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'Bitter' Marty Jannetty
Marty making his entrance in WWE2K17
Born February 3rd, 1960 (age 57)
Columbus, Georgia
Residence Miami, Florida
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) 'Bitter' Marty Jannetty
Marty Jannetty
Billed height 5'11"
Billed weight 228lbs
Billed from Miami, Florida
Trained by Self trained
Debut September 2012 for
Notable Fed(s) TDW
Current Theme "Sexy Boy" - VMP
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Phukfaic

'Bitter' Marty Jannetty is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Total Distortion Wrestling where he holds the TDW Guitar Warrior Championship. He also also made regular appearances in Insanely Brilliant Wrestling and appeared for New Origin Wrestling at the NOW: A Journey Through Time event.

Early Career

Marty made sporadic appearances in the Armbar Error Society as an enhancement talent starting in 1984. Despite never being under any official contract, he competed in First Class Championship Wrestling, although none of the matches were televised and he was never victorious. He wrestled on the independent circuit as apart of a tag team with a man known only as 'Shawn'. No video footage showing 'Shawn' has ever been found, although Marty still rants about him to this day. Jannetty became quite a popular and well-travelled act during this period, but he was never officially signed by any major promotion. In the late 1990s, Marty disappeared from the world of wrestling and would not emerge again until years later.

AES Career

IBW (2012-2014)

In 2012, Marty Jannetty returned to the professional wrestling scene with a far louder and more explosive personality, declaring that he deserved 'the strap', 'made everyone's careers' and invented nearly every wrestling move known to man. Marty competed on the first episode of Insanely Brilliant Wrestling as apart of the IBW World Championship tournament. His return match was a four way against Ryan Davis, Super Cena and Bloodwater with the first two men pinned or submitted being eliminated. Marty was unsuccessful in this match, and as per the stipulation, he and Bloodwater were eliminated from the tournament. On the second episode, Marty once again competed in a four way match, this time a battle royal. The match was ultimate won by Derrick Brizen, with Herschel Hiam Hebrewberg, Bloodwater and Marty all being eliminated. Marty was later assaulted by The Masked Man with a broom and was seriously injured, being forced to take time off to recover.

Marty making his entrance in Insanely Brilliant Wrestling

Marty returned on episode six of IBW during a match between Dr. Steel and Claus, but was promptly beaten down by Drone Beckett (then known Bert Beeasely). Steel and Beeasely assaulted Claus and Marty and would eventually go on to form The Toy Soldiers. Marty appeared in the Gauntlet for Gold match at the event of the same name, but was unsuccessful. Marty's next match would not take place until episode ten, where he made an open challenge to the IBW locker room. Scott Steiner answered the challenge first, but left before the match could take place. Oseiko ultimately answered the challenge, defeating Jannetty in her IBW debut. On episode eleven, Marty would team up with Oseiko to compete against Doc Noxious and Bert Beeasely, with the winners competing for a shot at the IBW Tag Team Championships on the next episode. Marty and Oseiko were unsuccessful, as Marty was disqualified and forced to leave Oseiko on her own. The team would compete again on episode thirteen, this time against Malik and Groudon, but were once again unsuccessful.

Marty also competed in the Shockwave tournament to determine the first champion where he defeated the likes of Ryan Davis along the way. Marty made it to the finals where he was defeated by Don 'The Pain' Wayne, the inaugural champion. IBW closed its doors soon after, leaving Marty distraught that 'the strap' had once again eluded him.

TDW (2014-Present)

Before signing with Total Distortion Wrestling, Marty constructed a ruse where he faked his own death and then entered the Total Distortion Wrestling: NEWD2 Showcase in secret. He entered last in the rumble with the element of surprise on his side, but was ultimately bested by Cole Scorpio, who won the match and secured a spot in the main event of Total Distortion Wrestling: Panic Attack.

On Total Distortion Wrestling: Episode One, Marty and Lazado picked up a tag team victory over Bud Light. This lead to a number one contenders match at the next show, in which Marty was successful and earned the second spot in the main event of Panic Attack. Marty and Cole would exchange heated words leading up to the event, with Marty focused squarely on finally capturing 'the strap'. At Panic Attack, Marty Jannetty defeated Cole Scorpio to become the inaugural Guitar Warrior Champion, bringing an end to his career-long pursuit of championship gold.

With Total Distortion Wrestling: Eternity scheduled as the next major event, a new challenger needed to be chosen to compete against Marty. Marty's 'Marty Party' celebration was crashed by Cole Scorpio and Lazado at the start of episode four, leading o a number one contenders match being scheduled between the two on the next show. Cole was victorious over Lazado on episode five, cementing Marty versus Cole as the main event of Eternity. On episode six, Marty competed against his former tag team partner Oseiko, as chosen by Cole Scorpio. Marty defeated her in the main event of the show. Episode seven saw Marty return shots when he picked rising star Clark Walker as Cole's opponent, who had previously injured Lazado the show before. Clark was successful, leaving Marty to head into Eternity with some extra steam over Cole. At Eternity, it was revealed that Cole never showed up to the event, leaving management to decide on a new impromptu opponent for Marty. Clark Walker was chosen, and after a hard fought match, Marty retained his championship.

Marty 'submits' Clark Walker at World Long Gone

After their match, Clark hounded general Manager Bill Atlas and Marty for a shot at the Guitar Warrior Championship. Clark eventually defeated Erika Reinhardt, Laura Brennan and Richie Stevens in a match to earn his second shot at Marty. The match took place at TDW: World Long Gone, where after Marty locked in the Shawnshooter, Bill Atlas ran down to the ring and demanded the bell be rung despite Clark not tapping. This signalled a change in attitude and fan response for both Clark and Marty, with Clark transitioning into a beloved fan favourite and Marty becoming a nefarious villain. After the match, Clark attacked Marty but was distracted by Derrick Brizen and El Beardy, then assaulted by Sir Dan Danielson The Third. The show ended with Sir Dan claiming that "The Brethren has changed everything". Post-World Long Gone, Francoss Ugonman threatened to dismiss Bill Atlas as General Manager, but The Brethren, which included Marty, threatened to quit the company if this took place. The company was then purchased by Artemis Gerard and was rebooted.

Marty appeared on the first episode of the rebooted TDW and announced an open challenge for his Guitar Warrior Championship for the next episode. On episode two, Marty defeated the likes of The Freakin' Puerto Rican, Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, Naruto Goku and Punter one after the other with his Guitar Warrior Championship on the line. Dustin Delta was the fifth man to answer the challenge, but after exchanging words with him, Marty left the ring. On episode three, Delta defeated Jolene Abbott with an assist from Marty's old rival Clark Walker, and became the official number one contender to the Guitar Warrior Championship. The match is yet to take place.

NOW: A Journey Through Time (2015)

Marty confronts Garth at Journey Through Time

Marty appeared on November 2nd on the preshow of night two, interrupting an interview between Sam Sampson and the returning Garth Wrestlegar Sr. The two had a heated exchange with many obscenities thrown, much to the dismay of Sam. They ultimately agreed on a ladder match to decide who was the better 'daddy', with the adoption papers of Derrick Brizen, Darby Brizen and Don 'The Pain' Wayne on the line. Marty won the match and is now legally the father of all three AES competitors.

NOW: Elite (2016)

On April 28, 2016, Marty appeared on NOW Elite, taking on the CNW Television Champion Cobra T. Washington in a match advertised as a 'Battle of the Champions'. Marty was victorious.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Sweet Chin Marty (superkick) – 1984-present
    • Shawnshooter (sharpshooter) – 1984-present
    • Rocker Dropper – 1984-2014
  • Nicknames
    • 'Bitter'
    • 'The Living Legend'
    • 'The Rocker'
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Living after Midnight" by Judas Priest (1984-1988)
    • "Rockin' Rockers" by Jimmy Hart & JJ Macguire (1988-2014)
    • "Sexy Boy" by VMP (2014-Present)

Personal Life

Marty was born on February 3rd 1960, making him 57 years old. Despite his age, Marty claims that he is still in his prime. After TDW's reboot, Marty relocated to Miami to live closer to his new friend Bill Atlas. His three children, Derrick, Darby and Don can often be found staying at his place when they are in the area. Marty also has a history with Ryan Davis, having previously spoken at seminars that the latter was attending as a trainee. Marty may or may not have more children in AES.

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Miscellaneous
    • Legal Patriarch of the Brizen Family (2015-Present)

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  • Marty initially started as a parody of WWF/E's 'Marty Jannetty' but he is not considered the same character. AES went through a period where real life promotions were acknowledged by characters, but this is no longer the case. Marty is his own entity within the AES canon, althought references are sprinkled in for comedic purposes.