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Acronym None
Years Active July 2019 - Present
Owner Unknown
General Manager(s) None
Current Theme "Astral Alley" - Night In The Woods OST
Miscellaneous Information
Fed Head OpinionHaver

HYPERION is an eFed by OpinionHaver run in WWE 2k18, pitched as part-eFed, part choose-your-own-adventure RP. It has been consistently active since July 2018. Episodes tend to be short, with four- or five-match cards as opposed to the more typical six-to-eight.


HYPERION is not a federation by any typical description of the term, taking place as it does on a watertight vessel of some description six miles underwater. Its roster members are not there by choice - rather, they were transported there by mysterious, as-yet-unknown forces, and wrestle less for glory than for information. On each of its first four shows, the wrestlers learned a new piece of information after every match they fought; this information was awarded to the winner of the match, who could then decide for themselves what they wished to do with it. Almost every wrestler shared the information they learned with the group, with the only exception being Kotodel in the very first episode. However, at the end of HYPERION #4 the so-called Truth Machine that dispensed this information was accidentally broken by Psymon Moore launching a Snickers bar at it. Henceforth, no new information has been learned save for what the wrestlers have been able to piece together for themselves, with the exception of the letter from management won in a ladder match by Kotodel on HYPERION #5 that granted Alice Skye a significant amount of additional food as a reward for having given the most outstanding performance over the course of the first five episodes. Even though the wrestlers no longer gain new information for competing, they still engage in matches, either out of boredom, to settle personal issues, or for a shot at winning ownership of the food from Skye.

Events onboard the vessel took a significantly darker turn on HYPERION #6, when yet more wrestlers arrived onboard. Newcomer Shogo Mido was responsible for the murders of fellow wrestlers Charlie Proxy and Ryan O'Hare on this episode, and has since made it his mission to terrorise Symon Demyan and Sergei Pashutin over grudges held since New Origin Wrestling Season 1. Troublemaking partnerships have also been created: INFINYTE and Helgrim, for example, as well as Dianna Ayanokouji and Poltergeist Paisley. However, it isn't all as sinister as that: among other things, close friendships have formed, such as Connie Quinn and Red Blazer or DJ Wavebird and Sin, Alan Badour and Knowledge Jones formed a motivational rap duo, the credit card stolen from Wayne K. Hayes by Kotodel in CNW was stolen again in turn by Cream Boy, DJ Wavebird founded her own religion in the form of the Mermaid Cathedral, and a Dance Dance Revolution machine was located in one of the rooms.


There are no official championships; instead, the wrestler who puts in the best performance is awarded additional food to do with as they please. On HYPERION #5, Alice Skye became the first wrestler to be afforded this honour; she used the food altruistically to start up a makeshift cafe onboard the vessel.

Information Learned

The following is a list of all the information officially learned by the wrestlers, largely over the course of the first four episodes:

    • "You'll be tired after your matches. Replenishments are available throughout the facility." Kept secret by Kotodel.
    • "Here, information is currency. Earn it by winning."
    • "Just because you don't remember how you got here, doesn't mean you aren't here voluntarily."
    • "You are currently six miles underwater." From this, DJ Wavebird was able to discern that the vessel is likely somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, the only body of water that deep on Earth.
    • "You are automatically inclined to trust everybody in here with you. To do so is unwise."
    • "You are automatically inclined to trust your eyes, your ears, and your mind. This, too, is unwise." Phillip Kane, Connie Quinn and Red Blazer learned the likely meaning of this after Kane attempted to engage with an audience member and arrived at the realisation that everyone in the audience is a simulated hologram.
    • "You may take it for granted that you are being watched - by us, and by others."
    • "Just as winning matches will give you advantages, losing, too, will have consequences."
    • "Losing your memories was a necessary sacrifice of the journey you made."
    • "Ask yourselves; what could we have offered you, for you to come here voluntarily?"
    • "None of you are here by chance. You were all chosen."
    • "You have no way of measuring the passage of time. It is not important here."
    • "Contrary to what you likely believe, we wish you no harm."
    • "Even if you were to escape the facility, you would not be able to find your way home unaided."
    • "Very soon, things will change."

Connie Quinn and Red Blazer have also since learned that while most of the wrestlers present arrived at approximately the same moment, they were all taken at different times - sometimes even months apart. They elected not to share this information with the rest of the group so as not to cause undue panic and worry.


In the 2018 AES Awards, HYPERION #6 won TV Show Of The Year (episodes #4 and #5 were also nominated and placed 6th) while HYPERION as a whole won Feud/Storyline Of The Year.

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