Marie Connor

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Marie Connor
Marie Connor 2k18.png
Born October 11, 1989
San Clemente, CA
Residence Los Angeles, CA
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Marie Connor
Marie Hearn
Billed height 5' 9"
Billed weight 175 lbs.
Billed from Los Angeles, CA
Trained by Violet Hearn, Miguel López
Debut Revolution X #3, June 23 2017
Notable Fed(s) Revolution X
Grappling of Glory
Current Theme "Crush" - Pendulum
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Hinoa

Marie Connor (born October 11, 1989) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to LAW, Grappling of Glory, and LOVE within the Armbar Error Society. She debuted in AES on June 23, 2017 in the opening contest of Revolution X #3. She is one of the announced participants of the Queen of Los Angel-AES tournament.


Marie very nearly did not go into the wrestling business. She trained under her mother, Violet Hearn, for a while during her youth, but ultimately discovered she wasn't enjoying it. She eventually stopped training and would go to college, completing a degree in anthropology from UCLA, with one semester abroad in Japan. However, Violet's death in July 2011 caused her to search for a form of closure, and she took training back up for a while to search for it.

Independent Circuit (2012-2017)

Marie's debut in wrestling was in 2012 in Ladies of Los Angeles, an independent wrestling federation based in Los Angeles, where she wrestled under the name Marie Hearn. She initially signed for only two months, and initially acted only as a stand-in for her late mother to close out her feuds. However, the combination of a strong response and a rekindled interest in wrestling, Marie elected to stay on. Marie would continue working in LoLA until 2014, when she signed with NorthEast Ohio Wrestling, based in Cleveland, OH. While there, she had her only title in her indie career, which she held onto for 134 days. She would eventually lose the title to Teresa Pontarelli after interference by May Russell. Marie and May's resultant feud culminated in a "Battle Without Honor or Humanity", a no-disqualification match where the participants could never again face each other in NEOW, with Marie picking up the win.

Armbar Error Society (2017-present)

Beginnings and a Rough Start

On February 20, 2017, Marie announced she had been signed to the Armbar Error Society and to Revolution X. Her existing indie commitments delayed her first appearance, but she debuted for Rev-X on June 23 with a victory against Lyndsey Haze. Marie has elected to use her birth name, Marie Connor, in the ring while competing with AES.

Marie's next appearance was not for several more months. She appeared on NOW Elite 13 that October in a battle royale to qualify for the battle royale to enter contention for the AES 24/7 Championship. In it, she competed against Rematch Jackson, Kyo, and eventual winner Adam Atlas. Due in part to her performance here, she was selected as a member of Team LOVE in AES vs. the World alongside Kasumi Moore, Mew, and team captain Amai Mitsuo. Team LOVE would go on to defeat Team High Point Wrestling before falling to Team ALEVATION in a hard-fought contest. Marie herself did not score any eliminations.

After AES vs. the World, Team LOVE reunited for another match against The Wrong Crowd (The Daily Dose, Rick Trent, and Francis Ugondus) during LOVE's first filler episode. Marie was instrumental in scoring the win for Team LOVE, picking up pinfalls on both members of the Daily Dose as well as on Francis.

Shortly after said match, Marie appeared on Road to PARADISE #0, facing off against Casey Reynolds in a losing effort. Marie was unable to get much offense in during that match, and used the lesson learned there to re-focus her training.

Ups and Downs (2018)

At the beginning of 2018, Marie made her debut with Grappling of Glory in the opening three-way contest of Total Elimination. While she put up a strong showing in the 25-minute match, in the end, it was Gervasio Capello that pinned Astra Xena for the win, leaving Marie unable to secure a victory. Due at least in part to comments she made in an interview following Total Elimination, Marie was paired with Gervasio as a tag-team set to face off against Astra and Kill Them, who attacked Gervasio after the match, on Total Elimination: Aftermath. Kill Them scored a pinfall on Gervasio, while Astra successfully prevented Marie from breaking up the pin.

Marie would return to tag team action during Armbar Errorvision 7 with randomly-selected partner Caid Murdock. The team, dubbed "Firepower" by Caid, would pick up a win against HONKS and "This Is" Howie Dewitt before losing in the Group A finals to eventual runners-up Jeri Han and Leon Purr.

Marie's next appearance was on the debut show of Lovely Action Wrestling, where she outlasted Baby Wolf, Enenra, and Camber Khadre to earn a shot at the LAW World Championship. However, less than a week later during night 1 of We Are The Champions: Dramatic Dream Match, she was unable to continue that success, receiving an early elimination at the hands of El Sexy Dominicano during the Jr. Heavyweight Ramble to determine the next challenger for the GLORY Jr. Heavyweight Championship.

One month later at the second night of We Are The Champions II, Marie made a surprise appearance against Bucky Foxworthy in a title match for the newly-rebranded No Days Off Openweight Championship. Marie went on to win the contest, reversing Foxworthy's Downvote into a hurricanrana pinfall for the victory and her first AES championship. Lightning wouldn't strike twice, however, as her challenge for LAW's title came up short against ZHEN, Sakura Reese, and eventual victor Blur.

Marie is scheduled to appear at some point during the upcoming season of LOVE, though details have been scarce. She was also the ninth announced participant in the Queen of Los Angel-AES tournament.

Personal Life

Marie's parents divorced amicably when she was 10 years old. Her father, Andrew Connor, lives in Seattle. Marie wasn't very close to him growing up, but this has changed since Violet's death.

Marie finds it hard to hold grudges against other people, and is usually unwilling to say anything unkind about her fellow wrestlers. She would rather not say anything at all than say something unkind, even if she's thinking it.

Marie makes it a point to watch wrestling shows in AES. Part of it is to keep an eye on her competition, but part of it is because she genuinely enjoys it. She frequently posts her thoughts on a show on her Twitter account.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Hearn Lock (standing inverted Indian deathlock) - 2012-present
    • Roll-Through Boston Crab - 2017-present
    • Colossal Clutch - 2014-2017
    • Inverted Sharpshooter - 2012-2014
    • Violet Flash - 2017, once
    • Shin Violet Flash - 2017, once
  • Signature Moves
    • Rolling Kneebar - 2012-present
    • Kinniku Buster - 2017-present
    • Single-leg Boston Crab variants (standard, torture) - 2017-present
    • Single Leg Camel Clutch - 2016-2017
    • Stomping Camel Clutch - 2012-2016
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Crush" - Pendulum (AES theme, 2017-present)
    • "Total Eclipse" - Iron Maiden (Indie theme, 2012-2017)

Championships and Accomplishments

Professional Wrestling

  • Armbar Error Society
    • No Days Off Openweight Champion (1 time, since July 28 2018)
  • Independent Promotions
    • NorthEast Ohio Wrestling Women's Champion (1 time, 134 day reign)