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Hello! This is a guide to help you make your first Wiki page here on the AES Wiki! It will go over step by step on how to make your very own page for whatever you need. If you want to watch the video version (which isn't done at the moment so the link will just send you to a fun video), Click Here!

How To Make Your Page

Read The Rules And The Lore!

Before even starting your very first article on the AES Wiki, it's important that you read the rules. These are the guidelines you must follow. The rules are important to maintaining a healthy Wiki and it's best for everyone to stay informed. So if you haven't read them yet or need a brush up on them before making a new article, read them up.

It's also a good idea to check out the general Armbar Error Society page to catch up on some brief lore and the site history!

Know What You're Submitting

Now, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, "What am I even making an article about?". Is it for a Fed, a Show, a Character, or something else entirely? Is it even appropriate for the AES Wiki? You want to ask yourself, does this follow the page importance rule? If it does, then you're ready to create a page.

Creating The Page

Now, once you know what you're going to make, you need to make the page come into existence. There is a simple way to do this. You hover over the Search Bar on the top right of the page and type in the name of what you're going to make. For example, if you wanted to make a page for Carlyle Connor, you would type in his name using proper capitalization and spelling into the search bar. Once you've done that, the page should tell you that you can create the page on the top of the results if the page is not already created. Simply click that and it will make a blank page for you.

Another way of doing it is by going to an already made article, like the Total Distortion Wrestling: World Long Gone article and clicking on a piece of red text that is intended to link to an eventual article.

Constructing Your Article


Now with your created page, you will want to put in an info box for whatever you're writing about. You might also want to put in a content warning if you have something that is possibly offensive. An example of what a content warning would be used for is the event F-Mania, due to it's original name. Here is a link to the templates: Click Here!

The Info Box

Using one of the info box articles is easy. First, check out the Templates Category and find the one that fits your article the best. Once you've done that, you should see a blank example one but you won't have the coding and stuff for it. To get the coding and stuff, hit the discussion tab on the Wiki page and it should give you the infobox for you to copy and paste directly into your article at the very top of your text box!

For reference, the code on one of the discussion pages should look something like this:

| ring_name = 
| image = [[Image:BLANK.png|300px]]
| image_caption = 
| birth_name = 
| born = The date of their birth goes here.
| hometown =  The place they were born goes here.
| residence =  
| name =  Previous names, please seperate with the <br> tags and bold their currently used names with '''this'''.
| height =  
| weight =  
| billed = 
| trainer = Feel free to name a school, wrestler, whatever! 
| debut = Feel free to include the date and/or the company your character debuted for.
| current_theme = [ theme title] For example, [ "California" - Grimes]
| feds = The notable feds have competed in, please seperate with <br> and please try to link to the page with [[AES Primetime]] as an example.
| handler = That's your name! Or if you're writing for someone else, that's their name!

Next, you simply fill out all the relevant information.

Content Sections

Content Sections are the headers that go into the content box near the beginning of your article. For example, this article has four content sections, with a Creating Your Page content section with seven content subsections, including a notes subsection that has two sub-subsections.

Generally, we want a uniform content section setup derived from real wrestling Wikipedia articles. Examples of these content section setups can be found with the Cobra T. Washington, Total Distortion Wrestling, and CNW Television Championship pages.

To create a content section, you add in the name of your content section surrounded by two equal signs, like so.

==How To Solicit Pushes Without Staff Finding Out==

Following on that, if you want to make a content subsection for your new section based on breaking a site rule, you would do the same procedure for your first section, but then you would add an additional equals sign, like so.

==How To Solicit Pushes Without Staff Finding Out==
===Kill The Staff Team===

Here is an additional example using the structure of this very article.

==How To Make Your Page==
===Read The Rules And The Lore!===
===Know What You're Submitting===
===Creating The Page===
===Constructing Your Article===
=====The Info Box=====
====Content Sections====
====How To Link To Another Item====
====Italics and Bolding====
====Uploading And Adding Pictures====
====Notes And External Links====
=====External Links=====

How To Link To Another Item

To link to another article on the AES Wiki with the original name is done by putting into two left brackets and two right brackets with the article name in between, such as this.


It would come out like this: Conga.

However, you may want to link to another article on the AES Wiki to someone with a new ring name while using their old ring name in the article itself. Such as linking to the Reggie Sallis page while it being read as Fatty McYardtard. Here is an example how to do that.

[[Reggie Sallis | Fatty McYardtard]]
[[Current Name | Old Name]]

This also works with general references, again, for example.

[[t | The 19th Letter Of The Alphabet.]]

It would come out like this: The 19th Letter Of The Alphabet.

The line in between the article name and the replacement text is needed for linking to articles in the AES Wiki, however the same isn't true for linking to anything outside of the Wiki. For that, you would just put the link in the box and then the text you want with only one pair of brackets instead of two. For example.


It would come out like this: THE BEST

Italics and Bolding

To put a word in italics, simply put two single quotations marks on each side of the word, like so.

''Let's Recap, Shall We?''

To put a word in BOLD, simple put three single quotation marks on each side of the word, like so.

'''@everyone Has anyone heard of Goldeneye: Source?'''

Uploading And Adding Pictures


To Upload an image, click on Upload file on the left of your screen when the page is scrolled up all the way. Once you do you'll be brought to the upload page.

Once on the upload page, click on choose file and browse your computer for the image you want to upload. Once it's uploaded, adjust the destination file name to your liking and remember what the destination file name is called.

Basketball Player Kobe Bryant

Now, to add the image, you're gonna follow this syntax format.


Here's an example of a filled out one with the final result being to the right of your screen.

[[File:Kobe_Face.png|200px|right|thumb| Basketball Player Kobe Bryant]]

For a more detailed explanation for how the images work, check out This Link from the official MediaWiki page.

Take note that for the infobox images, all you have to do is remember the name of the uploaded file and fill it in.

Notes And External Links


Notes is a specific subsection dedicated to notes of clarification of items in the article. Things such as a link to a promo that backs up the information or extra clarification that would clutter the article would go here. A note appears with a blue number next to a statement such as this one, where if you click on it, it will bring you to an example of an article that uses notes well.[1]

To use notes, first create a notes content section like how you learned earlier in this article.[2] Then you'll want to type this in under the section.

<references />

You will not need to type in anything else. From there you are set as this basically puts in the notes for you.

Now to actually make a note, you just need to find out the piece of information you want to add a note into and then type the following after it like so.

Francis Ugondus is the single most attractive AES member, bar none.<ref>This fact was brought to you by Francis Ugondus.</ref>

It should turn out like this: Francis Ugondus is the single most attractive AES member, bar none.[3]

External Links

External Links is making a content section while linking to outside sources which we went through in the How To Link To Another Item section. However, just for a reminder, any link under the section should look like this.

==External Links==
[ Excellent Content]

It then will appear like this under an External Links header: Excellent Content


Categories basically sort your article into a category of articles with similar traits toward yours. An example would be the Category: WWE Series that has articles of feds made using the WWE series of games. Adding these is very easy. At the very last lines of your article, you add something like this in.

[[category:Help Pages]]

Look at the bottom of this very article to see this in action.

Here is a link to all the Categories.

If you want to link to a category, just put a : before the category page name. So for example...

[[:Category:Help Pages]]

will become: Category:Help Pages and

[[:Category:Help Pages|Help!]]

Becomes Help!


Hopefully this article helped you in making your first Wiki page here on the AES Wiki. For any questions or general suggestions to improve this page, please use the Discussion tab. Thank you for reading and have fun!


  1. Link to the Cobra T. Washington article that provides a general idea for what notes are used for. Click the arrow to go back to the section you were reading!
  2. Unless you've been reading this out of order, of course.
  3. This fact was brought to you by Francis Ugondus.