Li Akira

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Li Akira
Li Akira in WWE 2K17
Born June 10, 1989
Osaka, Japan
Residence San Francisco, California
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Li Akira
Billed height 5'8
Billed weight 155 lbs
Billed from Osaka, Japan
Trained by Amber Oh
Debut October 2012 for ROSE
Notable Fed(s) ROSE
Revolution X
Current Theme "A Stranger I Remain" - Jamie Christopherson
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Holt

Early life

Born and raised in Osaka, Li was an orphan who fought and stole, lied and cheated, in order to survive. These experiences shaped her into who she is today, a tough fighter who thrives on manipulating others, putting her own greed and selfish interests above all other things. Li would eventually find herself joining up with the Yakuza, where she began to develop her love of motorcycles and street racing.

Professional wrestling career

Early wrestling

Eventually Li would take in interest in Professional Wrestling and eventually begin competing in various promotions, using a mixture of Martial Arts and experience from her days as a street fighter. However, the Japanese leagues proved insufficient to satisfy Li's lust for money, power, and competition.


ROSE (2013-2016)

Li would come to the AES, first debuting in ROSE and competing in several matches where she came close, but never achieved victory. She would eventually confront ROSE CEO Cheiron Archer over her lack of success, and end up a part of The Administration as a result. Unfortunately, she would be the first eliminated in the Union vs Administration match for control of ROSE. ROSE would face it's first closure shortly afterwards.

Li would return for Koto's Dark Tournament, losing in a highly competitive main event against Shaymin. The next two nights of the tournament, she would face both members of the Elite Beat Divas in singles competition, beating both heading into ROSE's return. A few episodes later, she would experience a surprise loss to Jan Netty. A frustrated Li assaulted Jan after the match, resulting in her suspension from the company. The company would face it's second, and final, closure before Li could return from her suspension.

WAT (2013-2015)

Li would start out in WAT's singles division, losing to Caid Murdock, before moving to the tag team division with the newly-formed Scarlet Sirens alongside Angelina. Their first match as a team would result in a defeat against Himawari no Sentoki. The Sirens were scheduled to team up with the WAT Lions against 2SIB & Dance Party '95 at WAT's first PPV event, Liberation, but the company shut down before it could happen.

UWOT (2013-2018)

Li would debut in UWOT by delivering a low blow to La Red. She would then go on to feud with Kris Ragogna, getting herself intentionally disqualified or counted out on numerous occasions, leading to a No Disqualification match at The Dark Hour, where she would win with the help of a debuting Angelina.

Li Akira celebrates her Gracidea Championship victory at Dark Arcana

Li would be entered into the Gracidea Title Tournament, defeating Jeri Han in the first round. She would automatically advance in the quarter finals when her opponent, DJ Wavebird, was attacked by Noxi and ruled unable to compete. At Dark Arcana Li would pull double duty, making short work of Arceus, and going on to defeat Oseiko in the finals to become the first UWOT Gracidea Champion, winning her first championship in the AES.

On Episode 3 of the rebooted UWOT, the Scarlet Sirens would defeat the team of Holly Hawk, Arceus, and Mew via KO.

Li would face her first test as Gracidea Champion on Episode 7, defending it against Diedre Lawson and ultimately successfully retaining it, ending 2017 the same way she started it, as Gracidea Champion.

Li would defend the Gracidea Championship one last time in UWOT at its final show, successfully retaining against Arceus.

BAW (2016-2018)

On the third episode of Beyond Anarchy Wrestling in 2016, Li Akira would be revealed as the promotion's new Head of Security.

RISE (2017)

When RISE Wrestling made it's surprise debut at the 2017 National E-Wrestling Day, Li would face Mew in the main event of its showcase, ultimately coming up short. It would later be revealed that Li was the first to sign a contract with RISE, proclaiming herself "RISE's Top Prospect".

On RISE's premiere episode, Li would defeat Elizabeth Prisa and post-show deliver a message to RISE Management demanding either better competition or title opportunities. Li would get her opportunity when she main-evented RISE's second episode, competing in a 4-Corners Ladder Match with Jan Netty, Claire Chambers, and Alexis Riot for the RISE Valkyrie Championship. Li was ultimately unsuccessful in winning a second championship in this match.

AES Grand Prix

Li entered into the AES Grand Prix representing her home country of Japan. In the main event of Prelude to Grand Prix's second episode, Li would defeat Filipino superstar Maria Villanueva in a submission match and eliminate her from the tournament.

Revolution X (2017-Present)

Li would debut on Episode 4 of Revolution X against an also-debuting Oseiko. In a hard fought battle, Oseiko almost claimed victory until Luna Priscilla entered the arena, distracting Oseiko long enough for Li to roll her up for a three count. Afterwards the duo celebrated together in the ring, suggesting a dangerous new alliance has been forged in Revolution X.

TANW (2017-Present)

Li would make her TANW debut in Episode 8, defeating Rosaline Valdes via submission.

Personal life

Li currently resides in San Francisco, where she runs her own bar, The Decadent.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Osaka Street Cutter – 2013-present
    • Akira Clutch (Koji Clutch) - 2015-Present
  • Signature Moves
    • Killshot (Superkick to a kneeling or seated opponent) - 2013-Present
    • Standing Shiranui - 2013-Present
  • Nicknames
    • The Black Heart
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Into The Light" - WWE Games (2013)
    • "Corset Theme (TeddyLoid No Pan Night remix)" (2013-2015)
    • "A Stranger I Remain" - Jamie Christopherson (2015-present)

Championships and accomplishments

Li Akira, Gracidea Champion

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