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Welcome to the Armbar Error Society Wiki!
We are currently working on 211 articles and more!

The AES Wiki is dedicated to being the ultimate database for the Armbar Error Society!

The goal for The AES Wiki is to be an easy way for anyone to jump right into the history of AES, whether you're new, researching, or just browsing for fun!

Armbar Error Society is a community of wrestling eFeds - simulated wrestling shows created using video games or written in text form, where members create and promo/roleplay as wrestlers that are then featured on the shows. Founded in 2011, AES started as a place where wrestling fans of all types could gather, mingle, and participate in feds. All feds are given a home on AES, with full access to a free forum and our streaming platforms.

Whether an eFed is done in an old video game, the newest video game, is text-only, or even if it's being done in an experimental new way, AES's purpose is to give a fed-runner a home to do what they want and to give those interested in participating in eFeds a wide variety of places in which to partake.

Here you will find information on such things as Feds, Characters, Teams, Championships, Shows, and much more!

  • Our main base of operations, if you will, is of course Our Forums! This is essentially where all the magic happens. Our forums include boards for every single fed which usually include sign ups, show cards, results, announcements and more. This is also the place you find promos, guides, general discussion and pretty much anything else you can think of!
  • The main place to watch all of our shows live as they happen is of course over on our Stream Page, which includes a chat and a stream selector for our various streaming platforms.
  • The AES Network is the official library that includes all of our shows from the past, the present, and of course the future! Here you can go back and relive the greatest moments in AES history, catch up on shows that you may have missed, and see for yourself what we're all about.
  • We also have a YouTube Channel where highlights are posted almost daily, whether it be from feds themselves, our gaming streams, and anything else inbetween!
  • Our Twitter is constantly updated whenever there is an announcement, a stream is going live, and anything else that is related to the Armbar Error Society.
  • We have a Patreon which is to help us with things such as server costs, domains and such, and we of course give back to our community with various rewards that we have set up!
  • And that's not all! We even have a Discord where you can chat with every member of AES instantly! You get access to our various text and voice channels, and we make use of our commands to announce what's going on in AES as soon as it happens.
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