Iago Evermore

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Iago Evermore
Evermore making his entrance (note: his self-inflicted wounds are clearly visible)
Born December 6, 1986
Kiev, Ukraine
Residence Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wrestling Career
Ring name(s) Iago Evermore
Billed height 5'9"
Billed weight 180lbs
Billed from Kiev, Ukraine
Trained by Self-taught
Debut September 15, 2018 at Pittsburgh Grappling Company #1
Notable Fed(s) Pittsburgh Grappling Company
Crucible of Fighters: Europe (former; defunct)
Current Theme "Perfect Day" - Lou Reed
Miscellaneous Information
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Iago Evermore (born Oleksander Tataryn, December 6, 1986) is a Ukrainian professional wrestler perhaps best known for his philosophical nature and unsettling physical appearance.

Early Life

Oleksander Tataryn was born in rural Ukraine in 1986, the year of the Chernobyl disaster. Following the incident, Tataryn's parents relocated the family to Kiev. Tataryn has credited the nuclear disaster, which had a huge impact on his childhood, as being the catalyst for the development of his existentialist views: a philosophy he cheerfully dubs 'optimistic nihilism.'

Professional Wrestling Career

Wrestling as 'Iago Evermore,' Tataryn debuted at Pittsburgh Grappling Company's inaugural show, challenging - and losing to - Samuel Trowell for possession of the $100,000 Hardcore Championship. He next appeared on PGC #4 as part of a team with Usvifr Magni and Bronson Hoskins, triumphing over Nomad, Franklin Gerard, and Rita McNeil; it was Evermore who secured the victory for his team. However, he proved himself inconsistent, losing again in his next effort: a triple threat against his former team members on PGC #6, in which he was pinned by Hoskins.

Personal Life

An avid reader of Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, Tataryn lived for more than five years in Paris, France. He has also spent time in Dresden, Germany, and Krakow, Poland, among others, not leaving Europe until early 2018.

Tataryn has given numerous interviews about his philosophical beliefs, which he attributes mostly to the profound fear of death and awareness of his own mortality that awakened in him as a child, having been born 'no more than fifteen miles away from the doomed city of Pripyat.' In his own words, he seeks to embrace 'the physical stimulus of pain [...], a form of mindfulness that helps [him] to live keenly in each moment.' He defines his beliefs as 'optimistic nihilism,' an overlap between existentialism and hedonism.

Tataryn is also known for his unusual appearance; he regularly scars his own flesh, an action some critics describe as 'self-harm' while others term it 'an extreme form of body modification.' Tataryn rejects both interpretations, likening it more to the religious practice of self-flagellation, wherein the devoutly faithful whip or slash themselves with objects to remind themselves of their own sin; Tataryn admits that his own practices are 'much the same,' although with the intention of reminding himself of his own mortality and physical fallibility, thereby centering his consciousness on the biological reality of things rather than the abstract or spiritual. He also dons facepaint to wrestle, sometimes straightforwardly depicting a skull, other times drawing a more subtle focus to his own facial structure: he has stated in interviews that this is to ensure his audience never forgets that a human being is 'nothing more complex than meat and bone.'

His chosen name also likely reflects his philosophy; Iago is of course reminiscent of Shakespeare's Iago, Machiavellian antagonist of Othello, a character whose 'egoism is absolute,' and whose motives are ascribed alternately to either malice or fear, while Evermore appears to comment somewhat sardonically on Tataryn's lack of belief in an afterlife. Indeed, in Tataryn's own words: '[s]ome things may last longer than others, but nothing in the scope of human imagination can possibly lay claim to true immortality.'

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Deathbed (Cobra Clutch Backbreaker)
    • Cradle to the Grave (Cross Arm Brainbuster)
  • Signature moves
    • The Fall (Cobra Clutch Suplex)
    • Cross Arm Powerbomb
    • Jumping Knee Kick
  • Entrance themes
    • "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed