Madelyn House, Jr.

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Madelyn House, Jr.
Madelyn House, Jr. invading PANIC.
Born November 6, 1994
Disappearance, Maine
Residence New York City, New York
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Madelyn House, Jr.
Billed height 6'2"
Billed weight 150lbs
Billed from Disappearance, Maine
Trained by Self-taught
Debut June 2017 at RISE Wrestling #2
Notable Fed(s) RISE Wrestling (former)
Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling (former)
PANIC. (former)
Hey, You! Let's Lucha Libre!
AES: Melée
Current Theme "Synthetica" - Metric
Miscellaneous Information
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Madelyn House, Jr. (born Madelyn Annabelle House, November 6 1994) is an American professional wrestler and activist. Most prominently employed as a trainer and wrestler at her brother Maximilian House's inaugural - but currently inoperative - federation AES: Melée, she has also wrestled for ScrapYard and Hey, You! Let's Lucha Libre!. She was formerly employed at RISE Wrestling, where she made her debut, and Technical Aberrations Network Wrestling, but her early career is perhaps most notable for her unexpected appearance at the PANIC. PPV Sleepless In Phoenix to protest its sidelining of female wrestlers, leading the federation to create its own women's division before prematurely closing down before the changes could take significant effect.

Early Life

House was born in Disappearance, Maine, to investment banker John Carlton House and his wife, socialite Madelyn Lynette House née Sinclair. Along with her brother Maximilian, born in 1999, Madelyn enjoyed an affluent childhood at the family's New England estate. She briefly attended Dartmouth College, majoring in Political Science, but dropped out in 2014 against her parents' wishes in order to pursue a career in wrestling. In interviews, she has stated that her biggest inspiration and the reason she decided to enter the field of professional wrestling was her cousin, Brick S. House, himself a notable wrestler since his debut in 2001.

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Career (2017)

Madelyn House, Jr. made her in-ring debut in June 2017 for RISE Wrestling, in a battle royal against Erica Lee Parker, Kasey Krush, Zahra, Ultra-Fighting Green Blazer, and Akachi. She was eliminated second by Zahra, who went on to win the match. She chased the loss up with a win against Katherine Evans on TANW 8 Days A Week the following month. She then entered the period of her career that brought her to international attention, challenging - and losing to - the returning Amber Oh (RISE Wrestling), Alice Skye (TANW Female Open Class Champion), and Sanako Asano (ScrapYard Cast Iron Champion) in rapid succession. These matches were significant for House despite her losses, as it was perceived to be typically unusual for a rookie wrestler to seek out such storied opponents. In interviews at the time, House repeatedly asserted that '[she had] more to learn from losing to a champion than from triumphing over a hundred rookies.' It was also during this period that House solidified her wrestling style, beginning to rely heavily on MMA-inspired kick-based offence.

Wrestling as Activism (2018-Present)

In June 2018, almost exactly a year after her professional wrestling debut, Madelyn House, Jr. notoriously gatecrashed the PANIC. PPV Sleepless In Phoenix after her brother's defeat in the first (and only) GRAPHIC Championship match, declaring her intent to win the title and hold it hostage until PANIC. created its own women's division. Her protest was effective, leading to General Manager Travis Cassidy capitulating to her demands later on in the show, although the changes would never come to pass as PANIC. closed its doors shortly after the PPV itself. Regardless, this event was viewed by some as a turning point in the Armbar Error Society regarding its treatment of female wrestlers. Some reports were made that Madelyn and Maximilian's relationship was strained for a while after this event, as Maximilian had been angry that Madelyn had diverted the spotlight away from his first ever title match, but these claims have never been confirmed or verified by either of the House siblings.

Since this time, she has become a mainstay of relatively new promotion AES: Melée, working beneath her brother and spearheading the women's title picture. She has appeared on all four Melee shows to date as part of the Madelyn House, Jr. Open Challenge, winning against Jeongyeon Choi and rookie group 4LESS but losing to Birdy L and most recently Anne Cortes, with the stipulation that any challenger who manages to defeat her will be eligible to take part in Melée's first women's World Title match on its PPV, Melée: Final Destination. The loss against Anne Cortes was the subject of some controversy; Cortes was accompanied to the ring by Hall-of-Famer Amy Roselyn, and despite the referee's official ruling House maintains that Cortes relied upon Roselyn's underhanded actions to win the match rather than defeating House in a clean effort.

According to a video posted on YouTube by fellow wrestler Emmy Bancroft, House is attempting to lead an effort to change the face of women's wrestling, setting up her own collaborative training academy with the aid of other notable AES names. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed by House herself. On February 17th 2020, it was however confirmed that House has entered into a partnership with Robin Reflex and Aria Rothenburg, the trio dubbing themselves 'Frauenkampf,' with similar stated goals of the elevation of women's wrestling within the Armbar Error Society. Frauenkampf debuted at ScrapYard's Away Game #2 in a victorious attempt against Amy Roselyn, Alice X, and Oseiko Kurotsuki.

While generally celebrated for her activism, House has received criticism from some other wrestlers. Edie Queen, for example, has been notoriously dismissive of House's feminism, accusing her of using her wealthy background and white privilege for her own personal gain to the detriment of women who don't have her advantages.

Other Appearances

On ScrapYard Act 10, House participated in a fourway match against Satoshi Hakubi, Gordy Flash, and @ZappKanon, with Flash ultimately triumphing over Kanon.

She appeared on TANW: SydeShow +3, in a losing attempt against DJ Wavebird, one of House's childhood idols.

She was set to participate in a three-match series against Alice X in Hey, You! Let's Lucha Libre!. However, after the first match - a narrow defeat for House - the federation shut down. In interviews since, House has stated a desire to challenge Alice X elsewhere in order to complete the rest of the series.

Personal Life

Madelyn House, Jr. is openly gay. She is currently dating fellow wrestler and burlesque performer Cherry Bounce, real name Achara Dallimore.

For a brief period spanning from late 2019 to early 2020, House took a break from wrestling in general and from the Armbar Error Society in particular: she declined to give interviews during this period but what little could be gleaned from her social media throughout this time suggests that her hiatus was a result of exhaustion and weariness due to her constant struggle for gender equality within AES - a struggle which, according to some sources, she had begun to view as hopeless. However, in the wake of her newly-announced partnership with Reflex and Rothenburg, House's optimism appears to have returned.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Paradise Lost (Trouble In Paradise) -2017-2019
    • Irish Goodbye (Rolling Savate) -2017-present
  • Signature moves
    • Flower Crown Firearm (Wristlock Lariat) -2017-2018
    • Housefire (1916) -late 2017-present
    • Tears in Rain (Reverse Frankensteiner) -late 2017-present
  • Nicknames
    • "The Queen of Manic Pixie Strong Style" (2017)
    • "Manic Pixie Dream Wrestler" (2017)
    • "MADHOUSE" (2017-present)
  • Entrance themes
    • “Endless Dream” by God Is An Astronaut (June-July 2017)
    • "Synthetica" by Metric (late 2017-present)