Juno Jones

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Juno Jones
Juno Jones making her entrance
Born June 3, 2000
Wicklow, Ireland
Residence Wicklow, Ireland
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Juno Jones
Billed height 5'11"
Billed weight 190lbs
Billed from Wicklow, Ireland
Trained by Johnny Jones
Debut National E-Wrestling Day 6 in the AES World Cup Showcase
Notable Fed(s) AES World Cup (former)
Wrestling Is For Everyone
Current Theme "Mass Romantic" - The New Pornographers
Miscellaneous Information
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Juno Jones is an Irish professional wrestler known for her participation in the 2018 AES World Cup. She is the daughter of 1980s household name Johnny Jones.

Early Life

Juno Jones was born in Kent, England, to former professional wrestler Johnny Jones and primary school teacher Natalie O'Leary. When Jones was five years old, her mother died of breast cancer; the following year, her father relocated them to his hometown of Wicklow in Ireland, where Juno spent the remainder of her childhood and adolescence. She began training at the age of fourteen at her father's wrestling school, often training up to six days a week for three-to-four hours at a time. She has stated that this emphasis on wrestling left little room for socialising, but claims also that she did not mind as she never fit in with her peers at school and wrestling, a discipline she had a natural aptitude for, provided her with a welcome escape from their teasing.

Professional Wrestling Career

Juno Jones made her in-ring debut in the AES World Cup showcase at National E-Wrestling Day 6. The showcase was an Eight Nation Battle Royal, with Jones out first representing Ireland. The other participants were Jake Cunningham (USA), Edith Dumas (France), Helen Highwater (Pangaea), Kyo (Japan), Anette Moreno (Norway), Cory Galloway (Ireland), and Chris O'Derick (USA). Jones eliminated Cunningham and was in turn tapped out by Galloway; the eventual victor of the match was O'Derick, thereby qualifying him automatically for the World Cup itself.

On the World Cup's second qualifying stage, Jones was once again defeated, this time by Arthur Rickett in a triple threat that also included Gervasio Capello. Her luck soon turned, however, as she defeated Joseph James Battle Academy rookie Siobhan Rose on the fourth qualifying stage, putting her through to the tournament itself with the honour of being the World Cup's youngest competitor.

In the tournament, she continued to impress, defeating Ganbataar Ornpaeng before losing to Tanner Morgen and Akachi in quick succession, the latter putting an end to Jones' World Cup chances. Regardless, many critics were impressed by her performance over the course of the World Cup, commenting favourably on her future chances in the Armbar Error Society.

Following the World Cup, Jones entered a period of relative inactivity, returning to Wicklow and focusing on her training regimen. Recently, however, her signing with Wrestling Is For Everyone was officially confirmed, and she is set to make her debut there in the main event of its inaugural show opposite her fellow World Cup alumni Solfrid Stahlhammer, Ezra Star and Nico Bador.

Personal Life

When not wrestling, Juno Jones lives with her father in Wicklow, Ireland. Her wrestling style is notably influenced by his, featuring a combination of straightforward, old-school power moves and simple submissions. She has often spoken out about her loneliness growing up without her mother, frequently remarking that her sturdy build and lack of interest in conventionally feminine pursuits prevented her from easily making friends.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Plot Twist (Spinning Powerbomb)
  • Signature moves
    • European Uppercut Attack
    • Frog Splash
    • Final Rolling Elbow
    • Backdrop Hold
  • Entrance themes
    • "Mass Romantic" by The New Pornographers