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The Rules/Guidelines

This wiki is written from a neutral point of view

First and foremost we want this to be a guide to the history of AES and its characters - if you are writing an article, try and write it with a neutral view, although it is important to explain major points of view, giving due weight with respect to their prominence in an impartial tone. We avoid advocacy and we characterize information and issues rather than debate them. In some areas there may be just one well-recognized point of view; in others, we describe multiple points of view, presenting each accurately and in context rather than as “the truth” or “the best view”. For example, if a character turned heel due to the audience's reaction, it is best to document this without inserting personal feelings as it is an important event nonetheless.

Editors should treat each other with respect and civility

Respect your fellow editors, even when you disagree. Apply general site etiquette, and don't engage in personal attacks. Seek consensus, avoid edit wars, and never disrupt AES Wiki to illustrate a point. Act in good faith, and assume good faith on the part of others. Be open and welcoming to newcomers. Should conflicts arise, discuss them calmly on the appropriate talk pages, follow dispute resolution procedures, and consider that there are other articles on the Wiki to improve and discuss. The regular site rules still apply here.

Page Importance

Before you create a new page, try and think whether the subject is important enough to have its own page. If it is a wrestler, fed, title etc it is probably important enough to have its own article, although, for minor NPCs and managers, for example, it might be best to have a subcategory. The aim of this wiki is for all information to be easy to find and to be able to read the background of federations and characters in a factual and concise manner.

Page Rights

That being said, anyone is free to create an article on any subject. If it is a character or fed that belongs to an active handler, the content is subject to their discretion, otherwise, it will be at the discretion of the admin team. If you submit any content to this wiki you are giving your permission for it to be edited and redistributed at will, although it will be considered good practice to discuss with the page creator/previous editor your edits before you make any major changes.