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This is a list of wrestling promotions that have never been affiliated with the Armbar Error Society, sorted by country of origin.


  • UltraMAX!! Mirai no Puroresu (2011-present)
    Based in Kobe, Japan. This promotion has a strong focus on comedy. It takes cues from sentai and kaiju shows as well as professional wrestling.



South Korea

  • South Korea Pro Wrestling

United Kingdom

  • Grapple Kingdom Pro (2011-2014)
    Based in Plymouth, England, this federation was run by Tanner Morgen. It went defunct after his 2014 accident.
  • Inverness Strong Style Wrestling (1998-2016)
    Based in Inverness. Now defunct. This federation was run by Dougal Baird, the current GM of TANW, from 2009 until its eventual closure. In the time leading up to his acquisition of the company, it had developed a mixed reputation, and despite his work to repair it over the 7 years he ran it, due to this when he decided to make the jump to promoting in AES he could neither do so with the ISSW brand nor find a buyer to survive it.
  • North Bound British Wrestling

United States

  • Commonwealth Coast Pro Wrestling
    Based in Marlborough, MA, with a large reach across New England and New York. It is one of the longest-lived federations in the United States, claiming to date back at least 100 years.
  • Glitz & Glamour Pro
    Based in Las Vegas, NV, this federation has good wrestling, but a very sleazy reputation.
  • Illinois Wrestling (c. 1954-present)
    Formerly Midway Championship Wrestling and the Illinois Wrestling Federation. IW is the largest independent promotion in Illinois, and one of the longest-lived, as well.
  • Intense Wrestling Syndicate
    Based in Chicago, IL
  • Ladies of Los Angeles (1998-present)
    Based in Los Angeles, CA, this is one of the longest-running female-only independent federations.
  • New England Style Warriors
  • New York Wrestling Syndicate
  • NorthEast Ohio Wrestling (2010-present)
    Based in Cleveland, OH. Originally male-only; a female division was instated in 2014.
  • Northern Armdrag Champions League[1]
  • Smackdown Wrestling Federation (2003-2016)
    Based in North Carolina, this federation rendered defunct in 2016 after its biggest show ever, WrestleCade X.
  • Whirlwind Wrestling Federation
    Active in the mid- to late-2000s, this federation tried to get professional wrestling back to high-brow entertainment. However, it had a reputation of mistreating its talent. Now defunct.


  • Glorious Combat Wrestling Alliance
    A promotion split across two locations, it sees its first home in Kobe, Japan and its second home in Pennsylvania, USA.

Country Unknown

  • Extreme Attitude Wrestling (1999-2008)
    Notable for wild matches, unusual venues, and colorful characters.
  • Internatonal Wrestling Federation


  1. Typically stylized as "Northern armdrag Champions league", or NaCl