm Wrench Pele Kick)
    • Goop On Your Grinch (Over-The-Shoulder Kneeling Double Overhook Abdominal Stretch)
    • Sugondese Stretch (Seated Double Arm Lever)
  • Nicknames
    • "Slaughterhouse" (2018-present)
  • Entrance themes
    • Anti Social” by Cuff The Duke (singles)
    • "Untouched" by The Veronicas (tag team)
    • "Drill Time" by Slim Jesus (used once against Francis Ugondus)