JC Stone

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JC Stone
JC Stone, rendered in Daz Studio
Born July 18th, 1979
Carlsbad, CA
Residence San Diego, CA
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) JC Stone
Billed height 6'2"
Billed weight 225 lb.
Billed from San Diego, CA
Trained by John Stanley II
Debut March 2015 for
Notable Fed(s) TDW
Current Theme "A Violent Reaction" by American Head Charge
Miscellaneous Information
Handled by Ken D. Blackwell

Jeremy Callstone is an American professional wrestler and former U.S. soldier currently signed primarily to TDW and PW:AS.

Early life

Jeremy Callstone was born in Carlsbad, California, to a broken home, a mother died in childbirth, and an abusive drunken father. Diagnosed early with Intermettent Explosive Disorder, or IED, Callstone's anger ended up rivaling his father's to the point where, at age nine, he ended up breaking his father's arm and ran away from home with just the clothes on his back, a half-finished cheeseburger, a bottle of Pepsi, and a tape deck with Metallica's "... And Justice For All" inside. To this day, Callstone doesn't know where his father is, nor does he care.

For eight years Callstone lived on the streets of Carlsbad, getting into trouble with police on a number of occasions. At the age of eighteen, he attempted to steal from a man, and ended up paying for it as he all but outclassed him in fighting skill. When Callstone came to, he found himself in an old wrestling ring owned by a former professional wrestler named John Stanley II. Seeing potential in the young upstart, he proceeded to train Callstone as a professional wrestler, and the gym ended up becoming something of a home to him. In time, Callstone made his debut in the ring in front of a small crowd.

Professional wrestling career

Extreme Attitude Wrestling (2000-2001)

Debuting as JC Stone on November 21st 2000 in the same Independent wrestling scene where Oseiko, Wayne K. Hayes, and Ariel Bridges cut their teeth on, Stone's showed considerable skill but the lack of drive, floundering as a low-carder at best, jobber at worst. Eight months after he arrived, he ended up giving up; frustrated with his standings in EAW he delivered an expletive to the promoter and left unceremoniously.

Military career

Callstone joined the US Army shortly after leaving the wrestling business, and did very well learning how to be a soldier, eventually attaining the rank of sergeant. Then the events of 9/11 happened, and Callstone was sent overseas to defend against Iraqi insurgents in both Iraq and Afghanistan. An incident occurred where he and his whole platoon was caught in an unexplained explosion while fighting enemy troops. While he wasn't hurt too badly, many of his soldiers did, and some became casualties. Owning up to the incident as a mistake he made, Callstone was honorably discharged from duty with a Purple Heart awarded to him as a reminder of that day.


Returning to the professional wrestling business wasn't one of his first choices after his stint in the military, but with some careful coaxing from his stepdaughter Ariel Bridges, who was wrestling at the time in Armbar Error Society's FILR promotion as Cheshire, Callstone reappeared in a wrestling ring, reprising the name of JC Stone as he made his first appearance in TDW.

TDW (2015-present)

Personal life

Jeremy Callstone is married to former professional wrestler "The Hot Pink Machine" Kaye, with Ariel Bridges being his adopted stepdaughter.

JC Stone, alongside his wife Kaye and stepdaughter Ariel Bridges.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Stonedriver Bomb (Tiger Bomb) – 2000-present
    • Stone Dead Knock Out (stone-cast knuckles assisted punch) – 2015-present
  • Signature Moves
    • The Souvenir (neckbreaker fakeout to elbow to the head, rolling elbow to the head) – 2015-present
    • S.D.T. (DDT) – 2000-present
    • Freefall (flapjack drop) – 2000-present
    • Billy Goat's Curse (reverse Boston crab) – 2016-present
  • Entrance Themes
  • (pre AES)
    • "El Cu Cuy" by Coal Chamber
    • "St. Anger" by Metallica

Championships and accomplishments