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Acronym LOVE
Years Active July 2017 - present
Owner Francis Ugondus
General Manager(s) Francis Ugondus
Current Theme don't have one yet don't @ me
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head Francis Ugondus
Forum Link LOVE
LOVE is a e-fed ran by Francis Ugondus on Fire Pro Wrestling World for the PC. It aired it's pilot episode on July 23rd, 2017. This fed is ran on a season structure with a set number of episodes per season and is focused on being a fun show. It's notable for being the first federation on AES to utilize Fire Pro Wrestling World, but more importantly, having an anime aesthetic.


Season One (2017 - Present)

The show began by announcing it's presence in a covert manner, with only the name LOVE and the date for a pilot show with nothing announced for it other than it's airing date to go off by. On the pilot episode, Erin Toyota won the first match in the companies history by defeating Kasumi Moore, Carlyle Connor, and Amai Mitsuo. Along with that, the owner of the federation was revealed to be Francis Ugondus and the companies doors soon opened.

The Ace Tournament was announced with it's own show revolving around it that has yet to air. Along with the tournament, the crowning of every champion will take place.


List of Episodes

Season 1


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